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Donut Sticks Are Officially Coming To McDonald’s Breakfast Menus Nationwide

After information was leaked earlier this year, McDonald’s is now officially confirming that Donut Sticks are heading to their breakfast menus nationwide.

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

The Donut Sticks will be a limited time item, and are slated to hit breakfast menus starting February 20th. As reported in the leaks, they will be available in orders of 6 or 12, with a bundle of 6 Donut Sticks plus a coffee also for sale.

News of the Donut Sticks comes after Dunkin’ Donuts made it splash in the fast food breakfast game with their own Donut Fries. The two items are pretty similar to each other, with both consisting of fried dough sticks tossed in cinnamon sugar. A key difference may be in the dough, since Dunkin’ claims to use a “croissant-style” dough while McDonald’s does not. Dunkin’ also sells theirs in groups of 5, not the half dozen and dozen-stick orders McDonald’s will be selling.

It’ll be interesting to see how the two donut fry rivals stack up against each other when McDonald’s version drops.

Fast Food Sweets What's New

Donut Fries Are Reportedly Coming To McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Soon

McDonald’s may be kicking off the new year with the addition of a hot breakfast treat: their own take on donut fries.

Photo: JJBers on Flickr, CC 2.0

According to Business Insider, who obtained leaked internal documents from the fast food giant, they will be a limited-time offer sometime around February. You can order the Donut Sticks, as they’re called, by the half dozen, a half dozen bundled with a small coffee, or a full dozen.

This seems to be a play against Dunkin’, who took a bite out of McDonald’s breakfast market recently with the addition of their $2 Donut Fries. The leaked Donut Sticks are similarly priced, with the half-dozen bundle and coffee going for $1.99, the half dozen on their own pricing at $1.29, and a dozen selling for $2.39.

If confirmed, this could be a big new value item for McDonald’s that would make it an even bigger player in the fast food breakfast game. McDonald’s representatives did not confirm any information in the leaked documents, telling Foodbeast in a statement to “expect more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019.”

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For Now, Breakfast Is The Only Thing Keeping McDonald’s Afloat

In 1972, McDonald’s pioneered fast food breakfast when they released the Egg McMuffin. Just last year, in October of 2015, McDonald’s started serving their popular breakfast menu all day. And now, McDonald’s has announced that they are expanding their all-day breakfast menu across the country.

The two biggest changes to come? The sweet and savory McGriddle will be added to the all-day breakfast line-up starting this fall. Additionally, McDonald’s will now have a national breakfast menu so that every location nationwide will have the same all-day breakfast offerings: McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, and McGriddles, to name a few.

All Day Bfast

These changes come as no surprise, considering that McDonald’s all-day breakfast has been a huge hit since launching last year. The company, which has been struggling with sales in the past five years or so, reported that national sales have increased 5.4% due to the popularity of all-day breakfast.

In January of this year, McDonald’s posted their highest quarterly sales in nearly four years. Again, mostly due to the success of their 24-hour breakfast menu.

Looking at this breakfast expansion through this lens, it makes us think less about how much we would love a midnight-McGriddle and more about the harsh reality of our favorite fast food chain: is breakfast the last hope for Mickey D’s?

All the signs that McDonald’s may be losing steam have been present in the last few years.

In general, the last 10 years have seen McDonald’s come under a lot of fire. Between finding chemicals and fabricated ingredients in their food, being protested for low employee wages, and generally being a less-than-health conscious choice within a world that now emphasizes and prefers such a lifestyle, it has not been a fantastic few years for McDonald’s.

Currently, McDonald’s is making a half-hearted attempt to revamp the look of its nationwide locations. Although they’ve been trying to nix the classic cafeteria look in favor of a chicer vibe (one that they no doubt feel will draw in more millennials), decreasing sales and lack of positive response has been delaying the national makeover.

McDs Shot

And that’s not the only desperate (and pretty sad) attempt the chain has made to try and woo customers back. So far using kale in their recipes, promising fresh beef patties, and grilling their hamburger buns for five seconds longer have impressed no one, and it shows in recent McDonald’s sales.

But among all this controversy and falling numbers has been one saving grace: the all-day breakfast menu.

This one menu change gave McDonald’s the sales boost it desperately needed, so it makes perfect sense that they’re working to expand upon the idea. The cold truth is, and many McDonald’s executives have probably realized this, it may be the chain’s only shot at returning to its former glory.

But will it be enough?

Many analysts say no. While the hype of all-day breakfast has been popular in the past nine months, many experts say the desire for breakfast at any hour may wane. It’s a fad, and the truth about fads is they tend to disappear.


But, now that McDonald’s has discovered just how popular their breakfasts are, they may continue to play with their breakfast menu. It may be a last ditch attempt, but right now, it seems like the only leg McDonald’s may have to stand on.

