How To Make Dessert Grilled Cheese And Other Stunning Marshmallow Recipes

Many of us are off for the holidays, and with that extra time means more room for sweet activities in the kitchen. 

In this month’s Foodbeast Recipe Challenge, the team was asked to create a magical recipe with a marshmallow theme. 

Probably the coolest ones of the batch has to be Foodbeast’s resident food science expert, Constantine, who created a marshmallow fluff dessert grilled cheese. 

You can check out exactly how they pulled off such a feat in the video above, along with the rest of the spectacular marshmallow creations from this challenge. 

This month’s chefs include Alyssa, who made Cookies n Creme Rice Krispie Treats, Kimberly who whipped up Bacon S’mores Cookies, Oscar and his mouthwatering Mazapan Marshmallow Treats, and Sarah’s stunning S’mores Stuffed Cupcakes. 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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PEEPS Slurpees & PEEPS Lattes Are Now At 7-Eleven

Spring is here and we’re officially in Peeps season, folks. Love them or hate them, with the advent of Spring comes such a hype for these little animal-shaped marshmallows that continues to polarize both classrooms and offices alike. Almost as much as candy corn. Almost.

Leaning into the spirit of Peeps, 7-Eleven just released two new beverage options, both inspired by the prolific, ear-forward marshmallow treat.

The first is a Peeps-flavored Slurpee, which the brand has been teasing since February. This marks the first-ever marshmallow-flavored Slurpee from 7-Eleven (what were they waiting for??). Second, Peeps takes the form of a Peeps Latte that’s offered in the hot beverage dispensing machines.

Those looking for a sweet kick of marshmallow should be sure to give these drinks a taste!

Peeps lovers, you can check out these flavors at your local 7-Eleven throughout the month of April. You can also have them delivered for free through 7Now, 7-Eleven’s delivery service, with the promo code FREE4U.

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Elevate Your Summer Desserts With This Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream

Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream
Source: Taste of Home

Just when we thought summer couldn’t get any better.

We’ve seen plenty of wacky whipped cream flavors, so you’d think this roasty-toasty marshmallow whip would have been a thing a long time ago. We’re not complaining, because this summer we’re indulging in the sweet and smoky taste of toasted marshmallows on everything.

S’mores are out and Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream from Gay Lea is in! (We’re just kidding, s’mores, we still love you.)

Why Haven’t I Heard of This?

It’s anyone’s guess. News of this delicacy first came from Sparks Events on Instagram, after they tried the whipped cream at a marketing event. Needless to say, it was a hit with all samplers. It’s creamy, dreamy and gives any treat that deliciously flame-kissed taste you can only get from food cooked over a campfire. Well, until now.

A little digging into the nutrition facts confirms the whipped cream doesn’t include artificial flavors. You could probably rack up a few calories spraying the whipped cream directly into your mouth though, since there are about 10 calories in a tablespoon. Is that going to stop us? (No.)

Love coffee? Try this creamy latte with Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream on top.

Where Can I Get Mine?

Now this is the tricky part. Unfortunately, Toasted Marshmallow Whipped Cream is only available at select retailers in Canada. If you live in the land of maple leaves, this is great news! For everyone else, not so much. It’s not available for online order, but if you can get across the border before summer ends, you can snag a can. (You can also drop a dollop of marshmallow fluff onto your favorite summer munchie instead.)

Still craving the unique flavor of Gay Lea whipped cream? No worries! Their Real Coconut Whipped Topping is available in the U.S., and trust us—it’s as good as it sounds.

If not, you can always add your favorite flavors to this homemade whipped cream recipe.

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Article by Laurie Dixon for Taste of Home. View the original article here.
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This Marshmallow Factory Wonderland Has A Secret Menu Marshmallow Pancake Stack

When I was a kid, my favorite segment of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was where he would take us inside factories and show us how different foods were made. I could sit in my grandparents’ living room for hours watching how foods like macaroni and fortune cookies were created in bulk.

Working around food all these years later, I’ve had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of many factories and see how different dishes and items come into existence. One of the most memorable experiences in that vein was from Plush Puffs, an artisanal marshmallow shop located in Burbank, CA.

We were treated to essentially an intimate How Stuff Is Made segment from our childhood, the only difference being that we actually got to try marshmallows fresh from the line. Phenomenal, really.

