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This Sweet Interactive Map Lists The Top Christmas Candy In Each State

We’re about a week into December and we already feel the holiday spirit knocking on our sweet tooth. Or maybe that’s just a cavity. Either way, we’re trying to think of all the Christmas candies and confectionaries to load our pantry with as the holiday draws closer.

Because it’s pretty much the Wild West out there in Sugarland, the Candy Store created an interactive map that actually shows you the most popular holiday candy in each state in the US.

After surveying 50,000 Candy Store customers, the results were double checked with major candy distributors and then illustrated into the vibrant guide you see above.

There are definitely holiday candies here we never expected to be so popular. Heck, we didn’t even know Reindeer corn was a thing. Check out the map and see what candies made the popular list this year in your state. In the mean time, we’re going to get our candy shopping list ready.

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This Map Shows The Food Your State Hates The Most

Photos Courtesy of Hater App

You might be wondering why anyone would hate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or chicken nuggets, but there are actually states that thoroughly hate those foods.

It all started with a dating app that’s literally called Hater, which matches people based on their hates. In your search for love (or friendship, I suppose), the app asks you to swipe on multiple things, as it records everything you hate, and voila, you’re united with someone through hatred.

The app has about 750,000 users, and based on their swipes, Hater put together a U.S. map showing the food every state hates the most.

So, yeah, for some reason Colorado seems to hate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, New Mexico hates nuggets, and strangely enough, Wisconsin doesn’t fancy Lunchables.

Some other notable states are California, who has shown a disdain for Chick-Fil-A (That’s what you get for being closed the only day we want to eat it), New York understandably hates ranch on pizza, and Texas hates well-done steaks (Every state should, really). Oregon hates fast food, in general, Alabama hates Chipotle, and Hawaii hates Coca-Cola.

The app released a similar map earlier this year, which showed what every state hates, overall, not just food. Peep that one below, too, and see if it seems accurate:

If you’ve had trouble finding love, maybe you’re just in the wrong state. I might move to New York with my fellow ranch haters, or Connecticut since they don’t mess with mayonnaise-topped fries.


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Map Shows The Quickest Route To Every Michelin-Star Restaurant In The U.S.

Being awarded a Michelin Star is the highest honor a restaurant can receive, and eating at one can be a special culinary experience.

There are 159 total Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S., and if you wanted to dine at every one of them, travel site Orbitz put together a road map that would provide the most efficient way to do so.

With the help of University of Pennsylvania scientist Randal Olson, Orbitz’s map shows that to hit every restaurant in New York (77 restaurants), San Francisco(54), Chicago (26) and Washington DC (12), you would have to travel about 3,426 miles over five months if you dined at one spot per night.

The longest drive between restaurants would be 2,111 miles, from two Michelin-starred Bouchon in Yountville, California and the one Michelin-starred El Ideas in Chicago. Once you’ve made it to the other side of the country, though, things get a bit easier.

Aside from the road map, the Orbitz site even went out of its way to list every single restaurant in alphabetical order, separated by state, and even provides how many Michelin stars each has.

Hey, if you have the vacation time and the money to hit the absolute best restaurants in America, here’s your map. If anything, this might spark your interest to at least hit up one.


This Is The Only Guide You Need For Eating And Drinking Your Way Through Miami

Without a doubt, Miami is one of the U.S.’s most diverse and wildly astonishing cities. And that’s not just because it’s where Pitbull AKA “Mr. Worldwide” was born and raised (dalé). and Google recently partnered to explore the town and discover what really makes Miami Miami, and now, they’re sharing everything there is to know about the Floridian mecca with the world. Using Biscayne Boulevard, aka a primary “artery” to the great city, as a reference point, our faves do all the dirty work and ultimately manage to break down the best places to eat, drink, and chill, realistically and with copious detail.

Watch the Streets by VICE: Miami episode, read the written guide, and lend your eyeballs to their carefully pinpointed map so you too can experience the most colorful neighborhoods, bars, eateries and more in the city. Here’s just a sample from the guide to Miami’s essential spots to eat and drink:


Burgers and Fritas

LoKal & KushLokaiFor dem artisanal burgers.

El Rey de las Fritas, Morro Castle, & El Mago de las Fritas El Rey de las Fritas For dem fritas, which are American burgers with a generous Cuban twist and make American burgers seem laughable.

