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10 Useful Amazon Kitchen Products That Cost $5 Or Less

We’re plenty guilty of surfing through Amazon and buying a ton of unnecessary things from the online retailer. Quite a few of them, actually, are things to litter our kitchens with. So when an inexpensive kitchen gadget that makes our cooking experience much easier comes along, we kind of throw caution to the wind and go for it.

Fully realizing that all too common scenario, here are ten kitchen toys we found on Amazon that are less than $5. Our apologies ahead of time for any discomfort you might feel in your wallets.


Onion Holder Slicer


To the uninitiated, chopping an onion can be one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen. Still, we hold back tears and risk bloody fingers just to dice that little bastard, because almost everything tastes better with onions.

Having an onion holder on deck assures that our fingers won’t accidentally slip and get sliced while we get to work. The tears, however, will probably be there.

Price: $3.25

Avocado Peeler & Cutter


Sure, you could learn how to properly peel and cut an avocado with a regular knife, or even a paring knife, but then you couldn’t play around with this nifty green gadget.

The avocado peeler and cutter will do exactly what the name mentions in a few extra steps less than if you are to use a knife. Anything to get that guac started.

Price: $2.60

Finger Protector


Anyone who has ever sliced their finger while prepping vegetables will know the value of practice… or a finger protector.

This gadget will protect your digits as if they were a mother bear protecting her cubs.


Hot Dog Cutters


Your bored, uninspired hot dogs have left you wanting more when it comes to barbecuing. Luckily, this hot dog spiraling device will ensure that your wieners get the pizzazz they’ve been desperately needing.

Price: $4.20

Mayo Knife


One of our biggest problems when making a cold sandwich is getting bits of mayonnaise at the base of our knife and then getting said mayonnaise on our fingers shortly after. The Mayo Knife is a plastic device designed specifically to avoid that problem as well as to give your sandwich a nice even spread.

Price: $4.29.

Fruit Core Splitter


It’s said that an apple doesn’t actually have a core. For those who still want to avoid eating the center of a Red Delicious anyways, this fruit core splitter is just the thing to pop the inside our your apples straight out. There will be no unnecessary debate or worry about consuming those apple seeds.

Price: $3.22

Bear Claw Meat Shredder


Freshly smoked pulled pork is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, shredding it can leave your fingers burnt and calloused if done improperly. Unless you’re the Wolverine, you may want to invest in these dope bear claw meat shredders.

Price: $3.92

Garlic Peeler


Like onions, garlic is one of the most essential delicious ingredients at your disposal. The only problem is, working with garlic often leaves your finger smelling for hours. Unless you’re willing to take the necessary precautions to manually get that odor off, you can invest in this garlic peeler.

With a couple quick rolling motions, your garlic is peeled and your fingers smell as good as they did before you partook in this endeavor.

Price: 4.95

Egg Yolk Seperator


A huge part of baking is making sure you have egg yolks and whites. This means you have to know how to properly separate the components of the egg. If you tend to have trouble getting the whites outta there before your yolks crack, this separator will simply suck the yolks out in one quick motion.

This should make baking a lot simpler as you’re not having to mess around with shells.

Price: $2.27

Shark Fin Ice Tray


Cooking, while relaxing, can also be an exhausting experience. You’re gonna want to stay hydrated while in the kitchen. This shark fin ice cube tray will not only cool your drink, but create the whimsical illusion that there are some icy sharks cruising through your beverage.

Price: $4.96

Note: Prices may fluctuate a dollar or two from the time this article launched.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Recipes Video

Gordon Ramsay Shows Us How He Enjoys His Tacos

As we’re craving tacos on the glorious day that is National Taco Day, we found ourselves drawn to a Gordon Ramsay recipe from a few years back.

The Michelin-starred chef shows us how he does tacos by making some marinated beef tacos with a wasabi mayonnaise.

First, he starts off by searing the steaks. As the meat cooks, he works on creating a miso-marinade. Once the steaks are seared on both sides, they go into the mixo mixture. While the meat is soaking, Ramsay preps his lettuce, toasts the tortillas, and makes the wasabi mayo.

For the mayo, Ramsay uses a dime-sized portion of wasabi and thoroughly mixes it with three tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Finally, the steak is removed from the marinade and sliced into strips. With all the ingredients ready, he starts assembling his taco.

Ramsay’s version is a pretty elevated take on the classic Mexican dish. While it may not be for everyone, the world-famous chef definitely knows how to make a good-looking taco.

Speaking of tacos, it’s time to go grab some.

Packaged Food

Hellmann’s Attempt To Make Vegan Mayonnaise Won’t Actually Be Mayo

For all the vegans out there ready to throw themselves off a cliff because they can’t find a legitimate vegan mayonnaise to top their sweet potato fries with — relax and step away from the edge.

Hellmann’s, also known as Best Foods, wants to save you from this vegan nightmare by introducing an organic, eggless alternative with the label, “Hellmann’s Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread.” The new product will be introduced this February and will technically not be considered mayonnaise — but that’s OK.


You should already know there’s no such thing as a vegan mayonnaise. And secondly, as a vegan you’re well aware, in order for food to be accepted as “vegan” it cannot contain any animal-based products. No meat, no dairy, no eggs.

