The Orange Chicken Burritos Panda Express SHOULD Be Making [WATCH]

Ain’t no one ever upset at some good old Panda Express Orange Chicken, but sometimes, I just want Chinese food in burrito form and no one seems to be fulfilling my need. Panda Express, please e-mail me!

Luckily, making a Panda Express Orange Chicken Burrito is easy AF. Me and my buddy Matt grabbed an Orange Chicken combo, fried rice, chow mein, veggies on the side, and doubled up on the meat. We made a sauce by mixing up some fresh ginger, soy and sriracha, and drizzled it all over. Sweet and Sour sauce was also a nice touch.

Once the burrito is assembled, we gave it a quick browning session in the skillet with some peanut oil. Game. ON:



Craving: Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl


Recently our very own Dubai chef invited the crew up to his beach house he has in Cambria, by Hearst Castle. I was on my own road trip at the time, so I met them coming down south. Anyway Matt’s parents were kind enough to take us out to lunch to this rad spot right on the beach, and this is what the white prince of Dubai ordered. Seriously looking at these photos last night at 2 a’clock in the morning made me want clam chowder, so I made some. It wasn’t as good but it hit the spot.