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Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Adds Butterbeer Ice Cream And New Lunch Menu

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

With all that summer magic in the air, there must be something brewing at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, right? Not too long ago, we sat down to a Great Feast at the Three Broomsticks, nestled in the heart of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Harry Potter-themed wonderland.

Our spirits itching for some more magical grub, we returned just in time to catch some new dishes that would enchant any witch or wizard.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

New food items have arrived at the park, including Butterbeer Ice Cream Packages. Wizarding fans may be aware that Universal Studios Orlando offers Butterbeer Ice Cream as soft serve. At the Los Angeles location, the ice cream is now featured in cool hard packs kind of like something you’d see in a grocery store.

Guests can find them outside the Three Broomsticks eating area.

“Full-flavored, tasted like a caramel swirl… that must be the key ingredient in Butterbeer,” Sour Patch Wizard and our man on the ground Elie Ayrouth reports. “Given the summer weather, letting it chill in the warm breezy air for a few minutes before eating it was the absolute perfect texture for eating.”

Ayrouth asked the head chef what the Butterbeer ice cream was made of.

“Butterbeer, of course,” the chef said with a wink.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

Also new this season are three menu items offered at Hogsmeade’s premier tavern for magic folks: The Three Broomsticks.

The Ploughman’s Lunch features an imported selection of ham, salami, country pate, English cheese, homemade pickles, and a scotch egg with bread, cranberry chutney and grain mustard. Great for sharing among your magical peers.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

You won’t find Cheese Toastie with chicken with your head buried in a spell book. The dish features grilled English cheddar cheese with chicken, crispy bacon, mustard, and sliced tomato topped with a sunny side egg. It’s served with either a salad or potato wedges. Definitely something to step out of the library for.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth

Finally, there’s the Sunday Roast Sandwich. This enchanting baguette is filled with warm prime rib and topped with English Cheddar, caramelized onions, horseradish sauce, and homemade garlic pickles. Hearty enough to lull a three-headed hound into a food coma.

Hungry witches and wizards will want to check this new menu soon at Universal Studios Hollywood. Though we recommend going on some rides before filling your bellies. Motion sickness charms are hard to cast.

Celebrity Grub

Watch Drake Freak Out After A Lollipop Magic Trick In The Club

We rarely see Drake lose his head, as he’s usually pretty composed, even when viciously attacked in diss tracks.

It looks like we found his weak spot, though.


Street magician Julius Dein has put in work, getting his name out there, regularly freaking people out, and building a magical social media platform for himself.

Dein found himself in front of music’s biggest superstar, and he had to make sure he swept the rapper off his feet.

Dein’s Twitter post showed him asking Drake his favorite superhro, and Drake immediately said “Batman.”

Dein pulled out what seemed to be a regular lollipop, stuck it in his mouth, and when Drake pulled it out, Batman’s severed head appeared in lollipop form.

This of course freaked out Drake, as he yelled, “What the f*ck!” and laughed in amazement.

Diem has a history of revealing how he pulls off his tricks, often incorporating camera tricks. In this case, the lollipop conveniently disappears from frame before he puts it in his mouth.

We’ll let you try to hypothesize what he did with the lollipop during the time it was hidden.

It is also very likely that Drake was in on the whole thing, as he is a really good actor. I mean, he’s successfully played a rapper for over a decade now.

Still, you can choose to believe it was a legit, and the wonderment in Drake’s face was pure. It’s probably more fun that way.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Now Trending

Watch Tom Brady Casually Feed David Blaine Shards Of Glass

I think it’s a common fact that David Blaine’s a f*cking psychopath, as he routinely puts his body through torturous stunts, convincing the world that he is the devil.

One of Blaine’s favorite pastimes seems to be freaking out celebrities, as he has swallowed live fish in front of the likes of Dave Chappelle, and pierced an ice pick through his hand while Kanye West confusingly looked on.

His latest celebrity stunt involved shards of glass and five-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Brady posted a video to his Instagram account, showing himself feeding Blaine shards of glass in his kitchen, seemingly for another one of the magician’s specials. I’m not exactly a nutritionist, but I don’t think pieces of glass are part of a normal person’s balanced diet.

Brady said in the post:

When I tell you the man eats glass, I mean, THE MAN EATS GLASS!!! @davidblaine you did it this time, you hit the jackpot! Warning – kids DO NOT do this at home. He is a trained professional and a GOAT!

Brady didn’t freak out like most of his famous counterparts have in the past, but then again, his job is to stay calm and collected while 230-pound humans try their best to hurt him.

Blaine then posted a photo to Instagram, showing himself, Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and Luciano Huck with big smiles, like there wasn’t a glass-eating sociopath using his demon powers in the Brady household.

Great day shooting with @gisele @tombrady @lucianohuck

A post shared by David Blaine (@davidblaine) on

We’ll probably never know how Blaine was able to chew through glass without killing himself, but I’d like to think Blaine revealed his secrets to Brady, in exchange for Brady’s ball deflating secrets.

h/t brobible

Beer Celebrity Grub Recipes

This YouTuber’s Butterbeer Recipe Is On Point

Sure, you can get a ticket to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and wait in line to get your hands on the popular wizarding drink called Butterbeer. Or you can just make it in the comfort of your own home.

HellthyJunkFood, the YouTube channel known best for accurately recreating popular fast food items at home attempt to make the magical beverage at home. All you need is some brown sugar, water, butter, cream soda, and whipped cream.

Check out the video above for the complete recipe, in detail, and sit through many cringe-worthy Harry Potter puns to complete the recipe. For a drink like butterbeer, we can sit through pretty much anything.


Customer Shocks Drive-Thru Workers With A Lemony Magic Trick

That guy MagicofRahat is at it again, terrorizing fast food drive-thrus with his wizardry. In one his latest YouTube episodes, he cruises through multiple fast food drive-thrus purchasing a bottle of water. He then asked the clerk for some lemon to go with his beverage.

When they hand it to him, he tells them there’s a hole inside his bottle. As they lean closer, he magically transports the lemon inside the water bottle without ever opening it.

How does he do it??

Check out the mystifying video.

Features Nightlife

Meet The Magical Sisters Behind Las Vegas’s Coolest Bar

A photo posted by New Wood Order (@newwoodorder) on

Recently, we got to see the Dylag sisters, Christina and Pamela, in action at Further Future Fest. Their art’s district bar Velveteen Rabbit is nestled beyond the strip in sinful Las Vegas and it’s the kind of rung of hell you wouldn’t mind vacationing in. No noisy TVs or kitschy beer logos on the taps, just fresh ingredients, delicious cocktails, and a little bit of magic.

Sit for a spell and learn more about this quaint bar. It might just bewitch you.

FB: Velveteen Rabbit has been open for about three years, but it took two years to open. What made you decide to open a bar in your hometown and why were you so dedicated to its creation?

VR: We wanted to do something unique for Las Vegas. A different culture was emerging when we came up with the idea, and we wanted to contribute to it. A main goal was to develop a space that could showcase art, music, and good booze, and we were wholly dedicated to seeing that through.


Photo: Deed DeBruno

FB: There’s an undeniable witchy/wiccan theme to the bar. Are you witches? How did you land on this aesthetic?

VR: One of us identifies as a witch, and the other doesn’t. The former is pretty shy about her otherworldly nature, so she tries to keep it on the hush hush.

FB: As sisters, is it difficult to mix work and family? How do you go about solving disagreements? Do you have separate roles or do you share all responsibilities equally?

VR: In solving disagreements, we usually settle on a dance battle or throw spaghetti at one another until someone concedes. It’s weird but it works!

FB: What do you like most about the Arts District?

VR: The Arts District specifically attracts a lot of people who have an interest in art and anything relating to it; due to its nature, new businesses have opened that cater to a more culturally-minded clientele. It’s nice to be a part of a tight-knit community like ours.

FB: Did you meet any push-back from other bars when you opened or has the community been generally welcoming?

VR: Some people didn’t think we knew what we were doing. I guess we didn’t! We had never managed or owned a bar before…Christina had never bartended. It was a sort of trial-and-error experiment, but we’re still alive and kicking, so we must have figured out a few things, three years later.

FB: Beyond the Arts District, would you say that the Vegas bar scene is a bit of a boy’s club? Why do you think Velveteen Rabbit is thriving in this environment?

VR: It’s a male-dominated sphere for the most part, but kickass women continue to thrive regardless; Mariena Mercer, Rose Signor, Jolene Mannina, Nina Manchev… to name a few. It’s not for the faint of heart, but women make a huge impact.

FB: What’s your favorite drink (that you’ve created or in general)?

VR: Anything mezcal. Pretty sure we’re 70 percent distilled agave nectar at this point.

Update: Photo credit changed to proper source.



How To Spend Valentine’s Day Like A Wizard From Harry Potter


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and quite a few of us are struggling for ideas on what to do for the special day. How about a magical dinner for two at Harry Potter’s Great Hall of Hogwarts?

Warner Bros. London Studio Tour is taking reservations for Valentine’s Day weekend (Feb. 13-14) for diners to spend the romantic holiday on the movie set of the Harry Potter film.

The Great Hall will be tricked out for Valentine’s and will feature a three-course meal, an after-hours tour of the Harry Potter sets, post-dinner coffee or tea, chocolates and tankard of Harry Potter’s famous Butterbeer.

Guests will also receive their very own wand.

Prepare to shell out quite a bit though. A dinner for two costs £495 which is about $716.04 US, not including the plane fare if you’re not in Europe. Still, if you can afford it, the experience should be a magical story you can tell your Muggle children someday.

Reservations begin Jan. 13 and can be placed through the Warner Bros. London Studio site. It also gives you a detailed itinerary of the evening.

Photo: Warner Bros. London


This might be the coolest magic trick you could ever do with a banana