Last time I checked (OK, I just now Googled, “how is mayonnaise made paula deen“),  mayonnaise is traditionally made with egg yolk (I’m almost certain chicken eggs (yolks) are the standard mayo egg). Pretty sure chickens are considered animals (I didn’t Google chicken question, fearful that I’d get one million pages of, ‘what came first the chicken or the egg?’ results.) So, that must mean traditional, standard, good ol’ “mayo” can’t ever be considered vegan. Right?!

Hellmann’s seems to be entering the organic, eggless-spread market after it stopped pursuing a 2014 false advertising lawsuit its conglomerate, Unilever, filed against a San Francisco-based start-up, Hampton Creek, over the labeling on its line of eggless spread, “Just Mayo,”

In the suit, Hellmann’s conglomerate alleged that Hampton Creek’s, “Just Mayo” labeling was misleading to consumers because it did not contain eggs, therefore should not be considered mayonnaise.

In fact, Hellmann’s lawsuit wasn’t just a flash in the pan. In 2015, The FDA wrote a letter to Hampton Creek citing numerous violations regarding nutritional information found on its labels and website.


How To Make Condiments From Scratch

Condiments are the unsung heroes of the food world, and while they’ll never get the recognition they deserve when paired with the usual suspects like burgers, hot dogs, or fries, you really start to notice how dry everything gets once they go missing. There’s nothing worse than a dry sandwich.

To better appreciate how important everyday condiments are, we set out to make our own from scratch.

We attempted the big three: Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.

Though mustard was definitely the most time-consuming of the three, mayonnaise was probably the trickiest.

Ketchup? Thankfully, the tomato legend was the easiest to make, by far.

Nonetheless, it was definitely a humbling experience making all the sauces we usually take for granted.

In a world without condiments, we’d probably all react like this. Don’t want that at all.


Ketchup, 9 Ways


Ketchup has always been an iconic condiment here in the US. The simple blend of tomatoes, sugar and vinegar can be found topping burgers, hot dogs, fries and many other comfort foods.

However, if you’re ready to take your ketchup experience to another level, here are 9 different ways. Found on Misleddit, this infographic gives us a simple ‘how to’ on combining ketchup with other ingredients to create kick-ass hybrids.

From a Bloody Mary-inspired recipe to a replica of popular fast food secret sauces check out the graphic below and start upgrading your ketchup.



Does Adding Mayo Upgrade Cheap Tuna Sashimi to Expensive Toro? We Put It To The Test!


Tuna sashimi is one of the most popular dishes offered at sushi restaurants. However, like beef, tuna comes in different cuts and have various price ranges. The most expensive cut is toro, which comes from the underbelly of the tuna. Depending on the quality and the part of the belly, the highest grade, known at “otoro”, can go up to $60 per pound.

However, not everyone can afford splurging on high quality sushi all the time. That’s why when our friends over at RocketNews24 tested a rumor that adding mayonnaise to regular tuna turns it into toro and found success, we had to try it too!

We started by buying the cheapest cut of tuna we could find at a local Japanese supermarket.



We then sliced it into pieces with our superb (no, not really) knife cutting skills.



After that, we put the sliced tuna into a mixing bowl and added a small amount of tuna and mayonnaise.



We prefer using Japanese-style mayonnaise since we think the texture and flavor would be better for this particular dish.



Make sure to not add too much mayo, you only need to add enough to lightly coat each piece. After that, we covered it with plastic wrap and threw it in the fridge for about three hours. Here was the result.



Compare before and after.


After that came the taste test. The verdict? SUCCESS! The tuna marinated with mayonnaise was much for flavorful, creamy, and tender. While not perfect, the taste and texture definitely resembled toro. The only person on our staff who believed there was no difference was our managing editor Waylae Gregoire, our staff food snob.

Written by Benny Luo of NextShark


McDonald’s Allegedly Told Their Workers To Use Mustard And Mayo On Their Wounds


It seems McDonald’s has not only been taking a beating in sales these past few financial quarters, but also in worker morale. Allegations have been made about poor work conditions and the mistreatment of employees by management, reports the Chicago Tribune.

An advocacy group for fast food workers, Fight for $15, stated that McDonald’s employees from 19 US cities have filed health complaints to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

One worker filed a claim stating that he slipped on the wet floor in the kitchen and burned himself. The working manager allegedly told him to throw some mustard on his arm and continue working, though he ended up having to take an ambulance to the hospital. Another employee of McDonald’s in Philadelphia had a similar experience. This worker, however, was asked to slather mayonnaise on the wound instead.

Did we miss the workshop where condiments help treat wounds?

A major cause of these accidents was, reportedly, insufficient training. A total of 28 health and safety complaints about McDonald’s have been filed with various authorities including state and federal.

OSHA spokesman Scott Allen says they’ll be investigating these claims thoroughly as they take all complaints very seriously.


Protesters Sling Fries and Mayo at Belgian Prime Minister, Mayo and Fries Upset [Watch]


The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, got a surprise snack when he started a speech at a business conference in Namur, Belgium. A few anti-austerity activists threw fries and mayonnaise on Michel in protest of budget cuts and “the criminalization of the poor.”

Michel laughed it off and didn’t press charges against the four women from the organization LililthS, a branch of Femen.

Michel, 39, is the youngest prime minister in the history of the Belgian title and his coalition government has been subject to protests amid a recent announcement of plans. The government plans to raise the retirement age to 67, cancel a typically automatic annual cost-of-living raise, and numerous other austerity measures to cut government spending.

“French” fries with mayonnaise are a Belgian specialty.

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