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This BOUGIE BURGER Is Made With Three Different Types Of Black Truffle

When Pretty Little Liars enters the food scene, you know it’s bound to come with at least one major twist.

That’s exactly what PLL actress Shay Mitchell has in store for the Los Angeles Food Bowl’s Off-The-Menu x Postmates Secret Menu Burger Showdown. She’s teaming up with Top Chef runner-up and WOLF executive chef Marcel Vigneron to create the ultimate truffle burger… that uses a “bleeding” vegan patty from Beyond Meat.

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The duo’s Bourgeois Burger isn’t vegetarian or plant-based, but it does show off how well Beyond’s juicy patty can perform as a real burger.

Chef Vigneron and Mitchell load up a potato roll with a Beyond burger, caramelized onions, bacon, truffle mayo, white cheddar, and truffle shavings. The result is a massive umami bomb that explodes with truffle and savory notes during each bite.

Vigneron and Mitchell are hoping their truffle-laden dish will be enough to take the crown at “Off-The-Menu,” where 500 people will be sampling 10 different burgers to determine a champion. However, they have to deal with competition that’s tougher than the A Team, as many of LA’s top restaurants are entering the fray as well. Badmaash and Plan Check are two prime examples of the juggernauts the pair will have to contest with.

Still, with all of the truffle they’ve packed inside and the surprise factor of the Beyond patty, Vigneron and Mitchell are strong contenders to take home the top burger title.

You can check out the Bourgeois Burger at the Secret Menu Burger Showdown on Saturday, May 26th, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Those who can’t get tickets to the event can also find Vigneron and Mitchell’s burger will be available for delivery exclusively on Postmates starting Sunday, 5/27. Make sure to get your fix!

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Food Trucks

The Pico de “Gap” Truck — Retail Giant Jumps On Food Truck Bandwagon

Count retail clothing store “Gap” in the bin for the latest corporate giant to make use of the bubbling food truck trend. In celebration of its upcoming 1969 Fall denim collection, Gap set up the streets of San Francisco with a custom vintage gourmet taco truck, the pseudo-clever Pico de Gap. The menu is curated by Top Chef alum Ryan Scott.

While the truck is fully functional, it’s obvious the marketing implications behind the initiative. According to Popsugar, the truck will park beside local Gap stores as part of a citywide culinary adventure, making appearances at special events, street festivals, and the like — through September 30th.

A similarly branded truck will be travelling through LA (with chef Marcel Vigneron), Chicago (chef Rick Gresh) and NYC (chef Katie Lee). The trucks can be followed on Twitter via @picodegapSF, @PicodeGapLA, @PicodeGapChi and @PicodeGapNY.

Here’s the San Francsico truck’s menu, as lifted from Popsugar:

  • Chorizo and crispy potato taco with goat cheese, watercress, and charred lime salsa verde
  • Mole-braised brisket taco with pumpkin seeds, red onion marmalade, queso fresco, and Mexican chocolate vinaigrette
  • Raw yellow corn “ceviche” taco with dirty green rice, poblano aioli, guacamole, and charred tomato salsa
  • California taco with pasilla-braised chicken, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, pepper jack cheese, and Cool Ranch Doritos
Here’s a few celebrities who are enjoying a bit of the LA Pico de Gap — cast and crew of Chelsea Lately Show, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chef Marcel Vigneron, Odette Annable, Dave Annable, Sarah Silverman