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We Turned Mac & Cheese Into CHILAQUILES and CHEESECAKE Recipes

In what has become a fun exercise of our kitchen creativity, Foodbeast personalities and friends have been cooking up themed recipes for the past weeks. Shelter at home has really left us with some prime time to think up some Foodbeast-worthy recipes such as Elote Ramen and Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes! In this next round of quarantine cooking, we’ve set our hearts on the warm, cheesy comfort food that is mac & cheese.

Tapping into our fond memories of what mac & cheese mean to us, we came up with a collection of recipes that are easy to make at home and mouthwatering. Pushing the culinary boundaries this week are Bacon-Wrapped, Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Pasilla Peppers, Macaroni Chilaquiles, Quarantine Casserole, and a Mac & Cheesecake. Sheesh, this week’s roster of recipes are definitely worthy homages to arguably one of the greatest comfort food dishes ever.

Check out the video above and stay tuned to what ingredient we’re focusing on in the next round up of recipes!

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Custom Build The Mac And Cheese Of Your Dreams At This Restaurant

Mac and cheese has to be one of the United States’ ultimate comfort foods. There’s something inherently relaxing about watching a waterfall of cheese ooze from the pasta clinging to your fork, and the warmth each bite brings to you.

If you’re in San Francisco and are obsessed with cheesy mac, there’s a massive culinary playground for the beloved comfort dish that’s a must try.

mac and cheesePhoto: Foodbeast // Eloise Kim

The place is called MAC’D, and they’ve taken the ability to custom build mac and cheese to unprecedented levels. You’ve got six different sauces, three  starch bases (two pastas and a cauliflower option), and a whopping 20 mix-ins and toppings to choose from.

You’re not just choosing from standard ingredients, though. There’s options like Korean short rib, pulled pork, crab, shrimp, truffle oil, Hot Cheetos, and more to choose from. Every custom bowl is also built to order, so while it may take a while to cook, you know that you’re getting everything cooked fresh, something a fast-casual chain isn’t always able to offer.

By leveraging this unique spread of toppings, sauces, and pastas, MAC’D has become a treat yourself-style mac and cheese spot where creativity runs as wild as the cheese pulls folks are capturing on social media.

MAC’D started as a pop-up in early 2017, and gained enough traction to open up their first location in San Francisco’s Marina District that July. Since then, response to the concept has been massive, and owners Antony Bello and Chen-Chen Huo already have a second SF location up and running on Fillmore Street in the Russian Hill District.

They’re also delivering in the Portland, Oregon area, a “ghost kitchen” model that the company hopes to use to expand to another 4-6 cities in the next year. From there, they said they’ll continue to open more brick-and-mortar spots based on which locations resonate with their brand.

“In the next 5-10 years, we hope to have MAC’D locations in every metropolitan hub, while serving more broadly through delivery or even affordable packaged meals,” Huo told Foodbeast.

#foodbeast Cravings FOODBEAST Restaurants

Here’s Where To Catch These Deep-Fried PIMENTO CHEESE Balls

Over the years, we’ve noticed one ingredient pairs best with cheese above all: MORE CHEESE. So what could go with a bed of baked macaroni and cheese? Perhaps a deep-fried ball of pimento.

Lucille’s Smokehouse created these deep-fried pimento cheese balls served on a heaping helping of mac and cheese. To compliment the crispy sphere of molten pimento cheese, the baked macaroni and cheese is made with pimento, bacon, smoked peppers, and onions.

Boy, we sure don’t envy the lactose intolerant right now.

The Pimento Ball Mac Dish was created exclusively for OOZEFEST, Foodbeast’s third annual all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. The cheese festival will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14.

For more information or to purchase tickets head to


[Recipe] This Thanksgiving Pizza Will Solve Your Leftovers Dilemma

Trying to figure out what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers can get boring. You can make a bunch of turkey sandwiches for the week like a chump, or you can upgrade your leftovers game with a pizza.

With this pizza, you’re essentially just mounting your crust with anything and everything you had for Thanksgiving, like cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing and macaroni.

Check out the recipe below and step away from that turkey sandwich.


