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Watch This College Student Attempt To Eat 100 McChickens In 24 Hours

We never thought we’d see someone who loved McChickens as much as the guy who got off on one a while back. However, a college student has managed to prove us wrong, as he recently attempted to devour 100 McChickens in a single day.

Michigan State University student Derek Metcalf attempted the challenge after seeing it on Snapchat, the Lansing State Journal reports. The rules were simple: Eat 100 McChickens in 24 hours, and don’t throw any of them up. As a “fan of the McChicken,” Metcalf thought he could do some damage, but wasn’t really expecting to get through all 100. Considering that downing that many McChickens checks in at around 35,000 calories, it’s a feat that only the toughest competitive eaters could truly handle.

However, Metcalf did spend the entire weekend working out in preparation for his feat, and while on the challenge, tried to mix things up by pan-frying and even cutting up his sandwiches. Unfortunately, the mayo on top of each sandwich proved to be just too much for Metcalf to get through. He threw in the towel after 24 McChickens, getting through about a quarter of his goal in the 24 hour time span.

Afterward, Metcalf says that he was grossed out the day after, but would still order one now (albeit, without the mayo). Talk about loyalty goals.