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Health Department That Claims Getting Lobsters High Is Illegal Needs To Relax

A Maine restaurant made recent headlines with their new approach to humanely slaughtering lobsters. They found out that giving them a hit of marijuana sedated the crustaceans, making them tamer and potentially less sensitive to pain. The restaurant had received positive feedback and even made their own tank so that customers could request for the seemingly more humane option.

Maine’s health department, however, had other ideas, reports the New York Times. They sent a letter to the restaurant owner claiming that the practice was illegal, and said that they considered the lobsters to be “adulterated” in a statement to the Times.

Photo: Jan Beckendorf // Flickr CC 4.0

Whoever in Maine’s health department sent that letter generated a cloud of controversy and confusion the instant they got on their soapbox. They appear to have misinterpreted what it means to be an “adulterated” food, and in doing so opened up a can of worms in regards to the restaurant’s practices.

When it comes to the word “adulterated,” the official definition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is almost a full page. The key part of it, though, reads as follows:

“A food shall be deemed to be adulterated… If it bears or contains any poisonous or deleterious substance which may render it injurious to health; but in case the substance is not an added substance such food shall not be considered adulterated under this clause if the quantity of such substance in such food does not ordinarily render it injurious to health.”

Could THC or other marijuana compounds be considered deleterious? Sure. But is it health-threatening? No, especially when you consider that steaming the lobsters gets rid of the trace amounts they may have ingested while the restaurant hot-boxed them. Ergo, since we aren’t getting any marijuana elements from the lobsters, they shouldn’t be considered adulterated under federal regulations.

In fact, under Maine’s own definition, the lobsters aren’t adulterated. The state government’s understanding of that word is a little less refined, as they claim it to mean “made impure or inferior by adding extraneous ingredients.” However, the hit of marijuana the lobsters are getting isn’t changing them in any way, just calming them down. Not sure how that could make it “impure” or “inferior.”

It’s hard to say exactly what Maine’s health department considers to be “adulterating” the lobster as well. They don’t make that clear in their statement, which says that they “would treat food served to consumers at licensed eating places and affected by marijuana, as has been described with this establishment, as adulterated and therefore illegal.”

But what is it about the marijuana that makes it such a bad thing? If it’s the THC and CBD, there’s always the possibility that the letter had political motivations, especially given that the state’s executive branch attempted to veto legalization in the state. But if the smoke is a concern, then grilling and smoking would also technically be “adulterating” the lobster, which doesn’t make sense.

Regardless of the department’s view, state regulators are mulling over the restaurant’s practice to see if they can continue to sedate the lobsters with marijuana. The restaurant, on their part, has submitted tons of test data to prove the lobsters don’t absorb THC as proof that their treatments don’t adulterate by any standard.

Hopefully, Maine’s government can figure out this clear misinterpretation and allow a novel method of humanely killing lobsters to proceed forward.

Adventures FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Restaurants Sweets

I Stumbled Upon A S’MORES BURGER In The Quiet Costal Town Of Portland

When we walked in to Nosh Kitchen Bar, the vibe was different from the rest of the restaurants in the sleepy coastal town of Portland, ME. To situate you, the Portland we’re talking about is in the Northeastern most part of the United States and is known for its incredible craft breweries and delicious lobster.

With Portland being a beautiful and accoladed foodie town in its own right, Nosh serves its constituents as the inventive and above average gastro pub for its area — a city with just over 60,000 residents.

Location scouting for our new show All NighterI walked in to Nosh with my producer and director to eat through the menu. We didn’t speak with the chefs, instead shuffling to a table for a quiet crew meal and ordered as much of the menu as we could.

Though their savory dishes deserve a hyperbole-filled writeup of their own, it’s their dessert menu that you’ll remember forever. The desserts came out in droves: their take on nostalgic Dunkaroos, a Churro Taco with a fried cinnamon-sugar flour shell and the hulking, unavoidable gorilla in the room: THE S’MORES BURGER.

Churro Taco:







…and last, but not least…





We ate, we were merry, and we visited Nosh four times in our week long visit, primarily to relive how tantalizing and memorable the S’mores Burger was. Warm brioche, cold ice cream, sticky Nutella, brûléed jumbo marshmallows and bacon salt all made up a sublime dessert sandwich experience that was damn near addicting.

Until next time Portland, and specifically Nosh, I can’t wait to visit you again:

Nosh Kitchen

551 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101


Bruxie Will Feature A LOBSTER WAFFLE SANDWICH For 4th Of July


This weekend is the 4th of July and restaurants are preparing to celebrate with limited-time menu offerings. Orange County-based waffle sandwich joint Bruxie, for example, will have Maine lobsters. No, you heard right.

Lobster fans will now be able to enjoy the New England Lobster Bruxie. Made with Maine Lobster, the meat is tossed with mayo, chives, black pepper and sea salt. It’s served with a side of waffle fries.

Also on the limited-time menu is a Vermont Apple Pie waffle sandwich and a Red, White & Blue Shake.

The Lobster Bruxie and other special menu items will only be available Friday July 3 through Sunday July 5th. Guests, however, are recommended to get theirs early because they’ll more than likely run out.

Never had waffles and lobster together before. Guess we’ll have to swing by.

Fast Food

‘Hamburglar’ Burgles Drive-Thru Order

Although, he wasn’t wearing a striped onesie, domino mask, fedora, or cape, a real-life ‘Hamburglar’ did strike a McDonald’s in Maine. Police say that Sunday night, as an employee was handing a customer their drive-thru order, a young man jumped in the middle of the car and the drive-thru window and made off with the customer’s food order.

Witnesses contacted Lt. Christopher Massey, who was leaving a nearby convenience store. Massey found the suspect in the parking lot of another fast food restaurant, eating from the contents of the stolen bag. According to Massey, the suspect swore and took off into the woods. The three men from the car whose food was stolen claim they did not know the suspect.

Their $20 worth of food was replaced by the store. The suspect is still at large.

via: Huffington Post