Honestly, we firmly believe that as long as there are stoners craving McMuffins at 2 AM, there will be a McDonald’s. Hopefully, it will be the same McDonald’s we all know and love.

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McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Forgets Best Sandwiches, Makes Home Alone-esque Mistake

People, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come upon us: McDonald’s will be serving breakfast all day! For the first time ever, I won’t have to drag my lazy, hungover ass out of bed at 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning just to make it there in time. Instead, I can wait until I’m good and ready to leave my bed, and that makes the little fatboy inside of me ecstatic.

That being said, I advise you to temper your expectations. While this news is exciting for the average fast food enthusiast, it comes with a major setback: the All-Day Breakfast Menu will be limited depending on region. Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst part.

According to the McDonald’s Twitter page, the fast food chain won’t be serving their delicious McGriddles or golden hash browns at a vast number of chains beyond 10:30 a.m.

“Hey, are you gonna eat that? Oh, it’s a napkin? Ah fuck it, it’s got cheese on it, gimme.”

What the McFuck is your problem, McDonalds? rated the McGriddle as the number one ranked breakfast food at McDonalds, so why is it not on the All-Day Breakfast menu? Do you want me to take my breakfast needs to Taco Bell? BECAUSE I WILL. On top of that, no location will serve both biscuits and McMuffins all day, only one or the other. That’s like getting trained to shoot free throws from an NBA player, but the player is Shaq.

While it’s a great start for McDonalds to finally focus on the admirers they already have rather than the ones they long for, it’s still not enough to really please anyone. Opening up their menu to feature breakfast food all day is a fantastic step in the right direction, but if they don’t put the nationally beloved McGriddle on that menu soon, I’m going to start dancing dirtily with the daughters of the McDonald’s executives that are making these poppycock decisions. Nobody puts McGriddle in the corner.

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McDonald’s Coffee to Hit Store Shelves


The battle for fast food breakfast supremacy has been fierce. Whether it’s Taco Bell stepping up its breakfast burrito game, Chick-Fil-A presenting some fancy new coffee, or Jack in the Box releasing their Croissant Donuts, everyone’s trying to one-up each other.

Now it’s McDonald’s turn. Again. In early 2015, we’ll be able to buy bag-fulls of McDonald’s branded coffee as they’ve teamed up with Kraft to put it in store shelves.

CNN reported that the McCafe branded coffee flavors such as premium roast, French vanilla and hazelnut will be available and will be compatible with Keurig home brewers.

McDonald’s senior vice president Greg Watson said there was a huge demand for “at-home” options and that it was the obvious next step in their coffee evolution.

In the recent breakfast dog fight, McDonald’s has tested a chorizo breakfast burritos, given out free coffee, and have even considered extending their breakfast hours. Now they’ll try to make themselves at home, in our homes.

Kraft is the lowkey player in this, but they also teamed with Starbucks when the coffee juggernaut began selling its own at-home coffee selections.

So, if you’re not into waiting in ridiculous drive-thru lines for your morning coffee, there’ll soon be another option.


The things you’ll choose McDonald’s breakfast over


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The Yolk-Free McMuffin: McDonald’s ‘Egg White Delight’ Out April 22

Egg White Delight

Good news for the health conscious Mickey D fans out there, starting April 22, McDonalds will roll out Egg White Delights nationwide.

This yolk-free alternative was tested in Atlanta and Austin locations back in November. Essentially, the lighter version of the popular Egg McMuffin, Egg White Delights contain egg whites cooked free-form on a griddle, white cheddar cheese, and Canadian bacon on a whole grain english muffin.

Other sandwiches offered on the McDonalds breakfast menu will be available for egg white substitutions. This new breakfast option is one of many changes the fast food chain is implementing to make their menu more customizable and calorie-friendly.

Of course, this healthy alternative probably isn’t the best for your diet when paired with hash browns and an extra large coke. But hey, do you boo.

H/T + PicThx The Daily Meal

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Wake and McBake: McDonald’s to Offer Breakfast after Midnight

In an attempt to tap into the McStoner, McNightOwl, McHellaEarlyBird and McClosingShift market, McDonald’s is currently testing a new Breakfast after Midnight menu at all its 24-hour locations in central Ohio.

As relayed by Burger Business, less than 1% of customer traffic at quick-service restaurants comes by between the hours of 2 and 5 a.m. The new campaign, dubbed the “Nocturnivore,” aims to increase that number by satisfying the gamut of late-night McMunchies, from french fries to hash browns and (pretty much) everything in between.

The BAM is available from midnight to 10 a.m., and includes Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, hotcakes with sausage, breakfast burritos, Fruit and Maple Oatmeal, hash browns, juice and coffee.

And yes, I am lovin’ it.

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