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13 Lockdown Recipes You Can Make And Stun Your Social Feed

Sure, we’re all stuck at home but think of it as us doing our part to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t spread to our local community. Yes, it’s making us a bit stir-crazy, but it’s what the world needs right now. Staying at home, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t live the life of a Foodbeast.

For those itching to create something unconventional and out-of-the-box in the kitchen while they’re self-quarantined, we put together a lockdown playlist of chefs, influencers, and home cooks who have been making some amazing things from the confines of their own home kitchens.

Top talent includes the personalities such as @TheVulgarChef, @NishCooks, @TheJoshElkin, @FitWaffle, and @TheNaughtyFork.

Some mouthwatering recipes you can expect to see are: a Bloomin’ Onion, banana bread, Hot Cheetos deviled eggs, cereal marshmallow bars, a 1o-minute baked potato, homemade McChicken, pasty pie in a mug, cheesy taco fries, mashed potato grilled cheese, pancakes from scratch, a Boiling Crab feast, and peanut butter Nutella s’mores.

Check out the video above and see what dishes you’d like to recreate in your kitchen. If this video inspires a Foodbeast-worthy recipe in your soul, DM us a photo!

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McDonald’s Adds Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuits To Its Official Breakast Lineup

Chicken McGriddles are nothing new to longtime McDonald’s eaters, as they’ve been tested a couple of times and can be ordered via the secret menu right around 10:30 every morning. However, we have our first official signs that McDonald’s may be bringing the cult favorite nationwide.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

In Southern California, Chicken McGriddles have been popping up on value breakfast menus at several locations. They’re mainly sold as part of a 2 for $3 deal, and some locations even have them on the $1 $2 $3 menu during the AM hours.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

The other half of that 2 for $3 deal is a relatively new sandwich to the McDonald’s crowd: McChicken Biscuits. These sandwiches aren’t 100% identical to the original McChicken, since there’s no lettuce or mayo inside of the fried chicken biscuit. However, it does give McDonald’s a morning meal option akin to those that Chick-fil-A and Whataburger have been slinging for years now.

Photo: Evan Lancaster // Foodbeast

Both items can be currently viewed on the McDonald’s website, although no official photos of either item have gone up yet. The McChicken Biscuit is listed at 430 calories and 1060 mg of sodium per sandwich, while the Chicken McGriddle contains 390 calories and 1000 mg of sodium.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether this distribution will be spread out across the nation, or if this is just a major regional test. McDonald’s has yet to respond to a request for comment from Foodbeast on the new sandwiches.

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Watch This College Student Attempt To Eat 100 McChickens In 24 Hours

We never thought we’d see someone who loved McChickens as much as the guy who got off on one a while back. However, a college student has managed to prove us wrong, as he recently attempted to devour 100 McChickens in a single day.

Michigan State University student Derek Metcalf attempted the challenge after seeing it on Snapchat, the Lansing State Journal reports. The rules were simple: Eat 100 McChickens in 24 hours, and don’t throw any of them up. As a “fan of the McChicken,” Metcalf thought he could do some damage, but wasn’t really expecting to get through all 100. Considering that downing that many McChickens checks in at around 35,000 calories, it’s a feat that only the toughest competitive eaters could truly handle.

However, Metcalf did spend the entire weekend working out in preparation for his feat, and while on the challenge, tried to mix things up by pan-frying and even cutting up his sandwiches. Unfortunately, the mayo on top of each sandwich proved to be just too much for Metcalf to get through. He threw in the towel after 24 McChickens, getting through about a quarter of his goal in the 24 hour time span.

Afterward, Metcalf says that he was grossed out the day after, but would still order one now (albeit, without the mayo). Talk about loyalty goals.

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Insane Woman Fights McDonald’s Staff Over A McChicken [WATCH]

Okay, we’ve seen some weird stuff go on with McChickens before, but this woman’s reaction to not getting one fast enough is beyond insane.

Des Moines resident Amanda Garland Gravely posted the above video to Facebook that shows her view of an out-of-control fight from the drive-thru window. Gravely explained that she was getting her kids ice cream and waiting in the drive-thru for her order when the woman in the above video began screaming at one of the cashiers because she didn’t get her McChicken sandwich in a timely manner.

