All Supermarkets In France Are Now Required to Give Unsold Food to the Needy


The French government enacted a law on Wednesday making it mandatory for supermarkets in France to donate unwanted food to food banks or charities.

The petition was launched by local councilman Arash Derambarsh and was unanimously passed by the country’s senate, reports the Independent. The effort was reportedly campaigned by anti-poverty groups who were opposed to food waste. These groups are now hoping the rest of the EU follows suit with a similar law.

Fines of up to 75,000 euros ($83,700) or two years in prison will be incurred for those who violate the new law which applies to any supermarket that covers a minimum of 400 square meters of floor area.

It has been a practice of some local supermarkets to pour bleach over the discarded food or to lock them in warehouses to prevent foraging.

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Jacques Bailet, head of Banques Alimentaires, a network of French food banks, told the The Guardian that “it would greatly increase an already emerging trend for supermarkets to donate to food banks.”

“In terms of nutritional balance, we currently have a deficit of meat and a lack of fruit and vegetables. This will hopefully allow us to push for those products,” said Bailet.

The legislation is widely seen as simplifying a complicated process of donating directly to charity.

Each year over 7.8 million tons of food are wasted in France while 1.4 billion tons are wasted worldwide.

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This Market Chain Just Dropped Candy From Its Checkout Lines


That temptation of grabbing that last-minute candy bar at the grocery checkout line is all too real. East coast supermarket chain Aldi wants to get rid of that tempation for its shoppers.

Aldi has announced they’re losing the checkout sweets at their stores and replacing them with healthier alternatives, The Chicago Tribune reports. This includes getting rid of chocolates and sugary bites and replacing them with dried fruit, granola bars and trail mix.

The company wanted to give customers a way to “feel good” about the checkout choices they make when it comes to snacks.

With nearly 1,500 in the United States, Aldi wants to finish its transition by the end of 2016. Locations of Aldi stores in the United Kingdom have already finished swapping out sweets.

Those who immediately go to that angry place, calm down. You can still walk to the other side of the store where they sell candy. You just won’t find them at the checkout line.

You may also remember Target testing something similar a while back.

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Packaged Food

Whoa, Trader Joe’s Now Has A Spicy Salami SPREAD


While perusing our local Trader Joe’s, we noticed a brand-new item grace the deli meat aisle. Upon first glance, it looked like someone misplaced a stack of raw ground beef. Nope. Turns out Trader Joe’s has added a new Spicy Salami Spread to their cold cut section.

Technically, it’s called Trader Giotto’s Nduja (en-DOO-ya). Nduja is a pork salami ground into a creamy spread. It’s mixed with a bunch of spices, particularly paprika, as well as a tomato paste.

Trader Joe’s recommends spreading it on some grilled toast for the full effect.


We were too excited, however, and just grabbed a bag of tortilla chips from the spot across the street. Tasted pretty fire.

A six-ounce tub of Salami Spread goes for about $3.49 at Trader Joe’s. Might grab a fat stack of these for the holidays.

Packaged Food

Whole Foods Apologizes After Overcharging Customers For Products


Whole Foods has recently been under fire after it was discovered they were overcharging customers. The grocery chain would raise prices for prepackaged foods leaving New York customers unaware that they were paying too much, reports USA Today.

An investigation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs discovered that Whole Foods stores in NYC had been listing incorrect weights for prepackaged foods that led to overcharges. These prices could range from 80 cents to $15 depending on the item.

Co-CEO Walter Robb has officially owned up to the situation. In a video, Robb admits that the company has made mistakes and that it was an unintentional result of the company’s “hands-on” approach.

The grocery chain is facing multiple fines for mislabeling its products.

Whole Foods stated that it will begin training stores in pricing accuracy and will refund any customer who finds a pricing error.

Photo: Whole Foods



Trader Joe’s Taps Trees To Offer MAPLE WATER


If you’re tired of regular water, coconut water, sparkling water and aloe water, there’s a slightly-sweeter option for you.

Trader Joe’s Maple Water is made from tree sap. Usually when reduced with heat, tree sap turns into maple syrup which most of us drench on our pancakes and waffles. However, if left unreduced, the sap is about 98 percent water.

So pretty much it’ll taste like maple-flavored water.

Heated just enough to pasteurize but not remove all nutrients, the water is a definite option for those looking to change their hydration game up.

Trader Joe’s Maple Water will be available in a 32-ounce contain and will be sold at $2.99.



This Couple Met and Got Married at a Costco


One year ago, Costco enthusiast Robert Bonilla met a woman named Meredith at a California Costco. That day, the two found a connection in the frozen foods section and have been together ever since.

Over the weekend, a year later, the two decided it was time they took their relationship to the next step.

Standing in the frozen foods section of that very Santa Maria store, in front of friends and family members, the two tied the knot. The strangely sweet ceremony was held after store hours, so as not to detract guests from trying free samples and buying protein powder in bulk.

While Costco doesn’t regularly book weddings at their store locations, the company made an exception for the couple upon hearing the circumstances of their meeting.

The couple’s first foray into domestic bliss was to relax and unwind on the store’s double recliners.

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Boston Market Pretty Much Feeds Anyone Working on Thanksgiving


Not everyone makes it home for the holidays. Sometimes folks are just stuck working to make ends meet, even if that means missing out on a Thanksgiving meal. It looks like Boston Market is taking advantage of this opportunity by catering to anyone scheduled to work on Turkey Day.

The fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in comfort meals is thriving from workers stuck working shifts during the Thanksgiving season. Boston Market told CNN it provided meals for 362,000 people working during the holiday in 2013. The company caters to folks working jobs that go on 365 days of the year, such as cops, nurses, and utility guys and gals.

Serving dishes like turkey, chicken, meatloaf, stuffing and mashed potatoes, Boston Market is pretty much the closest thing to a Thanksgiving-themed restaurant. Makes sense.

It appears that retailers opening early on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are to thank for Boston Market’s increase in business. According to the company, it hires about 2,000 seasonal workers from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

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The world’s most expensive tuna being sliced open and eaten