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Disneyland’s Newest Macaron Comes With A Hidden ‘Bleeding Sprinkle’ Surprise

Have your smartphones on the ready when buying Disneyland’s newest macaron, because whoever bites into it is gonna be in for a bit of a surprise.

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

When you break into the new Birthday Hat Macaron at Disney California Adventure’s Cozy Cone Motel, you’re going to unleash a flurry of sprinkles that are hiding in the middle of the treat. It’s akin to the viral “bleeding sprinkles” cakes that have cracked off on Instagram, but in a smaller, more jolting form.

Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth got an early sneak peek at the new treat, which drops in January to coincide with the new “Get Your Ears On” Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebration. Peep the video below to check out his full experience with the macaron, including the color it changed his tongue at the end.

It’s not all flash and flair with the Birthday Hat Macaron, however. Ayrouth noted that the macaron and filling inside tasted like cotton candy, making this treat a unique fusion of multiple modern theme park favorites.

The macaron will be available at the Cozy Cone Motel during the Get Your Ears On celebration, which lasts through the whole of 2019.

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Dessert Shop Makes The Most Colorful Rainbow Popcorn You’ve Ever Seen

If you love popcorn, ice cream and milk tea — then every visit to Birthdae Cake Dessert Haus in Fountain Valley will feel like it’s your birthday.

But, with the endless combinations of gourmet ice cream flavors, rainbow colored popcorn and the super customizable Double Cup split cup, you’ll definitely want to visit more than once a year.   

They say no two popcorn kernels are the same, and with sweet flavors of cinnamon, strawberry, mango, lime, caramel and apple, Birthdae Cake’s Unicorn Popcorn is a truly magical treat — perfect on its own, or as a tasty topping.

Photos by Marc Kharrat

Thanks to their uber photogenic menu, Birthdae Cake is generating a ton of hype in Los Angeles and Orange County areas, as their colorful creations have all the ingredients to go viral. Just by looking at their Instagram page (@BirthdaeCake), you can see the spot is constantly poppin’.

Birthdae Cake defines itself as an experimental Dessert Haus, creating small batches of organic drinks, and seasonal ice cream flavors like Strawberry Sherbert that’s made with strawberries and condensed milk, and The Wake N’ Bake made with crushed walnuts, buttermilk and bananas.  

Birthdae Cake, anyone?
Created in partnership with Birthdae Cake


Drunken Irish Coffee Macarons Are All The St. Patrick’s Day You Need

A little over a week ago we graced the site with these gems: Mimosa Macarons with Champagne Buttercream.

We’re back with the same partner in crime, Ashley Khawsy of Smash Bakes, to once again prove your supreme baking reign to your loyal subjects. This time it’s combining your favorite caffeinated vice (coffee), with your favorite alcoholic vice (whiskey) AND still finding a way to integrate a second alcohol with these Irish Coffee Macarons stuffed with a Bailey’s Buttercream.

We seem to be semi-obsessed with alcoholic sweet treats (see Drunken Oreos), but can you really blame us? The full recipe instructions are in the video, and again you’ll find measurements in grams because you’ll need to be precise, aka use a scale.

Boozy Irish Coffee Macarons

Irish Coffee Shells

-144g Egg Whites (no yolk!, room temperature, aged 1 day)

-115g Almond Meal

-230g Powdered Sugar

-72g Granulated Sugar

-15g Favorite Ground Coffee

-Pinch of Cream of Tartar

Bailey’s Buttercream

-1 Stick Unsalted Butter

-4 Cups Powdered Sugar

-4 Tablespoon Bailey’s Irish Cream (at least)

-Pinch of Salt

Clutch Equipment to Have

-Food Processor or Blender

-Stand Mixer

-Piping Supplies

Silpat Macaron Mat


How to Make Mimosa Macarons with Champagne Butter Cream

Brunch. Such a positive word, emotional even.

It implies waking at your leisure, meeting people you care about and gorging 50 percent more than a normal meal, because hey—it counts as two right? And we all plan to actually burn the calories considering we have the rest of the day. Well, we’ll get to that after the food coma nap. And a House of Cards binge watching session. OK, let’s just schedule the calorie-burning thing for tomorrow.


It was with this mindset that we collaborated with Ashley Khawsy from Smash Bakes to invent a boozy macaron and make it simple enough for anyone who’s not a professional baker to create.


You’ll find the weight of ingredients in grams, because we highly recommend using a scale for measurement.

