‘Manila Sunrise’ Pizza Encapsulates Filipino Breakfast In A Single Slice

I’ve always believed that a pizza is a blank canvas for culinary artists to pour their soul into and that each pizzeria is a gallery for them to showcase their unique style.

Rose City Pizza, located in Rosemead, CA, has added a new pizza to their menu that is as delicious as it is picturesque with a name that aptly fits the occasion — The Manila Sunrise.

The Manila Sunrise is arguably one of the tastiest renditions of a breakfast pizzas I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Rose City’s pie is made with mozzarella cheese, garlic chili paste, fried garlic, fried onions, pickled red onions, eggs, and crumbled longanisa sausage.

Conceptualized as part of a Filipino Pizza collaboration, Rose City garnishes the pizza with 7ti Sauce, a sort of spin on thousand island made with Filipino ingredients, crafted by food pop-up brand Grub Life.

This isn’t Rose City’s first unconventional take on pizza. You may remember a while back when they debuted an Al Pastor pizza that went viral. They sliced meat straight from a spit directly onto the pizza and served it with garnishes you would find on an al pastor taco.

Not too long ago, they even released a seasonal Spinach Artichoke Dip pizza.

In the few weeks since the Manila Sunrise was introduced at the restaurant, the pizza has become a sleeper hit on the menu. Owner Brian Nittayo says that he plans to keep the pizza as a permanent fixture on Rose City’s menu.

Man, this pizza will not do my waistline any favors…but I absolutely plan on going back for it many, many times.

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Crunkin’ Cronuts: World’s Most Hipster Pastry Finally Goes Mainstream


It’s not as if being the most hyped-up bakery item in the history of forever isn’t already “mainstream,” but there’s a difference between being like, reddit-mainstream and being Buzzfeed-mainstream, yannowhatImean?

Less than two months after Dominique Ansel blew up the internet with his infamous deep fried donut-croissant hybrid, Dunkin’ Donuts locations in both South Korea and the Philippines have now commercialized the monstrosity overseas. Dubbed the “New York Pie Donut” in Seoul and the “Donut Croissant” in Manila, these chain-born imposters are hardly the first cronut knock-offs to make their way abroad, but they are probably the first steps to viably diluting and mass-producing the beauty of the original on a global scale. In other words, pretty freaking sweet!


Soon we’ll have Cronut cupcakes and Cronut ice cream and Cronut coffee creamers. People will name their kids “Cronut” and those kids will grow up to bully everyone named “Doissant.” And on and on and so on and so forth until somebody finally stands up and shouts to the high heavens, “For the love of God can we stop talking about the Cronut?!” And of course we’ll just ignore him until we find something new to obsess over. I mean, old as they are, Sriracha and bacon and nutella are still around folks. This is going to be a long and bumpy ride.

H/T Quartz + PicThx DDSK, DDPH