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Recipe: Best Friends For Frosting


Artisan Flavored Toothpicks Keep The Foodie Train Chugging


You know the feeling when you eat something amazing and wish you’d never have to brush your teeth just so you can retain that precious flavor forever? Unfortunately dental hygiene is important for some reason, but these new gourmet toothpicks get the experience of never-ending deliciousness pretty damn close.


Devised by Canadian brand Phood Station, Castor toothpicks are the penultimate step in the hipsterification of the dining experience, which already included artisan grilled cheese, artisan beer glasses, and artisan salt. Each pick features a flavored powder tip and scented barrel to create such Whole Foods-worthy combinations as Pickle & Mustard, Bacon & Maple, and Marshmallow & Smoke. The brand’s logo is, fittingly, a beaver.

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For $10, you can reserve two 32-packs of your choosing on Kickstarter until Friday, though delivery isn’t estimated until October. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to keep eating raspberry and wasabi and root beer and fir and sake and blueberries and basil and strawberries, darn.


Bacon Coffee Is Real, Horrific, and Needs to Be Killed With Fire


All right, we’re getting a little ridiculous here, guys. Yes, there are some things that can and should be vastly improved by the addition of some bacon or bacon grease. Maple cupcakes are a good example. Coffee, of course, is so, so not.

But that didn’t stop gourmet coffee company Boca Java from creating this hipster-inspired monstrosity: “Maple Bacon Morning” coffee – coffee flavored, yes, like bacon.

Design Taxi reports the blend is made of 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee and is roasted on demand to ensure freshness, but there are much bigger issues at hand than how ripe some beans are, such as why anyone would want to drink bacon, or why we can’t just let our coffee taste like coffee. Granted, if you made this into a Frappuccino and covered all the coffee flavor with cupcake-y sweetness, I’d probably be all for it. But until that happens, kill it. Kill it with fire.

(Or buy it from Boca Java for $8. You know, if you’re into that.)

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi

Packaged Food

New Maple Bacon Flavor Kettle Chips Prove Bacon Is Still Totally Porkable


Earlier this week, the New York Times brought us “The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food,” but for anyone who missed it, here’s a quick primer: The perfect pressure point for maximum chip enjoyment is four pounds per square inch. The crazier and more robust a chip’s flavor profile, the faster you get full. And Kettle Brand potato chips just makes the best potato chips, like, omg, ever.

All right, so they didn’t really say that last bit, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

From the makers of arguably the best-textured chips around, Kettle Brand’s new Maple Bacon Flavor is designed to build on “one of the most talked about recent food trends – bacon” and “combines the deep smokiness of bacon, the rich sweetness of real maple syrup and the subtle spice of chili pepper for a truly iconic comfort food combination,” according to Business Wire.

Granted, calling the bacon trend “recent” is a bit like calling American Idol, well, recent, but at least it still tastes good, amirite?

Along with Kettle’s other new flavor “Sweet & Salty,” which combines natural sea salt and cane sugar, the new Maple Bacon chips will be available this summer in 5 oz. bags for $2.69, 8.5 oz. bags for $3.49 and online at

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Maple Bacon Brown Sugar Scone

Scones bring me back to better times, full of melancholy days where my stomach didn’t react so poorly after engulfing a dozen or so of these! What our teeth are hoping to sink into right now are these Maple Bacon Brown Sugar Scones! These baked goods are filled with cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, butter, strips of bacon and drizzled with a thick maple glaze. Maybe we can take a page from our neighbors across the Atlantic and enjoy these scones with a spot of tea? (Thx HowSweetItIs)

Cravings Sweets

Maple Bacon Glazed Donut

Forget lunch and dinner, I do breakfast all-day everyday! Especially in Los Angeles, where you can find the old school Nickel Diner! Yeah, everything is priced at a nickel too… SIKE! But they are serving these crazy tasting Maple Bacon Glazed Donut to make up for the inflation rates! Check them out if you are ever in L.A. and are craving some donuts! (Thx Ione)

Cravings Sweets

Peanut Butter, Nutella and Maple-Bacon Rice Krispie Treats

What else would you want in this Rice Krispie Treat? It has everything! It is oozing with peanut butter, Nutella, and maple-bacon! I would just like a glass of chocolate milk and I’d be set! (Thx TIWYF)


The Smoker Burger

There’s something about this picture that simply makes my heart skip a beat. It just looks tantalizing, everything about it is glistening. We’re looking at a 1/2 pound of Super Beef (grass fed Rib Eye/Sirloin/Prime Rib) patty, Havarti Cheese, 7 pieces of Maple Bacon (yeeeeuh!), Sauteed Onions and a house made Organic Smoked Pepper Mayo all sitting on an organic Essential Baking Company kaiser roll. This picture comes courtesy pouryourheartintoit from the Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, WA.