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McDonald’s Brings Caramel Brownie McFlurry To Dessert Menu

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It’s been a minute since McDonald’s added something new to their McFlurry options. Don’t get me wrong, I could dive into a cup of Oreo McFlurry with a side of fries any day, but something new is always welcome. 

The fast-food chain has announced they’ll be offering a new Caramel Brownie McFlurry

Vanilla soft serve comes together with brownie pieces and caramel topping and is blended until the morsels engrain themselves into the silky smooth frozen cream. 

This product’s release marks the first time the Caramel Brownie McFlurry will be available in the US. It made its original debut in Canada back in 2017. 

McDonald’s customers can get their hands on the new McFlurry option starting May 3 at all participating McDonald’s locations nationwide. 

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McDonald’s Is Launching A Snickerdoodle McFlurry

The holidays are quickly approaching and it looks like McDonald’s is getting a jump on the seasonal festivities by releasing a brand new flavor of their famous McFlurry.

McDonald’s has announced that they’ll soon be releasing a Snickerdoodle McFlurry this month.

The dessert item combines McDonald’s iconic vanilla soft serve with crumbles of sweet cinnamon cookies, evoking the flavors of the winter holidays a few weeks early. Hey, the earlier the better I say.

According to the fast food chain, this is McDonald’s first new seasonal McFlurry flavor since 2012, the previous offering was a Holiday Mint variation.

The Snickerdoodles McFLurry will be available from Nov. 11 through Nov. 17 exclusively on Uber Eats, for those wanting a sneak peek at the new dessert flavor. Those who can wait a bit, can purchase it regularly at participating McDonald’s locations the week following Nov. 17.

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McDonald’s Is Now Testing A Stroopwafel McFlurry In Florida

McDonald’s locations in Florida are testing some eats from across the globe, including a Stroopwafel McFlurry that’s sure to excite fans of the Dutch treat.

For those that aren’t in the know, stroopwafel is a caramel-filled treat that’s kind of a cross between a waffle and a cookie. They’re wildly popular in the Netherlands, but you can find some versions of it in the United States as well. The waffle’s rich, caramel flavor has turned it into a cult favorite here in the U.S., making it an ideal dessert to incorporate into McFlurrys as part of this test.

The McFlurry is not the only global McDonald’s item being tested. According to the Miami Herald, there will also be BBQ McShaker Fries from Malaysia, a McSpicy Chicken sandwich from Hong Kong, and Spain’s Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, served with Gouda and a special McBacon Sauce.

McDonald’s has been serving some global menu items at its new headquarters in Chicago, but it’s nice to see them expanding those efforts outside of the HQ walls.

The new “Flavors from Abroad” menu debuted September 5, in 50 locations around Miami, Florida, and will be around for a limited time.

For those of you looking to get a taste of this Stroopwafel McFlurry, or the other items being tested, you’ll need to get to Miami ASAP to try it out for yourself.

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9 Global McDonald’s Desserts That NEED To Come To The US

Before lactose intolerance hit me like a ton of bricks, my favorite dessert at McDonald’s was the Oreo McFlurry. A combination of vanilla soft serve and crumbles of Oreo cookies, the frozen treat was always a welcome solution for a sweltering afternoon or a particularly salty meal.

As life took me down a fast food industry-driven path, I wondered what other desserts were out there that were as worthy as the Oreo McFlurry.

Not too long ago, McDonald’s opened up an HQ restaurant in Chicago that offered items found exclusive at McDonald’s from other countries. While there were SOME international dessert options, they pretty much stuck to the American staples at the HQ location.

While I won’t be jetsetting around the globe any time soon, I can dream of all the fast food desserts I’d like to get my sugar-lovin’ mitts on in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Here are some international McDonald’s desserts (past and present) that I would love to taste one day.

Taro Pie (China)

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Taro was an acquired taste for me, but once I got used to the sweet, earthy flavor, I loved it. McDonald’s China offers a deep-fried taro pie that’s got some massive pieces of taro inside. It was also noticeably less sweeter than the American apple pie. Does well in a pinch if you’re not looking to experience a sugar crash during a long commute.

The item has also been featured at certain locations in Hawaii.

Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry (Australia)

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Fans of the iconic Cadbury Creme egg will wish they lived a bit closer to Australia. The exclusive McFlurry that usually rolls around during the Easter season is made with the chain’s soft serve vanilla, chunks of Cadbury milk chocolate, and the Cadbury Creme filling. Speaking of Cadbury Creme, I’m embarrassed to admit I was nearing double digits before I realized rabbits didn’t actually lay eggs.

Gudetama McFlury (Japan)

A few months ago, McDonald’s released a limited-edition Gudetama McFlurry in Japan. The serving containers featured a whimsical illustration of the popular depressed egg character while the McFlurry itself featured a rich custard, soft serve, a chewy sponge cake, and a generous drizzle of caramel sauce. Perhaps a McFlurry of his namesake will cheer up old Gudetama.

