How To Make Sausage Mac n’ Cheetos

In the last few years, the popular dish of macaroni and cheese has become a base for a ton of pretty insane recipes. No longer are folks content with the simple addition of cheese to noodles. No, we want more.

Enter the Sausage Mac n’ Cheetos. The folks at the Foodbeast Kitchen whipped up a recipe that combines sweet, spicy and savory.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sweet sausage, green onion, macaroni, cheese and crushed Hot Cheetos.

Here’s what to do:

Cut up the sweet sausage into small pieces and cook them until they’re brown. Drain the excess fat and set the sausage aside. Start boiling your macaroni, drain them and add the cheese. Once the mac n’ cheese is mixed together, add the sausage, crushed Hot Cheetos and stir.

A cheesy, spicy, hot mess of flavor.

You’re welcome.

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McDonalds To Unleash Their Enormous Giga Big Mac Burger In Japan

In an attempt to make the Japanese as fat and happy as we Americans are, McDonald’s will be releasing their new Giga Mac Burger, the biggest thing to hit the streets of Tokyo since Godzilla.

Slated to be released in two days, the behemoth burger will feature all of the same ingredients as the standard Big Mac, only it will have 2.8 times the amount of meat in them. Not only will there be four patties instead of two, but the patties themselves will be thicker and wider, which is apparently where that .8 comes into play.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.52.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.52.46 PM

It comes as no surprise that the creative minds behind the menu items in Japan came up with this. Their previous ideas included things like chocolate drizzled fries, a mashed potato burger, and Shaka Shaka potato fries. They even got in on the fun for April Fool’s Day, introducing fake items such as the Sugar Burger and the Bamboo Burger.

According to the Rocket News 24, the company claims that by finishing this enormous burger, you’ll achieve “a satisfied sense of accomplishment.” Accomplishment? Really? That’s what we’re going with here, huh?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.51.47 PM

The company will also be releasing an enormous soda and enormous fries to go with the burger because apparently “large” isn’t large enough. They’re also releasing a Grand Big Mac, which is slightly larger than a Big Mac but slightly smaller than a Giga Mac. Their giga drinks and giga fries will be 2 times and 1.7 times bigger than their large size counterparts. For reference, one giga-sized drink would hold 64 oz, double the size of a large drink, which translates into the same amount as 5.3 cans of soda.



via Rocket News 24

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6 Unexpected Recipes That Use PBR, From Sushi To Sandwiches [WATCH]

We now have six more reasons to place PBR at the top of the grocery list.

For context, we challenged six of our favorite guys known for creating obscenely delicious eats, and asked them to create some more obscenely delicious eats using the golden good stuff PBR—just because we can, and just because we should. (Ask not what PBR can do for you, but what you can do for PBR, right? Something like that.)

Needless to say, our guys delivered, and consequently, history has been made. After all, we’re talking about some of the best. Tym “McBurger Chips” Bussanich. Sushi-making legend Davy Devaux. The Vulgar Fucking Chef, for cheddar’s sake.

PBR pretzel bites, sushi, bacon mac, PABST BLUE REUBEN—this is what happens when you mix fire with fire. You might as well just consider and accept these as your grocery list. Here are six reasons why you need to restock your fridge with PBR immediately:

PBR Philly Cheese Steak Fingers

Tym Bussanich’s genius idea of combining steak marinated in PBR with green peppers, onions, and melted American cheese, all within the cracks of a warm loaf of bread (I like to think of these as sandwich fries). Happiness is just a finger away, y’all.

PBR Bacon Mac and Cheese

This recipe from the Simple Cooking Channel is the ultimate comfort food after a long day wherever: PBR. Bacon. Mac. Cheese. All can be united so effortlessly, it’s almost too good too be true. That’s the joy of Simple Cooking.

Pabst Blue Reuben

An entire sandwich, dunked and fried in PBR batter, and graced with a punderfully appropriate title. We’d be lost without this treasure from Dude Foods.

PBR Tempura Sushi

For many of us, it’s difficult enough making basic sushi. Davy of Make Sushi not only recreated the PBR logo in this PBR-battered roll, but to do so, he imagined the first ever naturally blue rice by using ultra rare butterfly pea flower tea.   

PBR Cheddar Nuggets (in a PBR Can)

The idea of PBR in a PBR can is nice. The idea of PBR Cheddar Nuggets in a PBR can is also nice. Vulgar Chef’s taking things to a whole new level with these cheddar nuggets fried in PBR batter, which he keenly serves in their own can along with a creamy bacon cheese sauce for dunkin’. Dipping cheese into more cheese—that’s what America’s all about.

