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McDonald’s Japan Debuting OREO Cheesecake This Spring

Photo: McDonald’s Japan

Further proof that fast food items overseas are far superior than the offerings here stateside, McDonald’s Japan will be serving up this spring an OREO Cheesecake via McCafe by Barista. And as the visuals suggest, this is a cheesecake that’s got a bullseye on OREO lovers’ hearts.

This decadent OREO Cheesecake features a lavish layer of the cookie crumbs in the crust and on top, which crowns a lemon-infused cream cheese filling. Sheesh.

The OREO Cheesecake will be available for a limited time from March 24, though no specific end date has been announced.

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McDonald’s Japan’s Double Cheeseburger With Rice Buns Has Got Our Attention

“Gohan” or “Rice Burgers” turned heads when McDonald’s Japan released them earlier this year. But now a new iteration of it has been debuted by the Golden Arches called the Gohan Dabuchi or “Rice Double Cheeseburger,” as reported by SoraNews24, an English-language Japan-based food and pop culture website.

The release of this double cheeseburger with crisped rice buns has generated considerable buzz online, notably for looking so damn delectable with the melty cheese and glistening double patties.

SoraNews24’s own fast food reporter, Seiji Nakazawa was able to try the burger out and gave a glowing review stating, “the taste of beef really stood out in a way it didn’t with other rice burgers” and that its “ratio of beef to rice seemed perfect.”

The Rice Dabuchi is priced at 390 yen ($3.73) plus tax and is accompanied by a regular Dabuchi featuring burger buns for 340 yen ($3.29). These two new burgers debuted on October 28th and are set for a limited run on McDonald’s Japan locations.


McDonald’s Is Stuffing McNuggets In This Giant McBucket


McDonald’s Japan is going the KFC route and putting a vast amount of Chicken inside a paper bucket starting December 1.

While the Japanese McNugget count usually gets capped off at 15, the magic number for this bucket is 48, to honor their collaboration with a Japanese pop group called NGT48, according to Kotaku.

The McNuggets will go for 1,800 yen, or about $14.69 in US dollars, and each will have a trading card featuring one of the 48 members in the pop group.

The bucket even has a photo of the some of the members on one side, while the other side reads, “NGT48. We are Niigata 48.”

This may, or may not seem like a random collab (Although we’ve seen stranger things from Japan), but the reason McDonald’s probably jumped on this was the group’s adorable nickname, “Nugget 48.”

Here in the US, McDonald’s offers a 40-piece meal, and at one point even had a 50-piece meal, but they’ve never gone the Colonel Sanders-route.

They should really just stuff everything in buckets–Big Macs, fries, hell, just put the McFlurries in giant buckets.

h/t eater, picthx kotaku

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McDonalds Japan Debuts Limited Time Avocado Sandwiches


McDonalds Japan is debuting a new array of limited time menu items featuring avocado as the star. The new sandwiches trade out the average McDonalds flat bun for a fancy ciabatta bun and is available in three different varieties: Avocado Beef, Avocado Chicken, and Avocado Shrimp. Each sandwich features enough avocado chunks to make a California foodie jealous.

The Avocado Beef is your basic McDonalds hamburger patty topped with two slices of bacon, onions, cheddar cheese, and wasabi sauce. Both the Avocado Chicken and Avocado Shrimp feature a spiced cobb salad sauce (so dressing?) and cheddar cheese. The Avocado Chicken has a fried chicken patty that looks more like chicken katsu than your standard McChicken patty while the Avocado Shrimp touts a fried shrimp patty.

The new sandwiches are available until late May and will run you 399 yen or $3.90 USD.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating


McDonald’s Launches New Cherry Blossom Frappe and Mocha


Cherry blossom-flavored treats are nothing new, at least not in Japan, where the famous pink buds have inspired everything from Starbucks water bottles to NSFW vagina pastries. But with the 2014 spring season comes a whole new range of pretty-in-pink sweets, including a limited-time cherry blossom mocha and frappe from McDonald’s Japan.