Oreo Cone With Purple Sweet Potato Soft Serve (Hong Kong)

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Arguably one of McDonald’s most photogenic desserts can be found in Hong Kong. The sweet potato soft serve is swirled to near perfection onto a jet-black Oreo waffle cone, offering a creamy taste paired with the earthy notes that come from the root vegetable. It could be my eyes playing tricks on me, but I’ve yet to see a soft serve cone look less than immaculate. As a veritable cherry on top, the dessert is even garnished with a mini Oreo cookie.

Snickers McFlurry (Pakistan)

Snickers fans may want to sink their sweet tooth directly into this Snickers McFlurry. Found in McDonald’s locations in Pakistan, Hungary, Malta, and Cyprus, this time-exclusive dessert is the fast food chain’s hot take on a Snickers Bar. The McFlurry is made with vanilla soft serve, roasted peanuts, chocolate, and caramel sauce.

Bubblegum Squash McFlurry (Australia)

I had to first look up what Bubblegum Squash actually meant first before getting excited for this McFlurry. This dessert features blue, white, and pink candy marshmallows over a bed of vanilla ice cream. No joke, this honestly looks like a dish straight out of that food fight scene from the Steven Spielberg classic, Hook.

Gelato (Italy)

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Vanilla soft serve tends to do well in a pinch, but nothing quite beats the taste of real gelato. McDonald’s locations in Italy actually served pints of gelato to customers a few years back. Man, makes me want to curl up at home with a good Reese Witherspoon movie and go to town on some.

Toblerone McFlurry (Denmark)

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A Toblerone is a dangerous thing. Blink once and you’ll already have snapped off every piece of that triangular chocolate bar filled with nuts. Patrons of McDonald’s in Denmark can enjoy that popular chocolate bar in a McFlurry form. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to straight dipping a Toblerone directly into some ice cream.

Frozen Coke (New Zealand)

Need a dairy-free refresher? McDonald’s locations in New Zealand offered a Frozen Coke you can enjoy with your meal. The cold beverage hits all the notes of a soda, with the added textures of a frozen slush. Just be sure to pace yourself lest you enter an endless waltz with brain freeze. Still, kind of perfect for a hot summer day.

Nutella-stuffed Muffins

On an excursion to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, some coworkers and I experienced a treasure trove of sweet baked goods at McDonald’s Italy. This includes a muffin that’s stuffed with Nutella hazelnut spread that sent Foodbeast writer Isai Rocha’s eyes shooting to the back of his head like a gypsy boy possessed by Beelzebub himself.

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McDonald’s Released A SNICKERS McFlurry In Pakistan

McDonald’s McFlurry is a fantastic blank slate to try out new flavors and expand the burger chain’s dessert choices. We’ve seen Japan release a Gudetama flavor recently that consisted of sponge cake, custard, and caramel, and even a Durian flavor in Singapore.

Well, an iconic candy bar will be getting its very own version of the McFlurry overseas.

Design Taxi reports that McDonald’s locations in Pakistan, Hungary, Malta, and Cyprus have introduced a limited-time Snickers version of the McFlurry.

Those expecting chunks of Snickers bars mixed into the ice cream will be disappointed, however, as the ingredients are more “inspired” by Snickers. The blend of vanilla soft-serve is combined with chocolate, roasted peanuts, and a swirl of caramel sauce.

Still, not complaining at all.

While the item has yet to make its debut in the U.S., here’s hoping it gains enough momentum overseas to be considered by the burger behemoth to introduce here.

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13 McFlurry Flavors the US is Sorely Missing Out On

The McFlurry is arguably the best thing at McDonald’s as it combines ice cream, usually some sort of chocolate, and if you do it right, zero guilt. Yeah, everyone’s always trying to tell you to eat healthy, or whatever, but sometimes you have to just treat yo self. While we’ve learned to love the delicious Oreo and M&M’s McFlurry here in the U.S., it seems like the rest of the world really goes all out with its McFlurry flavors. Don’t believe me? Check out 13 insane McFlurry flavors you cannot get in the U.S.  


Chocolate Orange McFlurry – UK

Not quite sure how I feel about a citrusy fruit flavor mixed with my ice cream, but the U.K. seems to make it work with this Chocolate Orange McFlurry. Not only do they use Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces, they also add a chocolate orange sauce in there, too.  


Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry – Ireland

Ireland has done a Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry, which sounds amazing. Brownies a la mode are always a winning combo, so just imagine bits of fudge brownie mixed into a McFlurry. Yes Ronald McDonald, take all my money!


Pirulin McFlurry – Venezuela

You’re probably not familiar with Pirulin, but simply put, it’s a hazelnut filled-wafer, and in Argentina, they’ll put those bad boys in a McFlurry. It’s almost like a crunchy Nutella wafer mixed with McFlurry ice cream. Yes, please.


Tiramisu McFlurry – Netherlands

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Ice cream, coffee, and chocolate syrup. Is there any more perfect of a combination? You’d think Italy would have been all over this, but the beautiful creation can actually be found in the Netherlands.


