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McDonald’s Expands McCafe Bakery Menu For The First Time In Eight Years

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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen McDonald’s carry sweet baked goods outside of pies and cookies. As their McCafe brand continues to grow, it’s nice to see more options flow in on the morning menu’s bakery side. 

The fast-food chain has announced the addition of three new items joining their McCafe menu. They include Apple FrittersBlueberry Muffins, and Cinnamon Rolls

This announcement marks the first addition to McDonald’s baked goods menu in eight years. Man, do I miss Cinnamelts. 

Customers can enjoy this new McCafe bakery menu at McDonald’s locations nationwide beginning Oct. 28. The newly-added baked goods will not be limited to the breakfast menu and can pretty much be enjoyed throughout the day. 

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McDonald’s Is Now Bottling Their McCafé Frappe Drinks

Fans of McDonald’s McCafé drinks will be happy to know that they can now forego the drive-thru line and grab a handful of the drinks at a local grocery store.

The McCafé Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha Frappes have made the move to stores, as McDonald’s is following in the steps of Starbucks with ready to drink coffee bottles.

The drinks are being distributed by the Coca-Cola company, and a press release read, “As longtime partners of McDonald’s, we look forward to working together to expand the reach and availability of McCafé coffees to more people across the country.”

Made with 100 percent Arabica beans, McDonald’s emphasized the fact that they use real milk and sugar for these popular drinks.

For those who read nutrition labels, the caramel and vanilla flavors have 260 calories per bottle, and the mocha has 270 calories.

McDonald’s revamped its McCafe lineup in early 2017, and really made a push toward the coffee line, making the drinks with a very Starbucks-esque feel.

These new bottled drinks fall in line with the idea of dipping into Starbucks’ market, being similarly sized, priced, and flavored.

The drinks do hold their own with flavor, still tasting true to the Frappes you get at the restaurant, so the transition seems smooth so far.

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McDonald’s Testing Muffin Tops, Just Like The Famous Seinfeld Episode

Accusations of plagiarism have been pretty heavy lately with Ed Sheeran accused of copying Marvin Gaye, Childish Gambino accused of copying someone named Jase Harley, and now McDonald’s joins the fray, testing some baked goods that look a hell of a lot like Seinfeld’s muffin top concept.

If you’re not familiar with the 90s cult TV show, Seinfeld dedicated an entire episode to the idea of muffin tops being the only valuable part of the muffin, rendering the “stumps” useless.

Ironically enough, the premise of the show was about a man taking liberties with Elaine Benes’ (Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) muffin top ideology, and opening up a little bakery that sold nothing but the tasty tops.

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Fast forward 21 years later, and McDonald’s had the grand idea of selling muffin tops.

The tops are being tested in Baltimore, and according to Bloomberg, McDonald’s felt it neglected its breakfast menu, and wanted to try something new.

As part of the McCafe menu, these Muffin Toppers come in Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Blueberry flavors.

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Spike Feresten, who wrote that famous Seinfeld episode, was thrilled to hear that someone finally incorporated his muffin top idea, and even wondered what took so long.

At the same time Ferensten said he would appreciate some type of monetary compensation, telling TMZ, “I’m happy I’m making people money, somewhere, but I would really love some of that to flow into my pocket.”

It would be surprising if there wasn’t a nationwide launch soon. The Muffin Toppers have been on a test run since 2017, and the attention it’s getting now can only help a potential launch.

Hopefully we’ll all be able to munch on the best part of the muffin, soon.

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McDonald’s Adds Espresso To McCafe Menu, Challenging Dunkin’ Donuts And Starbucks

The Golden Arches have always been a key player in the fast-food industry, and will now be looking to challenge the corporate coffee industry with an upgraded line up of espresso-based drinks on their McCafe menu. However, as McDonald’s adds espresso to the menu, there’s no telling how the public will respond.

While this menu expansion might seem insignificant, it’s actually quite costly. In 2016, CNN reported that franchisees were forced into spending more than $12k (each) for upgraded coffee machines. Yet, McDonald’s has been relatively silent about this  new menu expansion.

On September 5, McDonald’s updated its Facebook page cover photo with an image introducing, “the new McCafe Espresso menu,” which includes an Americano, a caramel macchiato, and a French vanilla cappuccino.

McDonald's adds espresso

Via/McDonald’s Facebook

Some industry experts are already labeling this as a big gamble for McDonald’s, pointing at operating efficiency as a growing concern.  Entering the quality coffee service industry requires employees to understand how to create espresso drinks — while simultaneously attending to fast-food orders.

