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We Re-created Starbucks Japan’s New Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino


While Starbucks has had Green Tea Creme Frappuccinos on its menus, Japan just remixed them with their new Matcha White Chocolate Fraps.

It’s a “limited-edition” release that according to Rocket News 24, wasn’t even advertised until days before the Monday debut.

As always, word of the drink has mostly spread through social media, as customers are stoked on the new flavor.

I went to our local Starbucks to see if they could duplicate the new Frap, and while it took a little work, the barista was actually able to hook me up with one.

He basically made the same green drizzle that was used in the Cherry Blossom Frap, which was a mix of Matcha powder and white chocolate, then poured it over a White Chocolate Frap.

They don’t have the matcha drizzle readily available, so if you do try to order this, make sure it’s a slow time at the store, and you know the barista well enough that they won’t want to kill you for this request.

From Matcha Green tea cakes at McDonald’s, to Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats, Japan has really milked the flavor over the last couple years, but no one’s complaining.