Gordon Ramsay’s Secret To Selecting The Freshest Fish [WATCH]

Superstar chef Gordon Ramsay walks a fine line from being a hard-ass, know-it-all culinary bully, to possibly being the nicest man in the food industry.

Regardless of what you think of him, Ramsay knows his stuff and takes the time to inform his audience about how to properly shop, cook and eat like a professional.

This time Ramsay shares his guide to buying fish and it’s actually very useful. Check out his tips below.

The most interesting part of the video is the dialogue from connoisseur fish expert Roger Kent-Barton, a vendor inside London’s Billingsgate Market for more than 50 years, who Ramsay credits for, “always getting the freshest and the best,” when it comes to fish.

“I love fish,” Barton exclaimed with passion. “I could feed you a different fish 365 days a year.”

Barton, who’s accent is reminiscent of “Brick Top” in Snatchexplained how to determine if a fish is fresh, simply by the smell.

“Old fish smells different,” he said. “the longer it’s around the more fishy it will smell,” Barton said. “When it’s lovely and fresh, it doesn’t smell.”

Among other things, Barton suggests that when considering a fish to purchase, be sure to “get your nose right in it and smell it,” and not to be shy when it comes to truly knowing your fish.

Both Ramsay and Barton seem to be impressed with salmon, and enjoy a whole salmon steamed or stuffed, salmon fillets grilled or fried, or smoked salmon which Ramsay says he, “loves with his scrambled eggs.”

When it comes to buying fish — or anything thing — you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best price. If that means getting a little more familiar with your fish before you buy, so be it.

Thanks, Ramsay. This is definitely useful advice.


This is What the World’s Grossest Ramen Looks Like

I love ramen. I love free things. So when I heard that a food reviewer over at Rocketnews24 had consumed a bowl of the world’s most disgusting ramen in under six minutes and thirty seconds to win a bowl of free tasty ramen, I didn’t even bat an eyelash. Then I read that the ramen itself contains tofu, okra, and a whole mackerel along with its side of pig ear and foot, and I got a little nervous. Then I saw the pictures and read the part of the review where the author says that even the waiter who carried out the food had his face “firmly locked in a grimace.” I’m not sure that even a free bowl of delicious ramen could get me to eat a bowl of something that tasted “like a dead elephant’s a**.”

Especially when it looks like this.


And is coated with a mysterious “spongy, gel-like ingredient” on top.


And did we mention the pig parts that smell like “a sanitation worker’s boot”?


To be fair, the adventurous reviewer did mention that the restaurant in question does not list this stomach-curdling dish on the menu, probably to avoid accidentally killing someone. If a customer wants to try to finish it and win the bowl of free (good) ramen, they have to specifically ask for “The Ramen That’s too Disgusting to Eat.” And then they’ll have to sit in a special part of the restaurant so the offensive smell doesn’t bother the other customers.

There are a lot of things I’d do for a free bowl of delicious ramen, but this. . . this is too far. I bow to anyone who manages to complete this hideous challenge with their stomach (and their sanity) intact.

H/T + PicThnx to Rocketnews24


Photorealistic Mackerel Pencil Case

I have never been a fan of the taste of Mackerel personally, so it’s a little hard for me to want to split one open and store my various writing utensils inside one. But if you’re someone who relishes that very thought your prayers have been answered! When opened the case reveals a photorealistic image of the fish’s innards grilled to perfection mimicing a popular Japanese dish. With a list price set at $75.00 I’d say this particular item is reserved for a true Mackerel enthusiast.

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