The Nation’s Favorite Beers by State [Infographic]


Budlight reigns in Texas, while Portlandians are sipping Blue Moon and California beach babes are kicking back with Corona on the beach. This latest infographic by Blowish,  a company that sells hangover-relief tablets (a coincidence? I think not), surveyed the drinking habits of people from all 50 US states.

The boozy study included 5,249 drinkers over the ages of 21 and sheds scintillating insight on everything from the nation’s overall beer of choice to which professions are the most likely to be hungover on the jobs (waiters of America, I raise my glass to you).

Check out the findings in the infographic below:


H/T Business Insider


Your Smartphone Wants to Eat This Pizza Compass

pizza compass

Pizza has a tendency to be elusive when it’s 3 am on a Saturday. The bars have closed and you and your pals are craving greasy, cheesy, pepperoni-laden pizza. Too bad every joint you can think of is either closed, doesn’t deliver past midnight or you can’t remember its name (because the last time you went there you were equally as drunk as you are now). Shoot. If only you had a magical pizza compass to show you the way.

That would be genius, right? Before you start scribbling this idea down in your moleskine, hold up — there’s already an app for that.


The Pizza Compass,  “the exciting new life-affirming app that helps pizza get to your mouth,” features a map of nearby pizza shops. Simply choose a restaurant and spin the slice to figure out what direction to head in. This “No Frills, Just Pizza” app also lets you know if a joint is open or closed using a green or red bar located at the bottom. If a spot is near enough for you to smell baking pies, the slice will begin steaming. Genius.

Artist Daniel Blackman, who developed the new app with the help of  Brooklyn agency Oak Studios, told Gizmodo that the they wanted to “create an app that would change human kind for the better, while eating pizza.” A noble thought, if we ever heard one.

Pizza Compass 99 cents @AppStore

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