Turkey and Cranberry Stuffed Donuts for Thanksgivukkah


Zucker Bakery, go to your room and think about what you’ve done. What do you think you’re doing, putting TURKEY in a DONUT?

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same date this year, and to commemorate, New York City’s Zucker Bakery decided to stuff the American Thanksgiving dinner inside a traditional Jewish sufganiyah. The pastries come in four varieties: spiced pumpkin-flavored, filled with turkey and gravy; spiced pumpkin, filled with turkey and cranberry; spiced pumpkin, filled with only cranberry; and sweet potato-flavored, filled with toasted marshmallow.


The promotional images are admittedly gorgeous, but we still can’t shake our utter bewilderment that such a combination actually exists.

Just tell us one thing, Zucker Bakery. Do you think this is a game? Do you not understand that the cronut (est. May — as in, six whole months ago — 2013) was a brilliant idea, but every Frankenfood/hybrid/creature-from-the-deep mash-up that’s followed since has at best paled in comparison, and at worst, committed all sorts of heinous sins against mankind? Do you not care about the children?


The Tur-Donuts will be available for public “enjoyment” starting this weekend. Mazel Tov, err body.

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Pecan Pie Pringles Hit Shelves for the Holidays


Remember the crime that was Pringles Pumpkin Pie Spice, White Chocolate Peppermint and Cinnamon & Sugar? Apart from tasting like toothpaste and spoiled sweeteners, the holiday flavors were a far cry from delectable. However, the head honchos over at Pringles Corporate aren’t going to quit that easily and recently debuted their newest seasonal flavor: Pecan Pie Pringles.

Spotted by an Impulsive Buy reader at a Dollar General store, the new chips have garnered an expected slew of whatthef*ckery.

However, unlike it’s brethren (which received a ubiquitous NO from the masses), the Pecan Pie-flavored Pringles have also received a surprising amount of positive fanfare. As Junk Food Guy writes:

Imagine a shortbread pie crust without much sugar…that’s what this tasted like! …The nutty and sweet syrup-y flavors mixed back in, and to be honest, these Pecan Pie Pringles tasted like I was eating the crust of a pecan pie, toward the edges! …The molasses flavor really complemented the nutty flavor well, and left a tiny sweet tinge on my lips… I liked these.  A LOT.  They trump all three of last year’s fall Pringles flavors, hands down.

And a fair amount of the internet seems to agree.

Our verdict? There’s hope, and hope is always a good thing. For those really looking to step things up, we suggest stuffing an actual pecan pie with Pecan Pie Pringles, then sprinkling the top with the little chippies at the bottom of the canister. Hey, the apocalypse is already coming, we might as well.

PicThx @spekki0


Waffle-Breaded Chicken Nuggets Make for Maximum Portability


Back in September, Popeye’s released their new “Chicken Waffle Tenders” — deep-fried chicken strips with waffle batter mixed into the breading, making for a fluffier, richer piece of poultry than your typical nugget. Early net reviews were largely positive, complaining mostly about the missed opportunity. Popeye’s take on the chicken and waffles trend simply wasn’t waffle-y enough to matter.

Luckily, Nick from Dude Foods made no such mistake with his new Waffle-Breaded Chicken Nuggets. His second riff on the trend, following his waffle-breaded chicken wings, actually manages to make the famous combination even more portable. Think the perfect way to maximize maple sauce packet dunking, should you decide to get your nuggets from a fast food joint. (And, duh, McDonald’s nuggets in waffle batter? Why wouldn’t you?)


Head over to Dude Foods for the full recipe.

PicThx Dude Foods

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Be Still My Heart: Lay’s Debuts Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips


There are moments of genius that warrant the awe of the masses — a taco shell coated in nacho cheese and a blasphemous faux croissant, to name a few. Now, Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk Chocolate have forever changed the snack game.

While chocolate-covered chips are a burgeoning trend among smaller companies, Lay’s is one of the first major brands to take the leap into this particular territory. Last year, Pringles rolled out with White Chocolate Peppermint, along with Pumpkin Pie Spice (of course) and Cinnamon & Sugar. While those flavors didn’t fare well (our taste buds are still cringing), we have high hopes for Lay’s more calculated approach.

The new salty-sweet potato chip will be sold for $3.49 per 5-oz bag as a Target-exclusive item. Although the new flavor is marketed as a limited-time offering for the holidays, if it sells well it could become a permanent fixture within the Lay’s lineup — with a dark chocolate version already on the grease-stained drawing board.

