Fast Food

Two Guys Create Fancy, Gourmet Meals Out of Big Macs and French Fries


Redditor MarkHayes, an apparent aspiring Chopped contestant, recently challenged a friend to see who could create the fanciest meal using only ingredients from a McDonald’s Big Mac combo. That is, french fries, buns, beef patties, pickles, wilted lettuce, Big Mac sauce, salt and pepper, and a Coke. The results of their little contest can be viewed below. As the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd, but damn us if these guys don’t give it their best shot.


Mark decided to go with a simpler approach, carving his burger and fries into stacked towers, garnished by a dotted arc of Big Mac sauce. His friend on the other hand transformed his meal into miniature shepherd’s pies served with a side salad and sesame bun “crisps.”


The reddit community pretty strongly proclaimed the second man the winner. They both still did a better job than we did though, so color us impressed.

H/T Twisted Sifter