The confection store offers a variety of desserts, beverages, and customizable s’mores bowls that you can build yourself by however your sweet tooth deems fit. It truly was a marshmallow wonderland, with a vast selection of handcrafted marshmallows boasting over a dozen flavors.

Plush Puffs also features a secret menu item that layers golden, fluffy pancakes with toasted, pillowy maple bacon marshmallows. The result is a veritable lasagna of texture and smokiness, drenched in maple syrup.

For breakfast lovers with an affinity for marshmallow and bacon, this was a breakthrough in morning innovation. Make sure to order some hot cocoa when you visit, the pairing of hot chocolate and marshmallows are as iconic as peanut butter and jelly.

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These Alcohol-Infused Marshmallows Will Take Your S’Mores To New Levels

As the seasons start to change, you might be planning a camping trip — perhaps to see the fall foliage. Now a key part of any campout is s’mores, right? Well, The Naked Marshmallow Co. are now giving your fave fireside treat a boozy, sweet twist.

The British-based brand makes marshmallows in three spirit-inspired yet all-natural flavors: Espresso Martini, Elderflower & London Gin, and Raspberry & Prosecco.

Sadly, you can’t get your hands on these at stateside retailers yet. However, their website has an web store, so that should solve all your boozy marshmallow desires.

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Watch This Mad Scientist Perform Explosive Experiments With Peeps

Easter is only a few days off and we’re swept away with how many Peeps we’ve seen in the last couple weeks.

If you’re looking for something to do with all those marshmallow snacks, other than eat them, turn to Grant Thompson (AKA The King of Random).

Peeps variations included in this experiment were the Fruit Punch and Pink flavors, with a few other random candies he had lying around thrown in for good measure. Hey, go big or go home right?

The YouTuber and mad scientist got a hold of some potassium chlorate and decided to have a little Easter fun. He performs a few different experiments to see how the holiday marshmallow snack faired when exposed to molten potassium chlorate. The solid, crystalline, substance had to be melt down with a blow torch until it was a liquid state before it could be added to the Peeps.

Check out the video to see for yourself the explosive results from the sweet little experiment. And per the usual for zany experiments like this, do not try this at home.

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The Internet Is Furious Over This Peeps Pizza

Easter is only a couple weeks away and we’re seeing a lot more Peeps pop up the closer we get. While some Peeps-inspired innovations can be pretty delicious, others have us second-guessing the concept of food fusion.

Like this Peeps Pizza.

A recent tweet from @AustinOnSocial showed the world that maybe not everything should be thrown onto a pizza, BroBible reported. In fact, his tweet was even bold enough to state this was better than pineapple pizza. While the topic of pineapples on pizza isn’t something we’d like to get into, it’s definitely more appetizing than this monstrosity.

This ‘Peepza’ drew the full ire of Twitter. Like with the rest of the Internet, users of the social media platform were not afraid to voice their opinions and concerns regarding this cheesy monster of Frankenstein.

While not his own creation, Austin is still sticking with his Peepy guns. We can respect that.

So how do you feel about a pizza that’s topped with melted Peeps?

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This Unicorn Hot Chocolate Is A Secret Menu Item Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

As the year comes to the close, we’re gonna take a look at one last entry into the world of “rainbow” foods. Creme & Sugar, a coffee and dessert parlour in Anaheim, CA, created a fantastical beverage appropriately named Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

The drink is made with double white chocolate vanilla hot cocoa, multicolored fruit marshmallows, house-made whipped cream, edible glitter dust, and rainbow sprinkles. 

Owner Joanna Czikalla drew inspiration for the drink from her love of Willy Wonka and anything whimsical or fairy tale-inspired. Growing up in Anaheim and formerly working at Disney definitely helped nourish this passion. Because most hot chocolates on their menu weren’t that photogenic, she threw together something using ingredients she already had for her colorful unicorn cakes and unicorn bark. The result was breathtaking.

No unicorns were hurt in the making of this Unicorn Hot Chocolate.

A photo posted by Pete (@pham_bot) on

Don’t expect to see this on Creme & Sugar’s menu once you walk in, though. The Unicorn Hot Chocolate, while a permanent and popular fixture, is also a secret menu item. Patrons can also order Unicorn Shakes, which follow a similar concept.

You can find the Unicorn Hot Chocolate, in multiple colors, at Creme & Sugar in Anaheim. There is also a Cookie Monster variation topped with crushed Oreos and blue cocoa. 

Cookie Monster Hot Cocoa is not for sharing 🍪☕️🍫 #foodbeast

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