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Chuck E. Cheese’s Unveils Their Sketchy New Spaghetti Pizza

Despite how gross this might sound to most adults, it would come as no surprise if this freak-from-the-oven resonated really well with kids. After all, it’s universally known that children are really big fans of pizza and spaghetti, so how would combining them be?

Well, Chuck E. Cheese’s set out to discover the answer to that question by doing that exactly: combining them. The finished product is, at the very least, interesting to look at.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.15.08 PM

The pizza is made with their standard dough, a layer of marinara, a helping of spaghetti noodles spread all around it, a drizzle of marinara on top, some classic Italian mozzarella, then finally a handful of meatballs.

Although the spaghetti pizza is not a permanent menu item, the fusion food will be available at all participating Chuck E. Cheese’s until June 30th, 2016.



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START DROOLING: Spaghetti Fries Look Like THIS


While chasing his personal White Whale, the spaghetti taco shell, Nick from Dude Foods was met with failure after failure. You’ll nail it soon, buddy. The process, however, Nick stumbled onto a new recipe he calls Spaghetti Fries.

Using the leftover noodles from his experiment, he twisted them together an coated them with flour and egg wash. Nick then rolled them around Italian breadcrumbs and deep fried them for a minute. Once they reach a golden brown color, the fries are drained of oil and served with a marinara sauce dip.

Check out the complete recipe at Dude Foods along with other amazing creations. Hopefully in his next spaghetti taco excursion, he comes up a something crazier like a spaghetti cone stuffed with meatballs.

Man, that’d be wicked cool.

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White Castle Now Testing Marinara Pizza Sliders Topped With Pepperoni and Mozzarella


Pizza and White Castle — two things that taste great on their own, but absolutely orgasmic when you’ve got the drunchies. Now, the east coast’s best little slider stand wants to make it so you’ll never have to choose between them again.

Available for a limited time is a new series of Italian-inspired White Castle sliders — “Italian” meaning topped with a swath of marinara and slice of mozzarella. There’s the Crispy Chicken Italiano, Grilled Chicken Italiano, and the Pizza, which features a square beef patty topped with pepperoni, and, yeah, marinara and mozzarella.


Why WC’s caught the Italian fever all of a sudden is anyone’s guess, but we’re going to assume it’s vampires until further notice. Side of garlic anyone?

H/T + PicThx Grubgrade

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McDonald’s Testing McMozzarella Sticks with McMarinara Sauce


We’re not sure how to feel about this, but it seems at least one McDonald’s location in New Jersey is testing a box of three piece mozzarella sticks for a dollar. Gettin’ crazy up in here.

Previously criticized by its own COO Tim Fenton for “overcomplicating” its menu, McDonald’s introducing yet another non-burger item even in test markets may look like a strange move. According to the interwebs, however, mozzarella sticks were previously available at McDonald’s locations in the UK, so they’re not a totally foreign concept.

The new sticks were recently spotted by Grubgrade reader, complete with marinara sauce and a handy sticker letting you know how many pieces were inside. No word yet on what other locations the breaded cheese tubes might be available at, but as long as they don’t plan on calling them McMozarella sticks, we’re not complaining.

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Quiznos Steps Up Carb Game with Toasty Pasta Line


Sure, you could go to a fancy sit-down restaurant for a pasta fix, or, even better, attempt to make your own, but Quiznos would like to suggest a welcome middle ground. Now, with less work than it’d take to nab a reservation or figure out just what in the hay “al dente” means, you can pick up a single-serving bowl of pasta from Quiznos.

New Toasty Pastas are made with spiral macaroni and come in six different varieties, featured below:


Classic Mac & Cheese, Bacon Mac & Cheese, and Lobster Mac & Cheese

MacCheeseSharp_00014_RTMacCheeseBacon_00112_RT  MacCheeseLobsterSoft_000322

Each Mac & Cheese is made with parmesan, provolone, and fontina cheese and topped with breadcrumbs.


Chicken Pesto


All white chicken breast covered in balsamic tomatoes, a three cheese blend, and basil pesto sauce


Meatball Marinara


Made with cheese-stuffed, beef and pork-blend meatballs, topped with two layers of mozzarella and marinara sauce


Spicy Sausage Marinara (not pictured)

Spicy all-pork Italian sausage covered with mozzarella and basil marinara sauce


Considering there’s no real room to prep them on the sandwich line, we’re presuming these will be pre-made and toasted to order, but we haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Prices range from $4.99 to $6.99. Been there, done that? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!


Craving: Fried Calamari

A wise man once said, deep fried squid does the body good. Ok, noone actually said that but I could definitely be the first, because calamari is so good that I can have high hopes it’s good for me. You get the perfect little circular morsels and you dip them in the marinara / ranch / thousand island / magic sauce and make yourself happy.