PBR Sriracha Garlic Cheese Pretzel Bites

Cheesy, salty, and a lil’ spicy—said it before and I’ll say it again, these are the perfect anytime anywhere snack. Seeing a movie tonight? Maybe you pop into your kitchen for a bit beforehand. Maybe you make a couple batches… a couple dozen batches. Maybe you discreetly tuck ‘em into your pockets/purse/mouth and sneak ‘em into the theater with you for a lil’ snack during the show. Maybe you just had the best movie experience EVER.

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McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Is Finally Being Sold By The Bottle


We can’t explain it, but there’s just something about McDonald’s Mac Sauce that we can’t get enough of. Yeah, we know it’s more or less thousand island dressing. Yet the way Mcdonald’s makes it keeps us coming back for more Big Macs. Imagine our envy when we hear that McDonald’s Australia is selling the sauce by the bottle.

In a limited run, the fast food chain is selling 4,000 bottles for $4.95 each. The bottles will be available at 40 participating restaurants in Australia, Brand Eating reports.

For five bucks and a 500ml bottle, we’d never have to be ask for extra Mac Sauce again. The delicious foods we could sauce would be endless. Like chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t judge us.


The Infamous Mac & Cheese That Got A Hostile College Kid Arrested


With the UConn incident making waves, we had to dig around to find out what’s so special about that macaroni the 19-year-old student was arrested for. Luke Gatti was arrested after a public display of aggressive intoxication which originated from his desire for bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese.

Recorded at the Union Street Market of the University of Connecticut Student Union, was Gatti’s drunken tirade on the manager. Allegedly, Gatti arrived at the union drunk and was asked by the manager to leave after he opened a beer. He even admits to being underaged in the video.

He goes on for about 9 minutes demanding the mac and cheese. While we’re not condoning this idiot’s actions in any way, this mac and cheese looks amazing. Seriously, check it out.


#macandcheese A photo posted by CTNow (@gotoctnow) on

UConn lists the mac and cheese at $2.90 for a large with an additional charge of 50-cents for access to the toppings bar. Sounds like the perfect college dish.

Barstool Sports reports that, after the incident, one of the campus eateries even created a calzone stuffed with macaroni and cheese in Gatti’s honor. Also looks delicious.

While Gatti has officially moved off the campus, no word yet on whether he’s been expelled.


7 People From UConn ‘MAC & CHEESE INCIDENT’ That Gave Us Hope For Humanity

Here at the Foodbeast office, we’ve been watching that UConn video nonstop.

Long story short, a drunk 19-year-old at the University of Connecticut busts into the student union and brashly demands that the manager serve him bacon jalapeño macaroni and cheese. Luke Gatti was denied service due to his current state and took it pretty badly. He blew up on the manager which eventually led to his arrest.

You can check out the original video above.

Looking back, the 9-minute video has quite a few great moments from different people trying to break up the incident. With tons of videos featuring bystanders egging on fights, the folks below give us hope that humans aren’t so bad.

Cept Gatti. He sucks. Here are our highlights.




At three different times in the video, fellow students try to calm Gatti down. While the last two quickly gave up trying to calm the guy, you have to give them props for trying to end the situtation.

The first one, pictured in the far left, made the most progress. He was even provoked by Gatti after he tried to step in. The altercation between the two students was broken up, however, by…

The No-Nonsense Employee


She wasn’t going to have any fights in her student union. Near the middle of the video, this employees quickly tells Gatti to take it outside.

The kid ignores her, however, and sets his sights on the manager once again.



Dude’s all business. Not only does he end to the situation, he handles it without any excessive means of force. Just sit on him and cuff him.

Bake him away, toys. Take him away, boys.

Cool Manager


Mad respect to the manager in this video. Not only does he put up with the full force of Gatti’s entitled crap, he maintains his cool and composure even after the kid shoves him a few times.

Sure, he could have given in to Gatti’s mac & cheese demands, but the dude sticks to his guns. All the while, the 19-year-old constantly berates him with obscene names and phrases.

Even at the very end of the video, when Gatti spits on his face, he stays calm.

Watchful Worker


The real hero of this video is the worker who’s watching over his boss like a hawk. Guess he was in the back working, because you don’t really see him until the second half of the video. When he does appear, however, you can see he never once takes his eyes off Gatti.

In the second it takes Gatti to lay hands on the manager, the worker swoops in to defend his boss.


Angry Drunk Student Really Wanted Mac & Cheese, This Is What He Got Instead [WATCH]


When you’re drunk and craving macaroni and cheese, it’s probably for the best to go with instant. A video that took place at the University of Connecticut showed a hammered student causing a massive scene at his campus student union.

Luke Gatti, was the subject of a viral video that showed him arguing with the manager of the dining area. Apparently he really wanted some bacon jalapeño mac and cheese. He was refused service after the underaged student arrived and opened a beer.

This led to a heated argument with the manager, loaded with expletives and name calling. Eventually, the kid got physical and was immobilized by the employees until security arrived. Things get interesting around the 6-minute mark.

Leaving macaroni-less and in shame wasn’t enough, however. Gatti spat in the face of the manager on his way out.

