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McDonald’s Monopoly Returns, May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor


McDonald’s Monopoly is back for another round and its prizes are as trifle and as grandiose as ever. Beginning July 16th, 2013, guests will be invited to compete for the coveted Park Place and Boardwalk combo, which will win you a cool $1 million dollars. Although, the odds of that happening, according to the official rules, is approximately 1 in 3,050,412,898.

That being said, there will be numerous “Instant Win” prizes that range from a Redbox rental to a trip to the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. “Food Prizes” this year have remained mostly the same, and the odds of coming up on those are much higher — 1 in 9 for a Medium Fries and 1 in 44 for a McFlurry, for example.

The game ends August 12, 2013 and is available in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, Guam, Saipan and Puerto Rico.

May the odds (and your appetite) be ever in your favor.

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Fast Food

McDonald’s Monopoly is Back Again

McDonald’s Monopoly is back as of today along with the myriad of prizes ranging from cold hard cash to brand new cars. The same basic rules apply here — grand prizes are awarded to individuals who collect all of the necessary monopoly game pieces that can be found on a range of McDonald’s products. This year it looks like McDonald’s is offering up fantastic beach getaways, gas cards, a brand new Nissan Z and Nissan Leaf and a number of different cash prizes as well as the thousands of McDonald’s food stand-alone instant win prizes.

McDonald’s claims that 1 in 4 pieces automatically wins a prize and can be found on a number of different McDonald’s items including Big Macs, 10 and 20 piece chicken McNuggets, Large fries, Hash browns and Sausage McMuffins with egg just to name a few.

McDonald’s also offers various online prize giveaways where a code found on the bottom of each game piece is entered online and can potentially be redeemed for a wide array of other prizes including Wal-Mart and Red Box gift cards, additional cash prizes and EA Sports game prizes. The sweepstakes is going on until October 24th.

Will you be winning anything this year?


17 Large McDonald’s Fries

Yep, McDonald’s Monopoly season is back! Trying to hustle that Boardwalk is no easy shot though! Our youngest Foodbeast Dominic rolled the dice and  just bought $30 worth of fries which is approximately 17 large cartons! He actually won $50 before hand and decided to “Go big or go home!” Ever wonder what 17 large McDonald’s fries looks like? Check it out!