Here’s what you’ll need to make 35 macarons or 70 shells:

Orange Macarons: 

  • 144g of Egg Whites (No yolk!, preferably aged one day)
  • 115g Almond Meal (blanched if you don’t want speckles)
  • 230g Powdered Sugar
  • 72g Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 tsp orange extract or 1 tsp dried orange zest
  • Pinch cream of tartar

Champagne Butter Cream:

  • 1 stick Unsalted Butter
  • 2 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Champagne or to taste, you drunkard

Clutch Equipment To Have:

For full instructions, check out the video!


These Super Sweet Waffle, Donut, and Macaron-Shaped Coin Purses Smell Like Them, Too


If I had my druthers, I’d live in a world filled with cupcakes and glitter with my talking pet unicorn and a magical transformation sequence so I wouldn’t have to buy new clothes. Yeah, these waffle, donut, and macaron coin purses from Firebox are nowhere near that, but they are still pretty damn cute.

“Virtually indistinguishable” from the real thing, the 2 by 3 inch pouches are essentially useless for anything but pretending you poop donuts or have elves living in your pockets. Each is scented according to what its colors suggest, i.e., the pink and brown donuts are strawberry and chocolate; the green and orange macarons are mint and orange, etc. They’re currently available for $14.95 a piece.



Trust, your dough has never smelled so sweet.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Macarons

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Macarons

PicThx: Instagram


Fruity Pebbles Macaron is the Next Big Confection On Your Radar


Who knew incorporating a breakfast cereal into a macaron could work so well? Yes, Fruity Pebbles Macarons exist and they are everything we (didn’t) dream about.

Late yesterday afternoon our weekend editor Ashley Khawsy, who moonlights as a baker under the moniker SmashBakes, stopped by the Foodbeast office to show off her new line of goodies to our team. For those that follow the site, you might recall Ashley is the same genius who concocted a nostalgia-approved Reptar Bar a few months back, a treat that had the bar’s iconic image from Nickelodeon Rugrats down to the wrapper and even left your tongue green.

In her most recent triumph, Ashley humbly introduced her new range of products, spouting things like “These here are Banana Nutella macarons… and those are Cosmo Cookies, and these are Fruity Pebbles macarons–” and we stopped her there. We took the box, and as an office full of food media-obsessed individuals would do, we took the micro macarons out and began snapping photos to share with our soon-to-be-jealous friends:

After our 20-minute paparazzi session with our new Fruity Pebble Macaron friends, we all dove in to give these things a proper mouth trial. The flavors were balanced, plenty of Fruity Pebbles to get a beautiful pattern going throughout, as well as an awesome texture with every bite. Yet the brilliant thing about the macarons were their ability to stay 100% true to the Fruity Pebble flavor. This was also evident in the Banana Nutella flavor, which felt like eating two heavenly pieces of crispy banana held together with a creamy layer of Nutella.

Props to Ashley for dropping off the magic. If you want to get your hands on some of these next-level desserts, contact her at Smashbakes.


How to Make Doctor Who Inspired Macarons With TARDIS Tea White Chocolate Ganache

Macaron trio_resize

Remember back in March when we talked about those delightfully nerdy fandom teas? Well I found a way to incorporate Cara McGee’s TARDIS blend tea into a Doctor Who inspired macaron. Although I couldn’t get the shells to be that recognizable TARDIS blue I did manage to infuse the TARDIS tea into some cream to create a delicious white chocolate ganache. Think your favorite cuppa in frosting form. British style of course, with cream and sugar because the Doctor wouldn’t have it any other way. These delicate macarons may not save you from the Weeping Angels but they might make you feel timey-wimey. Okay, maybe not but trust me, they were one of the most delicious things I’ve had in all of time and space.


Macarons with TARDIS White Chocolate Ganache

Makes 36 large shells or 18 sandwiched cookies


Blue Macaron Ingredients
adapted from Ms. Humble’s Scatterplot Macarons

  • 120g almond meal
  • 200g powdered sugar
  • 100g egg whites
  • 35g granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 5-7 drops Navy Blue Americolor Food Gel
  • Sifter
  • Food Processor
  • Hand or Stand Mixer
  • Piping bag
  • Large round tip

1. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or a silpat. Make sure to double up on cookie sheets so your macarons don’t cook too quickly during the baking process. If you have a macaron piping template put it under the parchment paper so you can see where to pipe otherwise you’ll have to take the route I took and trace circles all over the parchment paper as a guide. The size is up to you, I made mine fairly large for a macaron which is why this recipe yielded a small amount for me.