H/T Times + PicThx Frito-Lay


Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger


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The McMonstrosity is Everything on McDonald’s (Extinct) Dollar Menu


The apocalypse is upon us, friends: McDonald’s just announced that it’s gonna kill off its beloved Dollar Menu in favor of the super-catchy Dollar & More Menu, which goes all the way up to $5 and for some reason isn’t just called “menu”.

In a state of panic, and in order to fuel future nostalgia for a lost delicacy, we raced to the nearest Mickey D’s and ordered everything on the Dollar Menu, then made this McMonstrosity. Five minutes later, as we writhed in agony, we realized all these items will still be available for a dollar when the new menu rolls out in November, BUT STILL it’s the principle, or something.


Our trip to McDonald’s netted everything on the Dollar Menu, from which the McDouble is already conspicuously absent (it must have seen this travesty coming and sought solace among its comrades on the more-than-a-dollar menu). That includes fruity yogurt parfait, a McChicken, a regular cheeseburger, two chocolate chip cookies, a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger w/ white cheddar that’s just American, and a side salad with some lettuce chunks that were browner than the burgers.


Step 1


We used the sturdiest item, the cheeseburger, as the base and piled the cookies up top. Strangely, the chips began to melt despite the burger being cold.


Step 2 & 3


Next, we stacked the mayo-rific chicken on top of the cookie, then loaded that nasty-ass salad up top. Now the sandwich is healthy!


Step 4


They totally forgot our ranch dressing and fries (they were $2… we splurged, and we were punished), but no matter. Yogurt’s white, so it counts. Plus, all those strawberries and blueberries along with that salad basically make this thing a diet food.


The Result


The sucker’s so big, we had to skewer it with a chopstick to keep it together, constituting the second most Asian-fusiony thing to happen to McDonald’s ever.

Even with the stick, it had to be smashed down to get a lockjaw-inducing bite that sent parfait and onions dripping.

Conclusion: A beautifully weird symphony of fake-tasting stuff. The salad had no flavor, but the vanilla yogurt paired oddly well with the salt from the burgers and the pepper from the McChicken. Then the chocolate/meat combo hit and it was over… this was one of the grossest combinations of grease and sugar since the Jersey Shore crew worked at an ice cream shop. Heyooo! That said, we finished it. Because we never thought we could do this again, and thankfully we were wrong.


Kate Upton & Snoop Dogg Team Up for Hot Pockets Music Video


In the last few years, Kate Upton has been in practically everything. The model, and sometimes actress, has almost become a household name with her commercials, magazine covers and movie appearances.

Hot Pockets, in their latest marketing campaign, just released a video starring (surprise surprise) Kate Upton herself. And you know what? It’s not that bad, entertaining even. “You Got What I Eat” is a direct spoof of Biz Markie’s classic hit “Just a Friend.” The spoof plays up the battle between Hot Pocket’s “meat” and crust” in a cheesy 90s-esque music video. Also starring Snoop Lion Snoop Dogg, the clip features cameos from Larry King, Bow Wow, Oliver Cooper, YouTube sensation Kevin “KevJumba” Wu and features the voice of none other than the Clown Prince of Hip-Hop Biz Markie himself.

Overall, it’s a hilarious mash up of characters, flying sheep, rainbows, and  gratuitous shots of food porn.

So what do you guys think? Does it measure up to Biz Markie’s original song and video?

As for me? I know it’s already gonna be stuck in my head all day.

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New Ruffles ‘Crispy Fries’ is A Potato Chip x French Fry Hybrid


According to Ruffles, the decision between chips or fries has always been a “timeless struggle, the eternal choice.” Hoping to provide a solution to humanity’s woes, the brand announced plans to debut their new “Crispy Fries” nationwide on June 23.

The new item is a cross between French fries and potato chips, resulting in an especially crunchy outer layer. While the concept of eating what seems to just be re-fried fries sounds a bit curious at first, the concept has actually been around for ages. If you’ve ever perused through the aisles of a gas station, you’ve probably encountered Andy Capp’s fries:


Or, if you’ve ever been through an Asian supermarket, you’ve most likely spotted this shrimp-flavored, chip-fry hybrid:


Granted, these other brands have never claimed to make the “first-ever French fry-shaped snacks sliced from real potatoes,” and it seems like Ruffles beat them to the punch.

H/T + PicThx Huffpo, Soap, Meijer