Lather Up with Urinal Mint, Bacon, Beer & Popcorn Soap


Introducing: ManHands soap — which comes in so-called “manly” scents like brewed coffee, beer, red wine, buttered popcorn, margaritas, and bacon. (There’s also the less-appetizing Baseball Glove, Cash, Top Soil, Urinal Mint, Muscle Rub, Bonfire Cannabis, Cedar Log Cabin, Fresh Cut Grass, Nag Champa Incense, Obsession Cologne, Republican, and Democrat.)

Exotic perfumes and expensive colognes don’t impress everyone. For some, the aroma of favorite food or drink might be more effectively enticing. After all, what better what to impress your food-loving partner than to arrive on your Valentine’s Day date smelling like a bouquet of fresh roses freshly-popped, buttery popcorn?

Maybe your beau isn’t really into musk and magnolias — but margaritas really do it for him. Or perhaps your wine connoisseur girlfriend would much prefer that you reek of Bordeaux than body odor.

While these inventive, interesting-smelling soaps might be geared towards gentlemen, we’re sure that more than just a few lovely ladies would like to leave their showers smelling like bacon (yeah, it’s becoming a religion) or buttered popcorn.

Despite the fact that the company is strangely insistent that “Guys should be using Man Soap,” we’d like to issue a kind reminder: Don’t leave the girls out, ManHands!

Man Hands Man Soap $7 @Gadgets & Gear

H/T Laughing Squid