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An App Finally Exists That Tells You Which McFlurry Machines Are Broken

Image courtesy of Ice Check.

We all know the feel of going to a McDonald’s and ordering a McFlurry, only to find out that the machine is broken… again. While McDonald’s did recently unveil a new machine that cuts down the time needed to fix and reset the machines, a new app offers a better solution: it’ll tell you which machines nearby you are working.

The app, called Ice Check, works in a similar style to the traffic app Waze, which informs you of cops, accidents, and road hazards via getting information from its users on what was happening on the roads. Ice Check will work in a similar fashion, using consumer input to inform which McDonald’s McFlurry machines are currently operational.

Participating McDonald’s locations will also input data to the app, meaning that several McDonald’s will be feeding in the info to tell you if their McFlurry machine is broken or not. The locations will also be giving out coupons if their machines are down.

In addition to the McFlurry information, Ice Check allows you to bookmark specific McDonald’s franchises and provides turn-by-turn directions to your selected McDonald’s.

The app is going to drop onto the App Store on April 14th, so when that date arrives, McFlurry lovers will be able to rejoice in knowing they will be able to reliably find McFlurry machines that are up and running.

Now that’s pretty sweet.