Mason Jar Shot Glasses For All the Baby Hipsters in Your Life


My Pinterest senses are tingling.

Mini-dessert holders. Mini-lamps. Mini-mini-jam jars! Sure, you could use these Mason Jar Shot Glasses the way they were meant to be used (as a social lubricant vehicle for pseudo-intellectual baby hillbillies everywhere), but that would be a sorry waste of their potential. Especially since each jar holds about twice as much as your average shot glass. Just imagine all the adorable crafts you can now cram into an even more unreasonable space! You’ll never have to worry about putting plants into plant-size containers again.

Alternatively, we could just agree to move past our collective vintage/twee boner and use regular shot glasses (and vases and lamps and jars), but then we’d just have to find some other anachronistic decor to fawn over, wouldn’t we? At least these are still kinda cute.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses: 4 for $17 @ Amazon

H/T + PicThx Incredible Things