People Are Suddenly Proposing With Avocados And We’re Not Sure Why

Marriage proposals are one of the most intimate gestures you can make. Whether it’s outlandish or simple, popping the question is one of those moments that sticks with you for the rest of your life. So why would you want to turn your big moment into a silly trend?

Apparently one such trend involves using an avocado to pop the question,  Mashable reports.

The idea is to keep your significant other in the dark by carrying around an inconspicuous avocado, rather than a ring box. Once their guard is down, the proposer gets on their knees and pops the question — the ring embedded inside the de-pitted fruit.

We asked the Foodbeast team what they thought of this ridiculous trend and here’s what they had to say.


I’d do it in an avocado shell if the person I was proposing to was super into avocados. But not the flesh, that just gets messy.


The worst trend I’ve seen all year. Humanity must be stopped.


That’s the dumbest thing ever this side of the Flowbee.


That’s the most basic bitch proposal I’ve ever seen. I hope she responds with a toast.

As for myself, I’m just wondering how he’ll feel about avocados if the marriage doesn’t work out. I’d hate to have something so delicious tainted for life.


Bakeries Now Creating Hilarious Cakes To Make Divorce A Little Sweeter

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Divorces can be heartbreaking, terrifying, and liberating. Regardless of how you feel about ending a marriage, going through a divorce is a rough process.

Luckily, there are bakeries that are capitalizing on occasions other than birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Some spots will now help make the process of divorce just a little sweeter and a tad more uplifting.

Adult Cakes by Kim is one of those bakeries.

Kim Say, the owner of the Houston bakery, told NPR that she customizes her cakes based on specific problems that shook up her customers’ marital bliss. An example she gave was for a woman who was divorcing a cheating musician by adding a bunch of little broken plastic guitars to her cake.

With divorce rates at an all-time high, we can’t help but wonder if divorce cakes will soon become the next big dessert trend?

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some delicious and delightful divorce cakes from across the ‘gram.


Banana slicer saves woman’s marriage


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A Bunch of Grapes Sell for $5,400 – That’s $180 Per Grape


As a wedding present, a Japanese couple was given a gift of grapes worth $5,400. No, it wasn’t a truckload of grapes. Rather, the couple received 30 Ruby Roman grapes, according to Fox News.

Ruby Roman grapes are the most expensive grapesyou can get, going for about $180 per each individual grape. They’re sold only in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, and are roughly the size of ping pong balls each. The grapes undergo strict requirements before they can be sold. This includes weight, sugar content, and quantity per bunch. They will even miss going to market for an entire year if they are not up to those standards.

The grapes are a symbol of good luck in Japan. As a gift for the newlywed couple, a wedding hall owner purchased the set in an auction. He then told the two to savor the grapes’ sweet and fresh taste and enjoy the memories they brought.

Sure beats getting a toaster.

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If Your Wedding Doesn’t Include this Sushi Cake, You’re Doing Marriage Wrong


The only thing better than a sushi wedding cake is sticking it to the haters who can’t handle the glory of your fish-infused wedding celebration. I came across this sushi masterwork as the #1 entry on a Worst Wedding Cakes list, and was actually pretty outraged that something this perfect got stuck on any kind of diss list. If you’re one of the people who’d reject a sushi cake over the frosting-heaped alternative, allow me to lay out exactly what you’re missing.

Fish is a natural aphrodisiac, so gorging yourself at the buffet table will only increase your chances of an A+ honeymoon. It’s true that your more conservative relatives might be a bit shocked by the eccentricity of a salmon-themed dessert dish, but you know they’ll be Instagramming that sh*t like the “share” button is a life preserver in a sea of rapidly hardening fondant. And if the sushi is particularly tasty? You’ll be the social media darling of everyone’s Facebook newsfeeds. Plus, sushi is effing delicious, environmentally friendly, and will keep you smart well into old age.

But hey, if you’d rather spend your wedding night snoring atop an enormous pile of shattered expectations, go ahead and order the chocolate cake with tiers of buttercream frosting. It’ll make for some sleepy and sluggish sexcapades, bore everyone to tears in the traditional “cutting the cake” photos, and your great aunt Muriel will be able to tell everyone that she could bake a better one while knitting with both hands tied behind her back. Personally, I’d go with sushi, but it’s your sex life.

Step-by-step instructions to the sushi cake of your dreams can be found over at

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