Milky Way Candy Bars Stuffed With Marshmallow Will Soon Be Hitting Stores


Fans of Milky Way chocolate bars will be pleased to hear that a new flavor is set to hit stores soon. Parent company Mars Chocolate announced that they’ll be releasing a Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel Bar.

The new snack is made with marshmallow nougat and caramel. It’s then topped with milk chocolate. A typical Milky way bar is filled with a chocolate nougat instead of marshmallow.

Expect to find the Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel Bars on store shelves this July. Each bar has a suggested retail price between $1.09 and $1.39. The snack will only be available for a limited time.


Twix Now Available in Mini, Unwrapped ‘Bites’


It seems left Twix and right Twix have finally stopped fighting and instead decided to bless the world with a bunch of tiny naked Twix babies. Or something like that.

Like Snickers, Milky Way, and 3 Musketeers before it, Mars brand Twix has repackaged itself into grab bags of bite sized, chocolate caramel and cookie-filled nuggets. A perfectly timed release for a season where reaching into a bag of melted chocolate pieces is the least of anyone’s worries.

Available in packs of 2.83 and 7 ounces, they’re calling it the “biggest” innovation in Twix brand history. We’re not sure if pun intended.