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LA’s Hottest Brunch Spot Just Unveiled An All Cereal Dinner Menu

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked once the clock passes noon. Whether it’s eggs and bacon or cereal, there are no limitations for when you should indulge in your morning favorites, and you’ll be happy to know an overwhelming portion of the population agrees.

For all you cereal fans out there, Kellogg’s has dreamed up the perfect dinner situation with you in mind.

The Los Angeles-based cafe Sqirl and Kellogg’s have teamed up to bring you “Breakfast For Dinner,” a unique, limited-time, breakfast-themed pop-up featuring innovative sweet, savory and delicious cereal-infused dishes that are sure to please any breakfast-lover.

Beginning Thursday, September 21 through Saturday, September 23, Sqirl is showing off its love for brinner, and you should too. Here’s a little sneak peak of some of the special items being offered.

Mark your calendars and bring your appetite, because no one wants to miss Breakfast For Dinner.

1. Froot Loops French Toast

This is Sqirl’s famed French toast, made with Froot Loops-steeped custard, topped with Froot Loops steeped creme fraiche, and finished with “Plum Jam” and Fruit Loops Streusel.

This cornucopia of flavors will transport you back to the days of your childhood as you embark on a journey of familiar sugary sweetness. The soft, buttery texture of the French Toast is elevated by the crispiness of Froot Loops.

2. Krispies Egg

Who doesn’t love sausage and eggs for breakfast? This Krispies Scotch Egg is an egg wrapped in Sqirl’s house pork sausage and breaded in Rice Krispies before frying.

A new way of presenting a “Scotch Egg,” it’s served with a market salad tossed with radish, shallot and Rice Krispies to keep the theme going.

3. Special K Tonkatsu Breakfast Bowl

Kokuho Rose Brown Rice, Special K cereal crusted and fried pork cutlet, tonkatsu sauce, pickles, sesame seed soft egg. A cross between southern fried steak and eggs, this savory pork cutlet, and soft-boiled egg find a perfect balance between the crispiness of Special K cereal.

4. Matcha Rice Krispies Treats with Smoked Strawberries

These are Rice Krispies with homemade fluff, green tea powder and smoked strawberries. If you’ve ever enjoyed adding fruit to your cereal, this soft and chewy treat is a must-try. Imagine a strawberry-infused Rice Krispies Treat, but with a twist.

5. Kellogg’s Cereal-Infused Sqirl Jam

What’s breakfast without toast and jam? For those that love to spread their jam on thick, this Sqirl and Kellogg’s cereal and fruit-infused jam was made specially for you.

Featuring peach and Frosted Flakes, and Plum and Raisin Bran, these sweet and fruity spreads create the perfect dichotomy between the familiar cereals of childhood, paired with the maturity of elegant fruit flavors.

Be careful, you might not want to share these limited time offerings. And if you can’t make it, why not experiment with creating these Kellogg’s treats in your own kitchen? Deliciousness knows no bounds.

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Kellogg’s

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This Matcha Green Tea ‘Nutella-Like’ Spread Is On Illuminati Levels Of Delicious

There’s a delicious epidemic going down in the foodie world right now and it involves matcha!  It’s all green errthang in here like the Boston Celtics just won the NBA Championship (God forbid…).  But a matcha green tea flavored latte, cake, croissant — you name it, it’s out there!

One thing we haven’t really seen in the world of matcha is a creme spread you can take home and indulge in — until now!

The indulgent spread is fresh from Illuminatea’s secret kitchen (no that wasn’t mispelled; yes, their brand name is dope). They’ve created a decadent ‘Matcha Pistachio Creme Spread’ that is as mind-blowingly delicious, as you can expect.  Think Nutella, but better — ’cause it’s green tea.

Made with culinary grade matcha imported from Japan, fresh pistachios from Central California, and vanilla crème all artfully woven into a rich, velvety texture, there’s nothing artificial in this jar.

Based out of Laguna Niguel, CA, Illuminatea’s ‘Matcha Pistachio Creme Spread’ is currently available in super limited quantities. Available now on the Illuminatea website and Midori Matcha Cafe in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district. Don’t sleep, it’s delicious — everyone here at Foodbeast is obsessed with it!

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Starbucks’ Dragon Frappuccino Looks Like It Ate A Unicorn

Photo: Carolyn Lee

Last week was a whirlwind of colorful Starbucks drinks. The popular coffee chain released a limited-time Unicorn Frappucinno that was met with mixed reactions. Then, we discovered Starbucks’ secret menu unicorn beverage: the Unicorn Lemonade.

Starbucks has continued upon the trend of creating colorful drinks based off of mythical creatures with yet another Frappuccino. The Dragon Frappuccino seems to originate from a few different Starbucks locations in Southern California. Legend has it, the beverage was created as a consolation for patrons who couldn’t get their Unicorn Frappuccinos before they were discontinued.

Here’s exactly what’s inside this drink:

To be honest, this emerald variation sounds a lot better than the original Unicorn drink. Though we were pretty excited to see how that tasted too…

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#MatchaPinkDrink Secret Starbucks Menu Item Is Pissing Baristas Off

One-part troll, one-part visual food savant, my man Jed of popular Instagram food porn account Daily Food Feed is causing an uproar in the barista community over what he’s tagged as a “secret menu item” at Starbucks: The Matcha Pink Drink.