Real class act this one.


What Your Late Night Drunchies Say About Your Personality


Every Friday night around 1 am, you’ll find most of my school’s population packed into the bottom floor of our student center, salivating over the grill as they drunkenly waited for their french fries and grilled cheeses to magically arrive on their plates.

But smaller groups of students, still tottering in their heels, meander towards the ice cream bar or the stacks of shiny candy bars, cringing at the prospect of a grilled cheese this late at night.

After weekends of observing these late night eaters, I began to notice trends and personalities between drunchie snacks and the types of people who eat ‘em. Here’s what I found.


Cheetos: The Drunk Adventurer


You’ve got a rebellious side that comes out after a few jello shots (need some help with making a batch of your own? We got you.). You’ll charm your way into the bar when it’s already packed or sneak Chinese food into your movie theater for a Saturday night showing (you may or may not also have a rebellious streak in the bright light of day). Your friends know you for always getting involved in some late night shenanigans.


Cheez Doodles: The Secret Powerhouse


Despite your size, you can outdrink and out-pong all of your friends. Before someone says “I can do that faster than you,” you’ve challenged them to seeing how fast they can shotgun a beer (and can they beat your record of six seconds? I think not.)

You’ll be able to dominate the game of beer pong that follows. (And you’ve never EVER gotten the center cup. That was your teammate. Both times.) Just like Cheez Doodles themselves, you’re determined to take on the competition. Bonus points if your inner New Yorker shines through.


S’mores Poptarts: The Snuggler


Just the way the warm, homemade marshmallow and chocolate makes you want to curl up with a snuggie, you lurrve getting cozy with your roomies after sharing a bottle of wine. And there may or may not be videos of you mumbling incoherently into the cushions like a sleepy koala.


Nutella: The Aca-Drunk


You know all of the words to Pitch Perfect. You can’t decide whether you’d rather have the vocal range of Brittany Snow or Anna Kendrick. You’re in your school’s acapella group—and you really have had a riff off.

And whenever T-Swift comes on—even if you’re mid-drink—harmonizing is bound to happen. LOTS of harmonizing. It is a beast in you that cannot be tamed.


Cookie Butter: The Creative Drunchie Maker


Even though it’s three in the morning and you have drunkenly refused to change out of your clothes that reek of whiskey, you’re in the kitchen making a pimped out grilled cheese. IT’S THREE IN THE MORNING. THE GRILLED CHEESE WITH TRUFFLE OIL AND BACON CAN WAIT.


Peanut M&Ms: The Drunk Friend of Substance


After a few mixed drinks, you’ll be found arguing that 50 Shades of Gray WAS in fact a cinematographic masterpiece. And you will name sources. Your professors would be proud of your ability to deliver an impromptu discussion on the importance of feminism at the movies. Now, whether you remember it tomorrow? That’s what Snapchat is for.


Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts: The beloved one


You walk into a party and everyone cheers. You always seem to know someone from a class that you randomly took freshman year. Your friends love your laid back vibe and your knowledge of who has the best booze and which sports teams completely wrecked their apartment at their last party.

Kickass. Reliable. I want to be you when I grow up. You know you’re loved—don’t even try to deny it.


Oreos: The One with a Drunk Night Ritual


Just like Oreos + Milk, you know there are some things that you should never mess with. Crazy night out? You know you’re booty calling Dominos to bring you a double order of cheesy bread. A Friday night is never the same without your cornerstone habits. We feel you.


Bougy Hot Dogs: The Drunk Who’s a Classy-Ass MoFo The Morning After


They walk into class with their shirt ironed and their hair freshly washed—and you have to pause to see the telltale shine of regret in their eyes. You can count on them acting like a champ the morning after, no matter how hard they went the night before.


Cold Leftover Pizza: The “It-Could-Be-Worse” Drunk


Cold Pizza is still pizza, even if it’s been sitting on the counter in the pizza box from the night before when you demanded pepperoni appear at your door (or demanded your roommate made it for you in quesadilla form). It could be worse. Just how this person will constantly apologize for “being sooo drunk,” but they could be way worse. Trust me on this.


Greek Yogurt and Frozen Berries: The Drunk Who Has Their Sh*t Together


This person always remembers to drink a large glass of water before bed; they’ve always got a creative healthy snack prepped the night before going out. This person will also be the recipient of my hungover hatred when they come bounding into my room at 10 AM with a boatload of energy. I hiss at you.


Kraft Mac N’ Cheese: The Homemaker Drunk


This person will go on for HOURS asking “Is it really worth the effort to deal with downtown tonight?” after pre-gaming. Just like our basic mac n’ cheese (and we give you the ultimate ranking here) they know that sometimes the easiest way is the best way.

Got a favorite drunchie that didn’t make the list? Check ‘em out here:

Written by Megan of Spoon University