A Trip to Havana

Versailles Versailles Since 1971—it’s the most notorious Cuban restaurant in Miami! One look at the menu, and you’ll see why they’ve been around for so long (and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon).

Azucar  azucarLA’s ice cream scene has nothing on Azucar, with unique, handmade flavors like sweet plantain, mamey, caramel flan, and cafe con leche

Enriqueta’s enriqueta What’s a trip to Little Havana without a Cuban sandwich? Enriqueta’s is claimed to be the best. 

Get Fancy

Prime 112 prime 112 Big shots and celebs are fans of their 21-28 day aged Prime beef. After peeping their online gallery…so are we.

Joe’s Stone Crab joe's stone crab Don’t worry, it’s nothing like Joe’s Crab Shack. Open since 1913, this classic Miami Beach hub is pure claaaaaass and has claaaaaaws for days, minus the singing.

Vagabond Restaurant vagabond restaurant Part restaurant, part art gallery, the Vagabond Restaurant maintains “…a casual fine dining concept catering to the ‘Contemporary Vagabond,’ a modern-day adventurer with a penchant for global food, drink, and art.” Part of the adventure should be trying out their peanuts and chapulines, a spiced up snack made with Mexican-imported grasshoppers.

On the Farm

Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Miami Brewing Company schnebly redland's winery The Miami Brewing Company is found within Schnebly Redland’s Winery. Double the farm fun.

Knaus Berry Farm knaus berry farm Apparently Knaus has some amaaaaazing cinnamon buns, amazing enough to make hour-long drives for! We believe it, they look sticky and delicious.

Robert is Here robert is here It’s hard to tell if Robert is Here is more for kids or adults. It’s a farm stand/fruit market/petting zoo that sells local and rare fruits from around the world, serves tropical fruit milkshakes, and hosts a tortoise petting zoo. Either way, this place is perfect for everyone. 

Only in Miami

Salty Donut salty donut Two words: boozy. Donuts.

Myumi offers ‘Japanese omakase dinners from a food truck that are pretty untouchable,’ according to VICE. But luckily you’ll can touch them all you want with your tastebuds.

Garcia’s garcias Garcia’s is a fish market/seafood restaurant combo that sits on the Miami River, and is literally everything you could ever want in a seafood joint. Ceviche, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes—yes, we confirm we want EVERYTHING. 


Gramps gramps The decor is the epitome of Miami, complete with the “Hotline Miami 80’s coke-den vibe” and Miami Blues poster. That’s hot.

Churchill’s Pub churchills pub The perfect dive to get down, dirty, and get your punk on. It’s where Marilyn Manson played his first gig!

Lagniappe lagniappe Jazz. Wine. Cheese. Pinky up, party down. 

For the full guide head to the VICE Guide to Miami.

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VICE Launched An Extensive Eating And Drinking Guide To The City Of Chicago

Chicago—it’s known to most as the Windy City and/or the champion of deep dish pizza, but in actuality, Chitown is simply the greatest city in the States, according to Chicagoans,, and Google. Chicagoans are probably at least slightly biased, but we trust the latter two with all of our deep dish-loving hearts.

The media hub VICE recently teamed with Google to strategize the ultimate guide to navigating the city, using historic Halsted Street as a backbone. From arts and culture to sports, to food and drink, of course, the guide covers multiple aspects of the city in both written and visual form.

A pairing of video (Streets by VICE: Chicago) with a written guide and map to the best neighborhoods, bars, eateries and more, allows those who’ve never known Chicago to peer through a window-like portal into the richly complex city. Peep these samplings from the guide to Chicago’s coolest places to savor and slurp:




‘By far the best in town.’ The pizzeria resides in Lincoln Park.

Art of Pizza 

art of pizza

Two words: Stuffed. Pizza. Also voted #1 deep dish by the Chicago Tribune.

Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

jimmys pizza cafe

Come for the white thin crust pizza. Stay for their “orgasm-triggering” garlic knots. 

Italian Beef



If it’s wrong to love a Chicago dog this much, we don’t want to be right.

Al’s Beef 

als beef

They’ve got spots all around Chitown, which means that many more opportunities to indulge in that GRADE A BEEF.

Jay’s Beef

jays beef

Of Wicker Park. VICE recommends ‘the grilled chicken sammy for a change of pace.’ 