“Give me my meal or give me my money. You can’t make my f***ing McChicken? Then give me my money!”

Things escalated faster than the fight scene in Anchorman from there, with a full-on brawl eventually breaking out between the cashier and the woman that’s more entertaining than a WWE match.

Following the posting of the video, RT reports that Des Moines police are looking for those involved in this incident to identify them. Anyone with information should contact the proper authorities to help resolve the ongoing investigation.

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Bottled Big Mac, McChicken And Filet-O-Fish Sauces Now Available In McDonald’s Canada

Turns out that McDonald’s isn’t done distributing their bottled Big Mac Sauce just yet.

Following a successful campaign in which bottles of Big Mac sauce were distributed across the United States, McDonald’s Canada announced that they would begin selling bottles of sauce that go on three of McDonald’s signature sandwiches: the Big Mac, the McChicken, and the Filet-O-Fish.

The sauce bottles were revealed at the Grocery and Specialty Food West Show in Vancouver, Canada. The bottled condiments featuring McDonald’s versions of Thousand Island, mayonnaise, and tartar sauce respectively will be developed in tandem with Kraft Heinz, according to the Huffington Post.

McDonald’s Canada has confirmed that the bottles can be found on Canadian grocery shelves sometime this spring.

We’re definitely jealous that Canada gets first crack at buying these bottles, and are hoping that all three sauces make their way to the United States sometime soon.

In the meantime, if somebody in Canada would be kind enough to send us some, that would be great.

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Chicken Lover Tweeted Himself Having Sex With A McChicken [VERY NSFW, SERIOUSLY]

‘It’s the internet,’ I said. ‘I’ve seen everything,’ I said. This video couldn’t be that shocking, but as I scrolled through Twitter, looking for this infamous video that set the internet ablaze, I really wish I hadn’t.

We’ve all seen some things, but nothing really gets you quite ready for a dude sticking his erection into a McDonald’s McChicken and masturbating with it, while in his room. The man’s Twitter handle was @McDonaldsChiraq and his account has since been suspended, but the video lives on.

There’s a re-tweeted video at the bottom of this post, but I’m going to ease you in with some reactions, from which you then can decide for yourself if you really want to keep scrolling.






All right, guys.


It’s coming.


Last chance to turn around and live your life.


I warned you, but…


Here it is.

(Link to the gentleman’s Tweet)

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McDonald’s Testing A Fried Chicken Version Of The McGriddle


It’s been a while since McDonald’s added a new breakfast sandwich. We still remember the southern chicken biscuit fondly. According to Columbus Business First, select McDonald’s in Central Ohio are testing a new McGriddle made with crispy chicken patties.

The Chicken McGriddle can be found at 11 McDonald’s locations in the state. Made with the fast food chain’s pancake buns filled with syrup and a fried chicken patty the new McGriddle is probably the closest one can get to fried chicken and waffles sandwich from a major fast food chain.

McDonald’s recently made breakfast available all day, albeit with a smaller selection. One of the fan-favorite items missing was the McGriddle. A few weeks ago, however, we reported that the company was trying out McGriddles as an all-day option.

In a perfect world, the Chicken McGriddles will make a national release and eventually grace all-day menus.

In a perfect world.

Photo: McDonald’s

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Burger King Replaces Beef With Chicken to Create New Chicken Big King


Last fall, Burger King introduced their version of McDonalds’ signature sandwich. Burger King’s latest sandwich is the poultry cousin to the original Big King, called none other than the Chicken Big King. The new sandwich is extremely similar to the Big King featuring pickles, onions, lettuce, American cheese, King sauce, and a triple bun. Literally the only difference between the two sandwiches is that the Chicken Big King has two chicken patties instead of beef patties.

Burger King isn’t the first chain to offer up a double chicken burger. KFC debuted their Big Boss sandwich last month in Canada and even Big Mac originator McDonalds created their own Chicken Big Mac, which unfortunately is only offered in Arabia.

The new Chicken Big King will cost you $3.59 but it’s also being offered as part of Burger King’s 2 for $5 deal, which means you can get both Big Kings for a pretty sweet deal.

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