Tea Brand For Non-Yogis Helps You ‘Calm the F*ck Down’


There are yogis, people who have achieved enlightenment, who wake up and stretch and drink their tea and post #fitspo selfies on Instagram and make everyone else hate them. Then there’s the aforementioned “everyone else.”

Ironically created by a Canadian graphic designer, “Calm the F*ck Down Magic Tea” is a tea for the rest of us. Rather than cover their packages with Buddhist statements and soothing sunset photos, the brand understands that tea drinkers can be just as cranky as coffee drinkers. Their bright orange, hand-written tea bags and cardboard cups implore drinkers to “make karma your bitch” and promise to provide the “gratifying feeling of not giving a fuck.”


There’s also a six step guide to inner peace printed on the back of the cups:

  1. Tell your stresses to lay the fuck back.
  2. Shut down every screen around you… Except for the one that displays a sweet fireplace.
  3. Put on some music that was recorded on LSD.
  4. Boil some water… Make it reaaal hot.
  5. Put that same water in a cup that preferably says : “I’m a Boss”.
  6. Calm the f*ck down & enjoy some inner peace, bitch.

Don’t mind if we do.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi