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Behold, a Potato Chip Bag Redesign for Fellas Endowed With Big . . . Hands


F@#k potato chip bags. Big-handed or not, this is one statement we can probably all agree on. F@#k them for being half-air. F@#k them for tempting us at Subway. F@#k them for leaving grease all over our salty, sticky little hands.

In attempt to make their chips “manlier,” potato chip brand McCoy’s partnered with creative agency BTL Brands to redesign the chip bag, simply by flipping it on its side. The result? A package with essentially the same size but a wider mouth, according to Design Taxi, so “’proper big-handed men can actually fit their hands into the bag.’”


Previously, McCoy’s has been known for its particularly grill/beer/sports-related flavors such as beef, salt, and steak, explaining why they decided to bill this concept simply as “manlier” instead the once-in-a-life-time-holy-sh*t improvement that it is. Sure there’s still that blue-balled disappointment you’ll feel every time you tear open the bag seams to find significantly fewer chips than you were expecting — like, push-up bra status – but at least you won’t have to feel gross while doing it.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi