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Pints Of Magnum Now Exist, And You Can Still Break The Chocolate Shell

Magnum made a name for itself  by covering its creamy ice cream bars with milk chocolate shells — and also for being constantly mistaken for the condom brand.

While fans of the ice cream are probably used to eating it in bar form, Magnum has transitioned into actual scoopable ice cream pints, while still somehow keeping its unmistakable chocolate shell.

Yes, the ice cream pint will be surrounded by a chocolate shell that will literally crack when you squeeze the tub, so while the look is a little different, it will still feel very similar.

The Magnum Tubs will come in four flavors; Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, and White Chocolate Vanilla, which mirror some of the brand’s already established bar flavors.

Magnum first tested out the tubs out in Singapore, releasing three flavors back in the summer of 2017. Those flavors were a bit different than the U.S. launch, though, as they rolled out a Magnum white, classic, and almond flavor.

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Now, Magnum fans can rejoice, as they are no longer restricted to the bar and can now freely enjoy the ice cream in sundaes, floats, and any other scoop-worthy concoctions.