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Marshawn Lynch Pranks Sandwich Shop By Telling Cashier What To Say To Customers

NFL running back legend Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode, is a legend for his immense strength and sheer hilarity. When Beast Mode isn’t tearing it up on the Oakland Raiders gridiron these days, he’s out pranking people and having as much fun as he possibly can.

In his new show on Bleacher Report, “No Script,” Lynch takes pranks to the next level by punking an Oakland location of Ike’s, a noteworthy sandwich chain from the West Coast. One of the producers on the show, George, is given an earpiece and a job as a cashier for the day. Beast Mode controls his every word through the earpiece, leading to some hilarious interactions with customers.

While a lot of the hilarity comes from the things Lynch forces George to do and say —  think challenging people to fights and informing them he kisses his sister — it’s the customers’ reactions that busts guts open. Some are too stunned to formulate responses, while others roll with it and even burst out laughing, too. Lynch’s pure joy and laughter at watching everything unfold on hidden cameras sets the table for one of the funniest restaurant pranks in recent history.

Maybe next time, Beast Mode himself can work as a server in disguise and do the same thing. That’s a hilarious play that would be right up the gut.