What $5 Will Fetch You in Beer, Big Macs & Coffee Around the World

5 dollars around the world

The first time I noticed the disparity of food prices around the world, I was 12 years old and just got back from a trip to the Philippines. As soon as we landed back in California I pleaded with my dad to stop by the nearest grocery store so I could pick up some mangoes. I ate them with everything back at our little Manila home — with rice, adobo, bagoong, halo-halo and by itself cut like a turtle shell.

When we got to the store, they were extraordinarily pricey — at least, that’s what it felt like with my 12-year-old allowance. Instead of getting a bundle for just a few pesos (or for free plucked from the garden), they were going for $4  each. My heart broke and I surrendered my $1 bills to cruel fate.

On that note, I recently stumbled upon this delightful video by Buzzfeed that shows you how much food $5 will fetch you around the world. You’re not going to be mindblown by any means but you’ll probably want to move to China by the end of it. Maybe, that, or feel a surge of nostalgia for mangoes. Still bitter, yes.

H/T Buzzfeed 


Chocolate Covered Key Lime Mangoes

Out of Pocasset, MA, the Cape Cod Provisions company is pushing an interesting and new flavored dessert snack — Dark Chocolate Covered Key Lime Mangoes. The all-natural products are made from mangoes infused with key lime, which are dried and then covered in dark chocolate.

The four-ounce gable boxes of the chocolates have a SRP of $4.99, and ship 12 to a case. The chocolates are for sale online and at select candy stores, natural food and upscale grocery stores.