Cadbury Creme McFlurry – Ireland, UK, Australia

I’ve been waiting all year for you. #Cadburymcflurry

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Cadbury eggs are a favorite around Easter time, and in spots like Ireland, the UK, and Australia they put those creamy little eggs inside McFlurries. The classic white and orange fondant filling, along with the chocolate shell sounds like a pretty good combo with the popular cold treat.


Pineapple Oreo McFlurry – Colombia

Yes, pineapple on pizza has been a hot debate for a while, but how do you feel about pineapple in ice cream? Colombia didn’t stop at the chunks of pineapple though, as they wanted to contrast the flavor with bits of Oreo.


Stroopwafel McFlurry – Netherlands

The Dutch treat, Stroopwafel, is a thin and crispy waffle biscuit that’s got a decadent caramel filling. They’re already addicting by themselves, but having them in a McFlurry just might be a crime. Yet in the Netherlands, this just translates to another way to treat yoself proper.


Galak McFlurry – Venezuela

Galak is probably another chocolate you’re not familiar with, but it’s made by Nestle and is found other countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Venezuela. This beautiful McFlurry has been spotted in Venezuela, and has pieces of the white chocolate to make us Americans all the more jealous.


Dulce de Leche McFlurry – Venezuela

One of the things I will miss the most… #DulceDeLecheMcflurry #Toddy

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OK, if you haven’t noticed by now, Venezuela’s McFlurry game is way more advanced than anything we have in the U.S. Dulce de leche is like a Latin American caramel that’s a little thicker, and has a slightly bolder taste. It tastes amazing combined with ice cream and cookie crumbles, so McD’s really found a sweet spot here.


Green Tea McFlurry – Malaysia

#greenteamcflurry 😍

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Green tea flavors have become all the rage over the last couple of years, so it should come as no surprise that there is a McFlurry version. McDonald’s in Malaysia took advantage of the world’s obsession with green tea and made this dream a reality.


Red Velvet Oreo McFlurry – Canada

We sometimes forget about red velvet until it’s February as the flavor represents Valentine’s love for some reason. Well, McDonald’s Canada takes full advantage of the the general population’s love for red velvet, and adds Oreos to it.


Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – Australia, New Zealand

The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry came and went like a thief in the night, and while it might sound like a questionable flavor, the Aussies must have liked it. There was even a petition to bring back the limited time flavor. Knowing McDonald’s, it will be back at some point, then take it away like the teases they are.


Prestigio McFlurry – Brazil

Hmmmm❤🍦 #mcflurryprestigio

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Prestigio is a Nestle chocolate that’s stuffed with coconut, almost like a Mounds bar or Almond Joy. Brazil mixed mini pieces of those chocolates into this McFlurry, because as we’ve learned, you can pretty much put anything into a McFlurry and it’ll probably give you a mouthgasm. Ugh, the FOMO is real with this flavor.

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McDonald’s Canada Just Entered The Audio Market With ‘The McBoombox’

We can all recall the joyous feeling of getting a new toy inside of our Happy Meal at McDonald’s. While most of us have outgrown the Happy Meal stage, Canada’s Waterloo University and McDonald’s Canada just released an adult toy that will have music fans singing high praise.

In celebration of the McFlurry 22-year anniversary — which was originally created in Canada — McDonald’s Canada, the University of Waterloo’s Audio Research Group along with the Toronto-based industrial design group Stacklab, created a limited time product, that might actually be the first of its kind.

The McDonald’s McBoombox is a recyclable drink tray that’s been outfitted with some custom designed “cones” that help create a full, more robust sound. The cones are a 10-side shaped polygon, enabling the 100 percent cardboard speakers to send sound out audio at a decibel level of 70.4, according to It’

To put 70.4 dB into perspective, an ordinary iPod with headphones can reach 100-115 dB, with the volume at 50 percent. So, it might not blow your eardrums, and you might not be able to feel the bass in your chest, but you’ll be able to hear some tunes at a reasonable volume.

However, the McBoombox was produced in very limited quantities, according to Mashable. For the lucky ones, who caught the slim five-hour window of opportunity, McDonald’s gave the McBoombox away on July 28 from 2:00-7:00 pm. For everyone in the U.S. that wasn’t able to cop this limited edition product — there’s always eBay. So, there’s still a chance for all you music loving McDonald’s heads out there.

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McDonald’s Employee Gets Jumped For Broken Ice Cream Machine

McDonald’s ice cream machines always seem to be “broken,” and while it draws the ire of those with a sweet tooth, you wouldn’t expect anyone to get violent over it.

According to Click Orlando News, a confrontation occurred at a Volusia County, Florida McDonald’s as a group of three customers attacked an employee over a broken ice cream machine.

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According to reports, three female customers at the drive-thru were told by an employee that the machine was out of service. Moments later, they saw a customer inside the McDonald’s eating an ice cream. The young ladies went inside the restaurant, thinking they were getting played, and started an argument.

At least one of the women went behind the counter, and started swinging and pulling the employees hair.

One of the store managers called 911 after the incident, and the call can be heard below:

The women took off in a red sedan, and as soon as McDonald’s gives authorities surveillance footage, they can start looking for the three angry customers.