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Make An Italian Pasta Salad In MINUTES With 7 Ingredients And A Mason Jar

Mason jars are the meaning of life. Really—when’s the last time you thanked your Mason jar?

You can take advantage of these classy, glassy wonders for any purpose you set your mind to: storing homemade marmalade, capturing fireflies, creating makeshift “hipster sippy cups“… The possibilities are endless, provided you’re creative like the folks at Spoon University.

Spoon U uses Mason jars for pastabilities, as seen in their formula for the world’s easiest Italian Pasta Salad. By following the instructions below, you too can have your very own in a matter of minutes. Get shakin’!Barilla_FI_770

Photo by Max Bartick

Italian Pasta Salad in a Mason Jar

Total Cook Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 6

2/3 cup elbow pasta

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1/3 cup fresh mozzarella, diced

1/3 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

5 leaves basil

½ tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1/3 cup cooked ham, sliced

1)   Bring a pot of water to boil. Cook pasta.

2)   Slice cherry tomatoes into halves, and chop up cooked ham, basil, and mozzarella.

3)   Toss all the ingredients into a mason jar with oil and balsamic vinegar; secure jar lid.

4)   Shake up jar and serve.


Hipper Than Thou: the Mason Jar Coffee Maker


Just when you thought Mason jars were finally leaving center stage, the people over at Intelligent Design Company (based in Williamsburg of course) decided to turn it into, of all things, a coffee maker. For those of you who like to bottle your own coffee, carry it around in jars, or just want an alternative from regular ol’ drip machines, this might be your jam.

The “Pour Mason” is a pour over coffee maker, which means you pour boiling water over the grounds and let it slowly steep through a filter. Or, more precisely, a filter made from aluminum alloy and nickel finish, with a convenient metal lid attachment so you can brew directly into your jar.

The “Pour Mason” costs $35 and is available for purchase here.

H/T + Picthx Design Taxi


Custom Lids Transform Mason Jars Into Hipster Sippy Cups


The same people who brought you hipster-approved mason jar bento boxes also offer a custom lid that turns your mason jar into a  spill-free travel mug. No more spilling your entire sun-warmed organic black  tea over your American Apparel hoodie, guys!

The BPA free and recyclable tops screw in under the cap and are great for hot and cold beverages alike. Plus, this little plastic cap is a lot cheaper than most overpriced travel mugs out there (just $8 a pop). So grab a jar, empty out those pickles, fill it with your favorite drink and go out into the world, unafraid of shirt stains.

Canning Jar Drinking Lids, $8 @Cuppow

H/T Core 77 + PicThx Cuppow


Mason Jar Shot Glasses For All the Baby Hipsters in Your Life


My Pinterest senses are tingling.

Mini-dessert holders. Mini-lamps. Mini-mini-jam jars! Sure, you could use these Mason Jar Shot Glasses the way they were meant to be used (as a social lubricant vehicle for pseudo-intellectual baby hillbillies everywhere), but that would be a sorry waste of their potential. Especially since each jar holds about twice as much as your average shot glass. Just imagine all the adorable crafts you can now cram into an even more unreasonable space! You’ll never have to worry about putting plants into plant-size containers again.

Alternatively, we could just agree to move past our collective vintage/twee boner and use regular shot glasses (and vases and lamps and jars), but then we’d just have to find some other anachronistic decor to fawn over, wouldn’t we? At least these are still kinda cute.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses: 4 for $17 @ Amazon

H/T + PicThx Incredible Things


A Mini Moonshine Jar for ‘Healthy Hillbillies’

Time to trade in your fancy shot glasses for these baby mason jar mock-ups, or you’re in danger of being too mainstream. Don’t worry, you’re still paying $12 per glass, it only looks like you didn’t. Made by Archie McPhee, these 2-3/4″ little suckers hold 2 oz. and help keep your moonshine-guzzling self in check.  The maker explains: “A tiny jar of moonshine is much healthier than a full size jar… See, we’re all about healthy hillbillies.” Hey, that’s an excuse that we’re willing to buy. Be sure to drink up while wearing your Sunday-best flannel, and we won’t reveal that your “hand-me-downs” were also ordered online.

Mini Moonshine Jar: $12 @ Archie McPhee

via Laughing Squid