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It’s Your Lucky Day, McDonald’s Has Brought Back The Shamrock Shake

With St. Patrick’s Day coming closer, McDonald’s blessed the world by bringing back their Shamrock Shake on Feb. 21.

The shake hasn’t changed too much since it’s 1970 debut, still rocking the green hue and minty flavor we’ve come to love.

Last year, McDonald’s tried to shake things up by offering up different variations of the beverage, like the Chocolate Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé, the Shamrock Mocha and the Shamrock Hot Chocolate.

Thankfully, the fast food giant didn’t inundate the classic with the unnecessary additions and let the Shamrock Shake shine on its own.

Obviously, this is a limited time release, and while it probably isn’t too hard to recreate on your own, any Instagram aesthetic is immediately beautified with the presence of this mint-green delicacy.

While many on Twitter are quick to push their hatred of the shake, Dixon Police comes through with the truth.

It’s the police. Listen to the police. Get a Shamrock Shake and stop being a Carl.


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For One Month, Texas Applebee’s Will Accept Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANYWHERE

Applebee’s announced a new promotion that seriously makes us wonder if April Fools’ Day came way too early. The restaurant chain announced that they would be accepting any and all gift cards and coupons from competing businesses as payment from patrons at 67 of their locations in the state of Texas.

For the entire month of March, Applebee’s is taking gift cards, coupons (even expired ones), and gift certificates from pretty much any kind of business. So imagine, patrons could pay for their meal through a card from a competing restaurant chain or simply one from an arts and crafts store.

Applebee’s offer, however, is only for up to 50% off food purchases with said gift cards and coupons. Hey, they still have to make money somehow.

Essentially, Applebee’s created the promotion in hopes to be a better neighbor to the local communities. The restaurant noticed many patrons had expired coupons and gift cards to places they would never typically visit, so they offered to accept them as payment for food.

The deal will only be available for a limited time at 67 participating Applebee’s Texas locations in Dallas Forth Worth, Waco, East Texas, as well as other neighboring areas.

With any luck, states other than Texas will get the same sweet deal around this time next year. In the meantime, start saving those coupons!


New Dunkin’ Donut is Topped with a Whole Marshmallow Peep


There’s just something about spring that makes you wanna run around eating baby birds. Marshmallow Peeps, we mean, and the newest Easter-themed donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts have got all our chick-munching cravings covered.

Starting Monday, March 31, Dunkin’ Donuts is launching two new Peeps donuts, each featuring a flower-shaped yeast donut base, pink or green icing, and — of course — a precious topping of pink or yellow marshmallow chick Peeps.

(Why they didn’t go with the bunny Peeps for Easter, though, is totally beyond us.)

“PEEPS are synonymous with fun and happiness,” said Dunkin’ Brands Executive Chef and VP of ‘”Product Innovation,” Stan Frankenthaler in a press release, “and we are excited to combine two American favorites to create unique flower-shaped donuts adorned with a marshmallow chick that will sweeten any spring or Easter celebration.”

Earlier this week, USA Today reported the once-springtime-exclusive Peeps would also become available year-round in the form of sour watermelon, strawberry creme, and chocolate creme Peeps Minis. Watermelon Peep Donuts for summer? YASPLZ.


St. Paddy’s Day Guinness Marshmallows Covered in Pretzel Bits


Curse the drinking gods for every time a booze holiday falls on a weekday. From Halloween to St. Patrick’s, these days are meant for getting shitfaced at the bar, not being trapped inside a cubicle, sneakily trying to get shitfaced at your desk.

Luckily, thanks to the new Irish-themed marshmallows from Wondermade, now your St. Paddy’s Day plans don’t have to be either/or. Their new special 3-pack set features Guinness Marshmallows made with real Guinness Stout and rolled in crushed pretzels; Irish Cream marshmallows infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream; and Irish Coffee marshmallows featuring vanilla, whiskey, and fresh coffee flavors. Each box contains 16 marshmallows, or just enough to keep the spirits of the season flowing all week long.


St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallows: $22 @ Wondermade

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Oven Roasted Chicken, Buffalo Chicken and The Italian Collection Are Subway’s Features for March


We’re super down to start the beginning of each month with some new sandwiches, and this month Subway is making that easy with the introduction of their March features. There’s a new Six-Inch Select for $3 featuring the Oven Roasted Chicken and the month’s $6 Footlong Special —  Buffalo Chicken, which is described as “tender, juicy chicken tossed in bold buffalo sauce, served on freshly baked bread.” Tender, juicy, and bold . . . sounds like the ideal love affair sandwich experience.

And just in case the Buffalo Chicken wasn’t enough to keep you satisfied, Subway is also pushing their Italian Collection, featuring the delicious trio of the Chicken Pizziola Melt, the Italian BMT and the Meatball Pepperoni Melt. We’re sure you’ll be melting with flavor overload in no time.

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