2. Weigh out your almond meal, powdered sugar, egg whites and granulated sugar separately using a kitchen scale.

3. Add your almond meal and powdered sugar into a food processor and pulse until both ingredients are well combined.

4. Sift the almond sugar mixture through a sieve or sifter over a large bowl. We’re using a large bowl because you’ll need the room for the meringue later. After your entire mixture has been sifted it’s time to move to the meringue.

5. Place your egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar in a bowl or in your stand mixer bowl. Using Bravetart’s guide to making macarons set your stand mixer to 4 or “medium” for 3 minutes. The egg whites won’t look super foamy at this point but that’s okay because we’re no where near done with them. Increase the speed to 7 or “medium-high” for an additional 3 minutes. Then turn up the mixer to 8 for another 3 minutes. At this time it’s best to add your coloring so it’s incorporated evenly into the meringue. At this point you should have a stiff meringue, this means that the meringue should stand up on itself so check your whisk and turn it upside down. Is the meringue clinging tight? Can you turn your bowl over your head and not have a head full of meringue? Good, then that’s the perfect consistency! Be careful not to overmix as you’ll end up with a gritty meringue and won’t be able to complete the macaronage stage.

6. Now here’s where things get scary. The macaronage stage is where you mix the meringue in with the dry ingredients. You can’t beat or stir this you have to gently fold the two together. Pour your meringue into your almond sugar mixture. Using a rubber spatula circle the entirety of the bowl then come straight down the middle with your strokes. You want to get the air out of the meringue without over beating it while still incorporating the almond sugar mixture. The consistency you want should be what people describe as “lava-like”. Basically it should flow onto itself and melt back into the mixture after about 20 seconds. This consistency is usually achieved after 60 strokes. Do a consistency check to see if your mixture is flowing like ribbons of lava.

7. Take an piping bag and fit it with a large round tip. Twist the bag near the tip end so your batter doesn’t flow until you’re ready to pipe. Carefully add your batter to the piping back but be careful not to over fill the bag. Make sure all the air is out of the bag by twisting the open end. Take your full piping bag to your cookie sheets and pipe your shells. Don’t pipe in a circle just center the tip in the middle of your circle and squeeze just before the batter reaches the edges of the circle. Release your pressure on the bag to stop the flow of batter and move onto the remaining shells.

8. After all your shells are piped carefully grab your cookie sheets (while also holding the parchment paper in place) and tap the cookie sheets on a table. It’s okay to be a little rough during this part, we want all the remaining air to rise to the top so we can get the smoothest shells possible. After about 4-5 raps on the table your cookies are ready to dry. Leave them out for about 30-60 minutes until the shells are no longer sticky to the touch.

Preheat your oven to 280 degrees. Put a large cookie tray on the top rack of your oven to shield the shells from over browning. Once your oven reaches 280 degrees place your macarons on the lower third rack. Bake for 15-18 minutes pulling the shells out before they get browned. Some recipes say to keep the oven door propped open a crack to release the steam from the cookies but if you doubled up on the cookie sheets you should be fine. After your cookies are done baking let them cool on the cookie sheet until cool. Do not try removing the cookies from the parchment paper until they are completely cool otherwise you risk losing the bottom of your cookie.

TARDIS Tea White Chocolate Ganache Ingredients:

  • 2 heaping Tbsp. TARDIS blend Tea
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 5oz white chocolate pieces

1. Add heavy cream and tea leaves to a medium sauce pan.  Let the cream slowly heat on low. The tea leaves will steep in the cream and turn the cream to a golden brown color.

2. Add your white chocolate to a small bowl. Once your cream begins to bubble it’s time to add it to the white chocolate but you have to remove the loose leaves first. You can use a sieve or tea press for this.

3. Add the warm cream to the white chocolate and whisk until the mixture is smooth. Once the desired consistency has been reached cover and let set in the fridge for 2 hours. When the ganache is chilled it will be easier to spread when you assemble the macarons.

4. Match up your macaron shells up by size in pairs. Grab your chilled ganache and add about a tbsp to one shell and sandwich the cookies together being careful not to crack the fragile shells.

5. Once all the cookies are assembled they need to be chilled for 24 hours to achieve optimal deliciousness. I know, it’s hard especially after all these steps and you can’t even eat one. Trust me, you want that ganache to have time to get all cozy with your macaron shells, it’ll be worth it. After 24 hours, dig in!

Recipe & Photography by Chronicles of a Foodie