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McDonalds World Cup Sandwiches Pay Homage to Competing Countries


The World Cup games begin in a few short weeks and the games’ official restaurant is pulling out all the stops to celebrate the global event. McDonalds debuted their special edition fry boxes earlier this week but along with the redesign the fast food chain has created new themed menu items.

The new sandwiches are available at over 800 Brazil Mickey D’s locations now until June 25 with a different sandwich available every day of the week, celebrating seven competing countries: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

The McBrazil is available on Sundays and features an angus beef patty topped with mayonnaise, Brazilian vinaigrette, lettuce and emmental cheese.


The McSpain, available on Mondays, is fancier McChicken topped with olive oil mayo, spicy bacon cheese, tomato and lettuce.

The McGermany takes over the Tuesday menu with a McRib-esque sandwich, german mustard sauce, red onion, pickles and bacon spicy cheese.

The McFrance takes a fancy turn on Wednesdays with its triple cheese topped sandwich: grated parmesan cheese, crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, melty cream cheese, and emmental cheese


The McItaly aka a pizza burger will be on the menu on Thursdays. This burger is topped with pepperoni, tomato sauce, grated parmesan cheese, and Polpettone meat.

The McArgentina features a meaty burger and is available on Fridays. The burger comes topped with a chimichurri mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheddar.

The McUSA burger definitely represents ‘Murica well. Available on Saturdays the double pattied angus beef burger is topped with barbecue sauce, crispy onions, pickles, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

Hey McDonalds, the US celebrates the World Cup too! Why the hell don’t we have these burgers here?!

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McDonald’s France Gets Cookie Frappuccinos, from Raspberry White Chocolate to Chocolate Hazelnut


It’s as easy as drinking a cookie. Which is to say, a lot easier than you’d think.

At McDonald’s France, McBaristas are taking the chain’s daily “fresh baked” cookies and blending them into vanilla frappuccinos. Dubbed “Delifrappe Cookies,” the drinks come in 3 crowd-pleasing flavors, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut, Double Chocolate, and Raspberry and White Chocolate, each mixed with 3/4 of its namesake cookie, topped with a swirl of whipped cream, and then garnished with the other cookie fourth.

We imagine the process wouldn’t be too hard to replicate stateside (Starbucks already does it for their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapp), though we’re curious to see how it might work if we used an apple pie instead.

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McDonalds France “Breads & America” Promotion Features Burgers on American Breads


McDonalds France is running a new promotion called “Breads & America” that literally features burgers on American breads. The not so creatively named promo includes three new menu items: Double Shiny Bacon, Grand Bagel Cheese and Double Cornbread BBQ. All three sandwiches are exactly what they sound like, but we’re not sure how the Double Shiny Bacon qualifies as being on American bread since it’s served on your run of the mill bun. Maybe it’s the bacon…yup it totally has to be the bacon.

The Grand Bagel cheese looks just like a Double Cheeseburger just on an everything bagel instead while the Double Cornbread BBQ is literally a McDouble (one slice of cheese) with barbecue sauce on a cornbread bun that’s topped with corn chip crumbs. These novelty burgers aren’t completely accurate representations of the good ol’ U.S. of A but we can’t blame France for trying. McDonalds France might have something with that cornbread bun though, perhaps it’d be better suited with a McRib patty instead of a burger. Just an idea.

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