This Hilarious Coca-Cola Mascot Makes Us Believe In Walking Polar Bears [WATCH]


We’ve seen tons of mascots in our line of work. Some are more into their jobs than others. However, this Coca-Cola polar bear is probably one of the few mascots that takes his or her job to a whole new level.

A hilarous and adorable video surfaced featuring a Coca-Cola employee inside the polar bear costume interacting with fans while they have their photos taken. Part of us wonders if it’s just an anthropomorphic polar bear collecting checks from the beverage company.

From his or her movements, mannerism and comedic timing, it becomes quite clear that this person really enjoys making others smile. Or it could just be that they get paid the major dollars to mess with people in a bear costume. Either way, sounds like a sweet gig.

Footage of the polar bear mascot can be seen below.


Japanese Restaurant Specializing in Pork Appoints Pig as Manager, Obviously


People order pork dishes all the time at restaurants without a second thought. So what on earth could make one feel morally uncomfortable placing a request for a delicious pork sandwich? Maybe if it were served by an adorable live pig.

No, you didn’t misread.

A restaurant in Japan, aptly named Taboo, does exactly this. Miniature pig, Bao-kun, was deemed the official manager and mascot of Taboo. The porky entrepreneur sits in front of the small storefront and interacts with customers. Patrons can have their picture taken with the mini pig, pet it and even have him present when served their pork-heavy dishes.

Awkward, right?

While we’re pretty sure Bao-kun doesn’t actually handle the food that goes to customers, having the store manager-mascot within eyeshot still makes for a pretty guilty dining experience. Hopefully this little guy doesn’t eventually end up on Taboo’s menu.

h/t Rocket News 24 Picthx s320uw1o31

Fast Food

Real Kids Think McDonald’s New Mascot Is Cree-py [VIDEO]

We knew it.

From his bug eyes to his uncanny valley grin, McDonald’s new mascot “Happy” has been panned ever since his U.S. debut last week (for some reason we decided to steal him from France). But as much as we grown-ups can gripe, the real test is how kids react to him, whether they fall in love with his unbridled enthusiasm, or finally have a reason to eat at Burger King instead.

Grub Street invited a focus group of kids in to get some insight, and their darnedest reactions are pretty much what you’d expect. They cover their eyes, fear it’s going to eat them, and ask “what the heck is that?” Weirdly enough, some kids still give Happy their thumbs up by the end of the survey, but that might just be so he doesn’t kill them in their sleep.



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