  • Flour
  • Pizza dough
  • Leftover Cranberry sauce
  • Leftover Mashed potatoes
  • Leftover Turkey
  • Leftover green beans
  • Leftover stuffing
  • Grated cheddar cheese


Just make a pizza. No? Not buying it?

Ok, well, you are, essentially, just making a pizza.

You can use the classic Pillsbury crust, or Boboli pre-made crust and start topping away.

Instead of the usual pizza sauce, you spread the cranberry sauce over the dough and follow it up with the mashed potatoes.

After that, just start cramming every square inch of the pie with your turkey, macaroni & cheese, green beans and stuffing.

You stick your pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for 18 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown, let it cool and munch away.

This orchestrated mess actually works and tastes bomb, trust me. It’s like a Thanksgiving Pieology pizza.

Bake away this weekend and enjoy!


Chuck E. Cheese’s New Millennial Menu Has A MAC & CHEESE PIZZA


For years, Chuck E. Cheese has been pretty constant with its menu. It’s not like kids are going to complain about cheese and dough quality when there’s games to be played. That changed earlier this year when the entertainment center revealed a redesigned menu that featured boneless wings, wraps, speciality thin-crust pizzas and even churros.

Now, things are changing yet again, NRN reports. Chuck E. Cheese is preparing to launch its first limited-time menu item: a macaroni and cheese pizza.


Photo: Ron Ruggless

Gregory Casale, the chain’s director of culinary innovation, was a former fine-dining chef. His goal was for people to give the party center a second look and see that their pizza can stand along with all the other pizza chains out there.

Developed towards a millennial crowd of parents and kids, the new menu boasts the tagline:

“We’re not playing games with your food anymore.”

Wait, so what were they doing before? It’s been a while since our last trip, but we didn’t think the pizza and wings were that bad.

One of the newer items, the spinach and mushroom-topped Cali Alfredo pizza seems to be doing very well for the brand since it appeared on the menu back in April.

The Mac-Cheesy Pizza makes its debut in October and will be available through the end of the year. Afterwards, Chuck E. Cheese will launch another limited item.

Our fondest memories were of the breadsticks dipped in ranch dressing. Hopefully that never changes.



RECALL: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Packages Could Contain Metal

Certain boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese may possibly contain small pieces of metal, according to a breaking news release from the folks at the popular packaged goods company.

So we don’t miss anything, here’s the full release from the Kraft Foods Group:

NORTHFIELD, Ill., March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Kraft Foods Group is voluntarily recalling approximately 242,000 cases of select code dates and manufacturing codes of the Original flavor of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner – due to the possibility that some boxes may contain small pieces of metal. The recalled product is limited to the 7.25-oz. size of the Original flavor of boxed dinner with the “Best When Used By” dates of September 18, 2015 through October 11, 2015, with the code “C2” directly below the date on each individual box.  The “C2” refers to a specific production line on which the affected product was made.

Some of these products have also been packed in multi-pack units that have a range of different code dates and manufacturing codes on the external packaging (box or shrink-wrap), depending on the package configuration (see table below).

Recalled product was shipped to customers in the U.S. and several other countries, excluding Canada.  The affected dates of this product were sold in only these four configurations:

7.25 oz. box, Original flavor

3-pack box of those 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor

4-pack  shrink-wrap of those 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor

5-pack shrink-wrap of those 7.25 oz. boxes, Original flavor

The following are being recalled:


No other sizes, varieties or pasta shapes and no other packaging configurations are included in this recall. And no products with manufacturing codes other than “C2” below the code date on the individual box are included in this recall.

Kraft has received eight consumer contacts about this product from the impacted line within this range of code dates and no injuries have been reported. We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed.

The recalled product was shipped by Kraft to customers nationwide in the U.S.  The product was also distributed to Puerto Rico and some Caribbean and South American countries — but not to Canada.

Consumers who purchased this product should not eat it.  They should return it to the store where purchased for an exchange or full refund.  Consumers also can contact Kraft Foods Consumer Relations at 1-800-816-9432 between 9 am and 6 pm (Eastern) for a full refund.




Mac and Cheese Tacos

mac_and_cheese_tacos_1Recipe: Blog Chef



Vegan Mac and Cheese


Recipe: Vegan Yumminess