DMK Burger Bar

DMK Burger Bar

They had us at ‘Parmesan Truffle Fries.’

Au Cheval

au cheval

The fancy schmancy stop is among several top lists from Zagat, Time Out, USA Today, and more. We’ll excuse the ‘bougie’-ness. 

Big & Little’s 

big and littles

Aka, the joint where Guy Fieri wolfed down some of their foie gras fries that one time. 

Everything Else



‘Out-fucking-standing Korean fried chicken and rice bowls.’ We’ll take it! 

Tango Sur

tango sur

We’ve never heard of a BYOB Argentine steakhouse, let alone an ‘affordadable’ one, but now that we know this exists life won’t be complete until we Tango!

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

honey butter fried chicken

Fried Chicken with Honey Butter… is this what Heaven’s made of? 


Spyner’s Pub

spyners pub

Unassuming on the outside. Kickass ‘lesbian karaoke dive bar’ on the inside. 

The Violet Hour

the violet hour

It’s obvious this bar takes their drinks as well as themselves seriously, but the floweriness is worth it. Get yo fancy on! 



Craft beer. Bumpin-n-grindin’. Fair chance of getting laid.

For the full guide head to the VICE Guide to Chicago.


If You Like Coffee and Live in NYC, this is the Only Subway Map You’ll Ever Need


We New Yorkers have many flaws, but the most fatal will quickly show up if you ask us to meet for coffee. That’s because there are so many small shops, large shops, chain shops, and tiny counters to grab a cup of brew that we can never decide. Oh, decisions.

We can reclaim a bit more of our cool now that this incredible map has surfaced on the interwebs.  However, The Best Coffee Shops of NYC isn’t just a quick rundown of where to get coffee, but rather a carefully selected list of the “top” coffee shops associated with each subway stop in Manhattan. Favorites like Lalo, the Hungarian Pastry Shop, Culture, and Café Grumpy are on the map, along with plenty of places you’ve never heard of. Still, we’re trying to keep our cool about the lack of Brooklyn and Queens lovin’. 

So, um, anyone up for coffee?


H/T + Picthx Gizmodo


Map Shows All the Countries that Help Make a Single Jar of Nutella


Nutella is one of the greatest contributions man has made to society and besides being among the tastiest spreadable foods to grace the planet, Nutella is also quite versatile (see: Nutellatina and Nugtella). However, I bet you didn’t know that it takes multiple countries to produce a single jar of chocolate hazelnut heaven?

Ferrero International in Italy produces Nutella and sources its ingredients from all over the world. Those famous hazelnuts? They’re from Turkey. And about that cocoa — it’s from Nigeria. Other ingredients include Malaysian palm oil, Brazilian or European sugar and French vanilla flavoring. Check out the detailed breakdown on the map below:


Nutella Map

So the next time you dive into a jar of Nutella, remember how much went into making it. Then drool all over, chow down, and don’t you dare leave any leftovers.

H/T + Picthx Quartz, Wikipedia


Pizza Geography Map Charts the Closest Pizza Chains Near You


There’s nothing quite like the 2AM pizza delivery call to soothe our grease-lovin’ souls, and there are tons of different establishments from which we can choose. While the most recognizable are usually the chain restaurants (a la Pizza Hut and Papa John’s), have you ever thought about how prevalent these pizza chains are in the US?

Pizza Map
Nathan Yau of Flowing Data compiled all relevant research and created the above map that charts the nearest pizza chain within a 10-mile radius across the US — Chuck E. Cheese’s, CiCi’s, Domino’s, Godfather’s, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut and Sbarro. While this data distribution alone is valuable, Yau broke it down in even further detail:


Where Individual Chains Can Be Found

Pizza Locations

When the data is broken down by chain, it seems that Pizza Hut and Domino’s reign supreme, although Papa John’s and Little Caesars might give ’em a run for their money. Interestingly enough, a few restaurants are still popular in the locations they originated — Little Caesars is strong in the Michigan area, and Papa Murphy’s has a decent presence in the northwest.


Location Comparisons

Pizza Map

Have a pizza hankering? This chart shows you how each restaurant matches up against each another. Simply choose a chain on the left, one from the top and follow to wear they intersect to see how they compare.

While I’m a fan of these spots, we’re just stoked people are finally recognizing that Chuck E. Cheese has some high quality pie. Truth.

Picthx Flowing Data