Essentially, McDonald’s envisions employees becoming baristas overnight — in addition to building customizable orders — a shift that is not likely to happen that swiftly, according to the restaurant industry insider On The Margin Blog.

“Bigger menus can slow service, a key element for a chain considered “fast food” and aimed at the on-the-go consumer.” — On The Margin, National Restaurant News

Currently, the relaunch of the McCafe menu has price points set around $2.00 for a small sized beverage. However, the brand is also focusing on developing a line of bottled coffee beverages with Coca-Cola, according to, which include coffee beans and grounds, along with K-cups. All are expected to hit grocery store shelves in 2018.

As the battle for coffee supremacy begins, the collar of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts will tighten, as McDonald’s uses thousands of locations to leverage this new coffee experience.

Now the question remains — will you be changing your coffee spot for McDonald’s?

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McDonald’s Savagely Rips On Hipster Coffee Shops In New McCafe Commercial

There’s a divide when it comes to independent coffee shops and the bigger commercial providers of coffee. Some patrons prefer the convenience of getting their caffeine fix in mere minutes, while others prefer a more personalized coffee-drinking experience.

A McDonald’s ad in the United Kingdom decided to poke a little fun at the “hipster” coffee shops.

The video goes through all the stereotypes that come with frequenting an independently run coffee establishment from outrageous mediums to serve coffee in to the above-average prices. McDonald’s new ad was created to promote the simplicity of ordering McCafe coffee drinks with their freshly roasted beans.

While we do love the atmosphere and whimsicality that comes from a non-commerical coffee store, we can’t help but laugh at the McCafe commercial.

So which side of the coffee line do you belong to?

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McDonald’s Dropping Soda Prices To $1 And McCafes To $2


It’s been a pretty couple of weeks for McDonald’s. The fast food chain released an entire line of Shamrock Shake beverages for patrons to tickle their sweet tooth with and, last week, announced a specially engineered straw for an improved way to drink milkshakes more efficiently. Now, drinks are going to get much cheaper at the fast food chain.

Bloomberg reports that an industry-wide slump has caused McDonald’s Corp. to dial back the prices of their beverages – for a limited time at least.

McDonald’s will soon offer $1 any-size sodas and $2 small specialty McCafe drinks that include smoothies and frappes. Typically, items like the small frappe can sell for $2.69 to $3.09.

Hey, every bit of savings counts.

McDonald’s upcoming promotion is intended to help deal with the loss in food costs after cheaper grocery prices kept a lot of Americans eating meals at home.

The beverage promotion is set to begin in April.

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McDonald’s Has An Entire Oreo McCafe Menu In Hong Kong


One of our biggest gripes with McDonald’s in the US is that the McFlurry machine always seems to be broken whenever we’re in the mood for an Oreo McFlurry. Meanwhile, over in McDonald’s Hong Kong, the fast food chain is launching an entire menu based on the creme-filled cookie.

Brand Eating reports that McDonald’s has partnered with Oreo to create a McCafe x Oreo Oreo Thins Delight menu.

The menu offers two drinks and two dessert items, all featuring a notable presence of Oreo Thins.

Coming from the dessert side are an Oreo Tiramisu and a Chocolate Cheese Tart, with the latter featuring an Oreo tart shell that’s stuffed with cream cheese and gooey chocolate. An Oreoccino, served hot and iced, and an Oreo Tiramisu Latte are available on the beverage side. Both drinks are mixed with bits of Oreo and topped with crushed Oreo wafers.

You can find the McCafe Oreo menu at participating McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong for a limited time.

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McDonald’s Reveals How Much You Would Save If You Buy Their Coffee


Last year, McDonald’s announced that they planned on implementing some major changes in their McCafe coffee concept at the beginning of 2017. Among the changes was a proposal to move towards more sustainable coffee beans, as well as reduce prices for beverages to beat the competition.

In further updates on this strategic rollout, McDonald’s has revealed exactly how much money they’re projected to save customers if they purchase their coffee.

For example, the fast food chain’s $1 any size coffee will save customers anywhere from $84-$93 over four months. McDonald’s is also lowering the price of their small specialty hot drinks to $2, which will save customers about $109-$140 over a period of four months.


Savings are calculated for someone buying coffee five days a week from January through April. The pricing is compared to that of competitors’ regular coffee and popular small specialty hot beverages (lattes, mochas, and hot chocolates).

If we can avoid long coffee shop lines and save ourselves some cash for unessential kitchen gadgets, we’re down for it.