Because the traditional cherry blossom plant does not bear fruit, both drinks are instead infused with a cherry syrup made from the bright red Japanese cherries known as satonishiki. The mocha features a cherry syrup-infused espresso mixed with chocolate syrup and topped with a raspberry drizzle, while the frappe fetters a frozen cherry syrup base topped with strawberry candy chips.

Now all we need’s a cherry blossom hand pie. Yum.

H/T Rocket News

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McDonald’s Japan ‘American Vintage’ Menu Debuts January 2014


McDonalds Japan is bringing customers back to the good ol’ days with their new “American Vintage” menu items. Similar to McDonalds France’s “Breads & America” promotion Japan has created burgers that supposedly sums up American culture.

The American Vintage menu features “1950’s diner fare, 1970’s soul food and 1980’s pop culture cuisine”. The three menus will make their debut throughout January and February. The 1950’s American Diner will kick off the promotion with menu items available starting January 7 and lasting until about the end of the month.

Items on the 1950’s themed menu includes the Diner Double Beef with Chicago-style steak sauce and mashed potatoes (as seen below). It also looks like McDonalds’ signature round egg also sits atop the retro burger. Other items include the Diner Honey Mustard and Classic Fries with cheese and bacon flavor topping. Seriously McDonalds, if those fries don’t scream America I don’t know what will. How about making those bad boys available on our side of the world?


The 1970’s Soul Food menu includes items that literally have the word “groovy” in front of them to get them in that 70’s spirit. The sandwiches are “Hot & Groovy” and are available in both chicken and beef. The 1970’s menu will run from the end of January until mid-February when the 1980’s Pop Culture menu will round out the promotion until the start of March. Similar to the laziness of the 1970’s menu the supposed pop culture menu includes American BBQ Chicken, which is a fried chicken patty that looks a bit like a McChicken just sitting on some barbecue sauce. Yes, there’s a beef version of this too, the American BBQ Beef is a McDouble with some bacon on top of a barbecue sauce soaked bun. Yum.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews24

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McDonald’s “Big America” Burgers in Japan— Eggs, Bacon, Pastrami! Oh, My!

McDonald’s has introduced some tasty new menu items over the last couple of years, but they’re stashing the real goods in Japan.

The Grand Canyon burger, Las Vegas burger, Broadway burger and the Beverly Hills burger are part of the Big America lineup that is unleashed once a year in Japanese McDonald’s menus.

These burgers are no joke, but it’s funny how we’re in the midst of a creative food era here in the U.S., and these beautiful pieces of art belong overseas.

The Grand Canyon burger consists of two stories of artery busting deliciousness. A foundation of meat patty, mozzarella cheese and steak sauce, topped with a cooked egg and cheddar cheese.

The Las Vegas burger might have been created in honor of “hangover food.” This Rack City tribute consists of beef on beef. Sliced beef on top of a beef patty, with a layer of cream cheese.

The Broadway burger is a show I’d pay for as it is stuffed with pastrami bacon and cream cheese. In Calif. people argue that In-N-Out would take over the food game by introducing bacon to its menu; What would happen if McDonald’s introduced pastrami bacon burgers in the U.S.?

Last, but not least, the Beverly Hills burger completes the foursome. In essence, it is a Caesar salad and cooked egg burying a beef patty.

Even if it’s seasonal, these burgers should be in the U.S.

The McDonald’s Chicken McBites are delicious, but they should let us dig into the secret stash.

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KBBQ Burger Hits McDonald’s Japan

Is it me or do the McDonald’s in other countries get stuff that’s SO much better than the stuff we get here in the states? Is it also obvious that I really love Korean BBQ? The answer we’re looking for here is yes. What you’re feasting your eyes upon here is McDondald’s‘ Japan’s newest menu item the Korean Barbecue Burger.

This latest culinary concoction is comprised of an all beef patty, bulgogi (marinated slices of beef ), cheese and a spicy red sauce. Anyone reading English and residing in Japan can go grab one at any participating Japanese McDonald’s. (via Burger Business)