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Matt Stonie Chugs 3 Pounds Of Honey In 4 Minutes And It Doesn’t End Well

A word to the wise: If competitive eating legend Matt Stonie chugs his way through an impressive challenge then tells you to avoid it, you probably should take his advice.

Stonie’s latest feat involved quaffing an astonishing three pounds of honey, which he accomplished in just over 4 minutes. He didn’t feel that it was a hard challenge, per say, but did go as far as saying it was “weird.” The amount of viscous liquid coating his insides as the mass of honey traveled down to his stomach is definitely enough to make anyone feel queasy.

That definitely was the case for Stonie, who was sick to his stomach for the rest of the day after guzzling over 4,000 calories of liquid sugar. If you want to avoid the pain of enduring that diabetic food coma, you probably want to leave this challenge to the pros and just watch Stonie make downing three pounds of honey look like child’s play.