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LOKI CHARMS Cereal Debuts In Exclusive Drop For ‘LOKI’ Disney Plus Premiere

Marvel’s Loki series is only days away from premiering on Disney Plus. While the world eagerly awaits the launch, Lucky Charms has already undergone a transformation in the spirit of the god of mischief.

Photo courtesy of General Mills

Starting Wednesday, June 9, a limited-edition batch of Loki Charms will drop — featuring an exclusive design swapping Lucky the Leprechaun with the titular Loki.

About 3,500 boxes will be available at at 11am EST on June 9. You can get them for about $8 each, while supplies last.


BoxLunch x Marvel Food Merch Collab Launches Just In Time For The Holidays

Photo courtesy of BoxLunch

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re all struggling to get off our butts and get that gift shopping done at a reasonable pace. 

This season, pop culture retailer BoxLunch brings back their ever-popular Marvel Eat The Universe collaboration with a unique holiday-themed merchandise line. 

The lineup includes some pretty marvelous cookware that includes aprons, oven mitts, slow cookers with minimalistic Marvel Superhero designs, and even Iron Man waffle makers.

Non-kitchen apparel with food-themed Marvel superhero designs are also included in the lineup. 

You can check out the collection at or BoxLunch stores nationwide. This collaboration should easily check off a few holiday gift ideas for me this year. 

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Doritos Releases Green SUPERNOVA Chips For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is only a few weeks away and we’ve already got tickets to catch the much-anticipated Marvel feature. The only thing that could make a comic book flick even better are some snacks to munch on while we wait in line. Here’s where Doritos come in.

The snack brand released a limited edition flavor of Supernova Doritos in celebration of the new Guardians movie.

While only available in Australia, these Doritos are definitely worth eBaying if you’re an avid collector of rare flavors. Boasting a bright green color, the Doritos feature a zesty lime flavor buddied up with a kick of black pepper.

You can find them now in the snack food aisles of participating grocery retailers in Australia.


Deadpool Uses A Giant Chimichanga To Explain IMAX In This Hilarious Promo


With a new Deadpool trailer set to launch this Friday, 20th Century Fox released this teaser for the upcoming comic book movie. It features the titular character using chimichangas to explain the difference between IMAX and regular movie screens.

Deadpool fans will know that the Merc with a Mouth’s favorite food is the deep-fried burrito. Hopefully the upcoming film features quite a few of them.

Check out Ryan Reynold’s play Deadpool in the short teaser below.

Also, peep this sweet IMAX poster for the movie. Deadpool hits theaters in the US Feb. 12, 2016.



This Awesome Dad Uses Coffee Mugs To Turn His Kids Into Superheroes


Some dads just know how to have fun with their kids. Threadless’ Lance Curran uses coffee mugs with a collection of characters from popular culture to cover his kids faces.

In what he called his “Breakfast Mugshot” series, Curran turns his kids into iconic figures from comic books, movies and television. Characters include popular Marvel and DC superheroes and kids cartoon characters.

Check out some of the hilarious posts below or follow his Instagram for more.


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A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on



A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


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Denny’s Debuts ‘Fantastic Four’ Menu Including This Monstrous THING BURGER


The Fantastic Four remake is a few months away and hype is steadily growing for the comic book blockbuster. As the premiere gets closer, Denny’s has released a series of Fantastic Four-themed menu items in a partnership with 20th Century Fox.

The new items include a Thing Burger (cheese bagel bun, hash browns, eggs, bacon), Human Torch Skillet (sausage, potatoes, peppers) and the Invisible Woman Slam (Grand Slam with fruit-packed pancakes) named after three of the four protagonists of the film. Also on the “Slamtastic 4” menu are the Fantastic Four Fruit Smoothie, the Fantastic Four Cheese Omelette and the Doom Lava Cake.

Looks like Mr. Fantastic isn’t getting anything named after him. That Thing burger (above) is pretty genius, though.

The new menu will be available at participating Denny’s locations June 23. Fantastic Four is set to open in theaters nationwide on August 7.



Disney’s New Animated Short Film ‘Feast’ is Worth the Price of ‘Big Hero 6’ Alone


It’s the story of a dog who loves to eat with an owner who’s equally willing to live and die with the same passion.

If you’re looking for a reason to go see Disney’s new animated feature Big Hero 6 because the current 91% Tomatometer isn’t enough, make that reason the animated short “Feast” they run before the opening credits. As if you needed another reason to see Big Hero 6.

“Feast,” is a new short from first-time director Patrick Osborne and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

To see the flick, we have a trailer below, but you’ll need to get yourself to a movie theatre and do yourself a favor. The short alone is worth the admission price of Big Hero 6.


‘Get Your Claws On’ These New Asian-Style Burgers from Red Robin x The Wolverine


In case you’ve already forgotten who “Wolverine” is, here’s a quick reminder: he’s probably the only character you didn’t hate in any of the X-Men movies (at least he was until that bloody prequel came out). He’s also played by Hugh Jackman.


Yeah, that guy.

In promotion for next month’s upcoming movie The Wolverine, Red Robin is launching two new “Asian”-style burgers called the “Beserker” and the “Kuzuri Style Tavern Double.” According to Grub Grade, the Beserker features a brioche bun with a sliced top to represent the hero’s iconic claws as well as a fire-grilled burger topped with zesty aioli, spicy pickles, Sriracha onion straws and cheddar cheese. The Kuzuri is a double patty burger with “samurai slaw,” ginger garlic wonton strips and cilantro. Kuzuri means “wolverine” in Japanese.


Finally, from now until June 30, guests can also purchase a $25 limited edition Wolverine gift card at participating restaurants and enter the gift card code at to receive a free movie ticket – while anyone who sees the movie during opening weekend (July 26-28) can get $3 off their Red Robin order the following Monday through Thursday (July 29 – August 1) with movie ticket stub.

Now if only they both came with a pint of Logan Ale.

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