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‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ Cup Noodles Have Released


Super fans of the iconic mid-90’s anime classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion, have plenty to get hyped about when it comes to Nissin’s latest box set of Cup Noodles.

To help celebrate Nissin’s 50th anniversary, A “Nissin Cup Noodles x EVANGELION limited collection Cup Noodle Gift Box” will release exclusively in Hong Kong from the end of August to the beginning of September. Each box set contains an assortment of Cup Noodles flavors with each adorned with characters and designs from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

A “Limited Collection Cup Noodle Gift Box” contains five special edition EVA Cup Noodles and one rare Ayanami Zero or Limited Edition Asuka ramen. For more information, check out Nissin’s website.

Check out below for a peek at the Cup Noodles designs.

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KFC Japan’s Hand-Held Ice Cream Makers Trump Your Kid’s Meal


Seems like the international branches of Kentucky Fried Chicken are always getting the cool stuff. KFC Japan chains are now offering One Piece-themed, hand-held ice cream makers for purchasing select combo meals. This is definitely worth it for those Foodbeasts in Japan with a sweet tooth.

For those unfamiliar, One Piece is a long-running anime and manga series from Japan that centers around the pirate Luffy on his quest for the legendary treasure known as One Piece and his never-ending attempt to become the Pirate King. The manga has been around since 1997 and is still running. KFC will be offering three different variations of the ice cream maker: Luffy, Chopper and the main cast of One Piece.

KFCicecreamWith a few well-placed shakes, customers can now make their very own ice cream wherever they go. Whether it’s to the mall, the park, the library, or even to the United States to rub it in our faces, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, they still have to buy their own ingredients. Come on America, let’s get on those hand-held deep fryers already!

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Japanese Manga Inspired Plates

These Manga plates were created by Japanese designer Mika Tsutai. Each plate features clips of various black and white manga style drawings. There are so many ways to arrange these plates with food to create a story right at your table. A great conversation starter and definitely the “gotta have” plates at your next dinner party.