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This Incredible Pineapple Dessert Will Make You Go Loco

Botana Express has made a name for itself over the years in Santa Ana by creating savory and satisfying authentic Mexican-style cuisine.

Located inside MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Botana Express has built a solid reputation in the food game. Known for its robust line up of Tostilokos and Churrolokos, Botana Express has become a one-stop-shop for delicious street-style Mexican food you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re super pumped because Botana Express has added a special creation to the menu — The Piña Loka, which is part pineapple and part fruit salad. This mouthwatering creation starts with a hollowed-out pineapple, sliced mangos, pineapple chunks, cucumbers, and is topped with Jicama, peanuts and Chamoy.

To spice things up, limón, Tajín and Tamarind candies are added to this extravagant fruit-based creation. Lastly, the Piña Loka is topped with a candy swirl, mango juice and Tamarindo sauce.

If you’re in the mood for some authentic snacks with no frills attached, Botana Express at MainPlace Mall has you covered. Better hurry though, the Piña Loka will only be available through September.

See you there!  

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall


Ikea Dresses Restaurant Like Their Catalog, Serves Swedish Meatballs with Mango Sauce


Ikea is letting fans of their Swedish-friendly furniture experience what it’s like to “live” in their showroom, by decking out a restaurant in tableware, beds, chairs, textiles, etc. straight from their catalog. Named “IKEA Lotus Collection Café,” the limited-time showroom-turned-eatery runs from April 29 to May 6 in Omotesandō, Tokyo in promotion of their Lotus Colleciton.

Diners can sit and wander around the cafe while enjoying items off the menu including dishes like Swedish meatballs doused in mango chili and raspberry sauce and salmon spring rolls. RocketNews24 got a peek of the eats:



The gimmick behind the week-long event encourages curious patrons to get cozy with the interior decor, as every dish, place mat, table, whathaveyou  is for sale. Slick, guys.

Picthx RocketNews24