What is the the #MatchaPinkDrink you ask? It’s a drink that is 3 parts Pink Drink (Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk) on top of 1 part matcha coconut milk on the rocks. If you (or your barista) get it just right, it should look like this:

A few days later, Jed posted another photo… apparently a fair amount of people had seen his post.

Of course, Jed made the drink up, so other subsequent drink orders from his followers likely pissed off baristas and ended up looking like swampy diarrhea:

And my absolute favorite order frenzy:

#starbucks #spectationvsreality #matchapinkdrink 👉👈 still delicious 👌

A post shared by Manny Pérez 🔵 (@manny_perez666) on


But then, over the next few days, a few more people got the order right. Presumably, they are Jed’s friends around Orange County and Los Angeles. Here’s a quick roundup:

But upon closer examination, there grew to be a ton of hate brewing in the comment section of @DailyFoodFeed’s most recent recipe posting of the #MatchaPinkDrink:

Baristas went in on Jed, “suck my ass homie”


Other comments apparently kept pouring in, fueled by a movement brewing on a “@barista_life” Instagram account calling on Jed to “stop with the nonsense:”


I had to text Jed at this point and learn more about the origin of this #MatchaPinkDrink. I also wanted to make sure how he’s holding up — being told to “suck my ass homie” can’t be easy to endure. The Internet can be a rough place:


And there you have it. The origins of the #MatchaPinkDrink. Not too far off from the bastard origins of the #PinkDrink and the #OrangeDrink.

The discussion of whether baristas or Starbucks in general should embrace or reject these fan-made drink concoctions is still up for debate. Let us know what you think in the comments below, Tweet us at @Foodbeast or suggest it as a topic for our new weekly The Katchup Podcast.


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Disney Now Has Matcha Shaved Ice Topped With Adorable Toy Story Aliens

Nobody knows how to capture our childhood memories quite like Disney, and they know it. That’s why it’s no surprise that Disneyland Tokyo has been cooling off summer tourists with these Toy Story alien shaved ice treats.

The little green legends, known for not only helping out Woody, but also for showing the utmost respect for “The Claw,” are matcha green tea-flavored, with some red bean mixed in, according to RocketNews24. It looks like at the bottom of the drink there’s also green-tea boba for some added matcha goodness.

The cuteness level on this frozen treat is obviously on overload, and it looks a little better than Disney Tokyo’s somewhat-creepy Olaf Frozen cocktail in 2014, which looked like an evil, revenge seeking snowman.

Unfortunately, these will only be around for the summer, so if you want to sink your spoon into one of these while the green homie looks up at you in amazement, you’ll have to fly over to Japan by August 31.

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Auntie Anne’s Introduces Their New Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake Pretzels

Auntie Anne’s, the famed soft pretzel company, might finally get a step up on Wetzel’s Pretzels with their newest creation, the Matcha Green Tea Cheescake Pretzel. Bit of a mouthful, but surely this new delectable treat is too.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.57.08 AM

Although this pretzel is only coming out in Japan, the steady rise of matcha as a staple in many foods seems to be a trend that’s not going away any time soon, so a quick trip over the Pacific may be in store for these new additions to Auntie Anne’s family.

These new delights are stuffed with equal parts matcha cream and cheesecake cream, then rolled in crushed almonds to round out the flavor. The pretzel rolls will be sold for 420 yen (or $3.75). Unfortunately, this promotion only lasts until May 31st before it is removed from menus.



Source: Rocket News 24


TRENDING IN JAPAN: Covering Strawberries In Green Tea Chocolate


A sweet new craze is hitting Japan and it’s probably one of the beautiful creations we’ve seen all year. A company is covering strawberries with Matcha Green Tea Chocolate, RocketNews24 reports.

Itohkyuemon, a Japanese tea company, has introduced a new confectionary for their customers to enjoy. Called Ochame, which means tea strawberries, the dessert is made with white chocolate that’s mixed together with a green Matcha powder. This results in a stunning bright green chocolate coating that the bright red strawberries are dipped into.

What results is a a complex balance of bitter, tart and sweet. You can get you hands on an 2.5-ounce batch at the online store here. They go for about 1296 yen which is roughly $11.

Photo: Japaaan Magazine


Kit Kat Croissants Are Japan’s Newest Delicacy And They Look AMAZING


Pronto, a coffeehouse in Japan that serves everything from pastries to pizza, just added an amazing new pastry to its menu: Kit Kat Croissants. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how awesome something like this exists.

RocketNews24 reports that the pastry is served in two different varieties: The Kit Kat Croissant for Cafe and the Matcha Green Tea. The first features the traditional milk chocolate bars inside the croissant, while the latter uses the popular green tea Kit Kat.

Each Kit Kat Croissant can be eaten as is, or toasted upon request for a meltier snack.

If you’re currently in Japan or plan a trip out sometime in the near future, please bring us back some. Not joking.

Photo: Pronto