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This Matcha Green Tea ‘Nutella-Like’ Spread Is On Illuminati Levels Of Delicious

There’s a delicious epidemic going down in the foodie world right now and it involves matcha!  It’s all green errthang in here like the Boston Celtics just won the NBA Championship (God forbid…).  But a matcha green tea flavored latte, cake, croissant — you name it, it’s out there!

One thing we haven’t really seen in the world of matcha is a creme spread you can take home and indulge in — until now!

The indulgent spread is fresh from Illuminatea’s secret kitchen (no that wasn’t mispelled; yes, their brand name is dope). They’ve created a decadent ‘Matcha Pistachio Creme Spread’ that is as mind-blowingly delicious, as you can expect.  Think Nutella, but better — ’cause it’s green tea.

Made with culinary grade matcha imported from Japan, fresh pistachios from Central California, and vanilla crème all artfully woven into a rich, velvety texture, there’s nothing artificial in this jar.

Based out of Laguna Niguel, CA, Illuminatea’s ‘Matcha Pistachio Creme Spread’ is currently available in super limited quantities. Available now on the Illuminatea website and Midori Matcha Cafe in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district. Don’t sleep, it’s delicious — everyone here at Foodbeast is obsessed with it!