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Watch ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Characters Scare The Living Hell Out Of Drive-Thru Employees

It seems like a long time since this happened, but it’s only been about three years since the first installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror video game series came out. This intense game full of jump scares that you never saw coming made people shriek all over the internet and turned it into a beloved horror game icon.

While Five Nights at Freddy’s isn’t as popular nowadays as it once was, the game’s robot animal characters are still great at scaring unexpected people. Especially if perfectly used as a nostalgic prank tool on drive-thru staffers.

YouTube prank sensation Magic of Rahat decided to resurrect the robots in a prank video where he got many employees at several establishments to scream out of fear. By using a hidden car seat, controlling the robot, and using an iPhone to portray the horrid screech the animatronics emit in the games, Rahat created a pretty life-like creation of the Freddy’s robots that we do NOT want to be on the opposite end of.

Now, not everybody was fooled or scared by Rahat’s antics, and some of the most badass responses to his jump scare attempts can be seen in the bonus video above. While their reactions weren’t what we were hoping for, they were still pretty funny.

Hopefully I can watch this a few times, get some great laughs out of it, and not get nightmares of the robots when I go to sleep tonight.

Fast Food Humor Video

Guy Pranks Drive-Thru Employees By Driving Up As Elmo [WATCH]

Imagine you’re working the drive-thru at night. You get yet another order in the monotonous work day you’ve had so far, and wait for the car to roll up to pay for their meal.

Now imagine that when you open the window, Elmo from Sesame Street is sitting there driving the car.

A few fast food employees were treated to that shocking experience when YouTube channel Magic of Rahat rolled up with his order. The magical prankster made this possible through a hidden seat contraption he’s built, which allows Rahat to utilize the car pedals while remaining out of sight. He’s already pranked fast food staffers in the past by driving up as a skeleton, a robot, and even as a scary doll.

This time, Rahat drove up as the iconic Muppet, and even utilized a pretty spot-on imitation of Elmo’s voice to make employees believe it was really Elmo. After the initial freak-out moments, most of the employees played along, resulting in some hilarious antics from workers and Rahat alike.

Check out the video for yourself, and try not to laugh too hard watching Elmo’s world collide with the world of these drive-thru employees.