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Burger King Just Quietly Dropped Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos

UPDATE, Nov. 29: The Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos will officially release November 30, according to Burger King. Only available for a limited time, they can be found at all participating Burger King restaurants.

Burger King is not afraid to push the boundaries of its menu, as it often proves with Lucky Charm shakes, Farmhouse Burgers, and of course its famed Mac n’ Cheetos that released in 2016.

Now it looks like BK might bring back its Mac n’ Cheetos, this time in Flamin’ Hot form. They’ve recently been spotted in different Burger King locations, and we even found some at our local Santa Ana, California BK location.

At $2.99 for a pack of five, the Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos were similar to its predecessor, as they had a mozzarella cheese stick feel to them. The inside was filled with mac n’ cheese, and of course, the fried snacks are rolled in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust.

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As we tried them in the office, we honestly weren’t big fans of the hot new menu item. Our own Constantine Spyrou described them as tasting like, “vegan macaroni and cheese.” Not a knock on vegans, but anyone who has tried the mac, knows its reputation of being a bit dry and stale.

It’s possible we got a bad batch, but we felt it definitely wasn’t the King’s best achievement.

The sign on the door said they’ll only be around for a limited time, so we have to believe an official drop, possibly for the holidays, should be coming soon. We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything further.

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Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ Cheetos Are Officially Coming To Freezers Nationwide

If you’ve been a fan of Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos the few times they’ve dropped them, then you’re gonna be ecstatic over this news.

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Pepsico, the parent company of Cheetos, has decided to take their mac n’ cheese stuffed chips and put them in freezers nationwide. Thus, you no longer have to wait for Burger King to drop them in restaurants, and can simply pick up a pack and heat them up in your oven.

Two flavors of Mac n’ Cheetos are now available in major grocers nationwide: the standard Creamy Cheddar Mac N’ Cheetos that have become so popular, along with a brand new Flamin’ Hot Mac N Cheetos flavor. A 14.4 ounce box of each retails for about $4.98 as the recommended market price.

If you’ve been paying attention at grocers, though, you may have seen some boxes of Mac N’ Cheetos roll out already. They’ve been spotted as early as late July of this year, but this is the first official confirmation we have that everybody across the USA will be able to find them in major markets.

It’s incredible to see the Mac N’ Cheetos grow the way they have in the past few short years. From the mind of the Vulgar Chef, to Burger King restaurants, and now to grocery stores, this is one cheesy mashup that has really taken off.

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Burger King Is Bringing Back Its Version Of Mac N’ Cheetos For A Limited Time

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After all of the hype and popularity surrounding them when they launched for a limited time a year ago, Burger King is bringing back its Mac ‘N Cheetos for everyone to go crazy over once again.

The snack, whose concept Burger King ripped off from internet chef personality The Vulgar Chef, sold out within a few weeks when they came out last time. Now, according to QSR Magazine, the fast food chain is capitalizing on their success by relaunching them for another limited time period.

For those of you who missed out on them last time, Mac N’ Cheetos are what they sound like: deep-fried, Cheeto-crusted sticks crammed full of creamy macaroni and cheese. You can pick them up in a pack of five for $2.69 starting May 18th in participating stores.

Just be sure to thank the Vulgar Chef for coming up with them in the first place when you do.

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How To Make A Mac N’ CHEETOS Grilled Cheese Sandwich [WATCH]

In the not-too-distant past, Burger King turned heads with their Mac N’ Cheetos. The menu item featured Cheetos-breaded macaroni and cheese sticks.

YouTube chef JP from HellthyJunkFood decided to create a grilled cheese variation of the fast food item: Mac N’ Cheetos Grilled Cheese.

All you need is some instant macaroni and cheese, tons of Cheetos and other cheese snacks, a plethora of shredded cheese, mayonnaise, and slices of bread.

First, cook the mac n’ cheese and set it aside while you spread mayo on your bread slices. Then, create a grilled cheese as you normally would, with the additional step of adding your hot mac n’ cheese at the center of your shredded cheese and cheese slices. Once that’s done, cover the top portion with crushed Cheetos and more shredded cheese.

Nexy, bake your sandwich in the oven until the cheese is nice and melted. Once it’s ready, take a knife and slice that baby in half. Just make sure to take a second to drink in all the cheesy glory.

You can check out the video for the complete process in detail. If you love cheese, and other cheesy snacks, Christmas may have just come early for you in this melty creation.

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Burger King Adds CHEETOS Chicken Fries To Menu


It was only a matter of time before Burger King found a way to combine their Chicken Fries with their trending Mac N’ Cheetos. Enter the fast food chain’s newest addition: Cheetos Chicken Fries.

Set to hit participating Burger King locations this week, the item features a cheesy twist on Burger King’s breaded chicken fries. The strips of white-meat chicken are dusted with Cheetos’ cheese seasoning and served in a fry box featuring the lovechild of Chester the Cheetah and a chicken. He’s cool though, he’s wearing shades.

According to USA Today, you can get a box of nine pieces for $2.89. You can find the Cheetos Chicken Fries for a limited time beginning Wednesday September 14.

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Pissed Off Chef Has Proof Burger King Stole His Mac N’ Cheetos Idea

We admit, we rode the Mac N’ Cheetos bandwagon — hard. As we broke the news, we were completely oblivious to the glaring act of culinary piracy taking place. All you need to know is that Burger King stole the entire Mac N’ Cheetos concept from our friend and Internet chef personality, The Vulgar Chef.

Per usual, The Vulgar Chef is pissed off, but how would you feel? His ideas are being ripped off left and right by publications, like BuzzFeed and Thrillist, and now went fully mainstream with Burger King’s version of Mac N’ Cheetos.

“At first I was like what the fuck? Like…you’re fucking Burger King,” he explained to FOODBEAST. It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an Internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me.”

In September 2015, the Vulgar Chef created “Cheetos Crusted Mac N Cheese Fries,” and showed the world via YouTube. Nearly a year later, BK dropped the exact same recipe and it was gross.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.35.20 PM

Look familiar? Those aren’t from Burger King.

Now Burger King has been added to the same list of abhorrent degenerate corporate leeches that we placed Giordono’s Pizza and the Chicago Cubs on, after they were caught pawning off Vulgar Chef recipes as their own.

It’s happened so much that he keeps a running tally on EVERYONE that he catches stealing his recipes without credit.

“There was actually some cunt working for Buzzfeed that was ripping myself and Nick from DudeFoods off almost every fucking week,” he said. “I was able to email the dude making the rip-off recipes on behalf of myself and other food bloggers and let him know how much of a fucking hack and pile of shit he was. Vulgar Chef – 1, Buzzfeed – 0.”

In fact, he believes he’s the reason BuzzFeed actually credits people now.

“After that, any Buzzfeed recipes videos posted would tag appropriate food bloggers who inspired their shitty videos,” The Vulgar Chef told FOODBEAST.

Kyle Marcoux, also known as, The Vulgar Chef, is a creative foodie who deserves full-credit for everything he brings to the table. He’s proud of what he’s built on the Internet, but it’s not without hard work and sacrifice.

“I’ve submerged myself entirely in the brand, creating something entertaining for the food world that lets me be myself, and allows me to tell those who aren’t onboard to fuck off,” he said.

Marcoux is a family man, and blue collar to the bone. He works at a factory and plays guitar in a metal band, but that’s why he’s important. Being the Vulgar Chef is a full-time commitment, but it’s not a full-time job.

The Vulgar Chef shift starts after working a double-shift as a factory worker. Creative cooking is his outlet and passion; which makes the corporations stealing from him that much more cheap and despicable.

His persona as The Vulgar Chef is unhinged — but it’s real. It may seem like he takes this personal, because to him it is, and he’s standing up for food bloggers everywhere.

We are witnessing a depressing trend, corporate fast-food analytic teams continue to purge the Internet for new ideas and end up profiting off the ideas of the little guy, in this case — specifically the Vulgar Chef.

It’s a brutal reality, but in the Internet age, piracy runs rampant and those without a legal support system are helpless to the plans of sleazy corporations hungry for ideas. Without copyrights to his recipes, The Vulgar Chef knows there’s only one way his ideas will survive — even then, there will always be a limited shelf life.

“I would literally have to copyright every single recipe I put out. At the end of the day someone is going to rip you off,” he said. “So, I just keep plugging along and try to be ahead of the curve with my recipes.”

If he could personally address the stealing fast-food thieves, he would. From this perspective, it’s not fame or fortune — but giving credit where credit is due. Although, he wouldn’t mind, “a bag full of money,” or, “a large pot of fucking gold,” he admits seeing, “The Vulgar Chef’s Mac & Cheetos” on the BK drive-thru menu as the biggest reward.

“If I could write an open letter to the fast food bitches I would tell them I love them and their artery clogging food, and if they want any help creating new exotic menu items to drop me a fucking email,” he said. “Don’t just skim through my blog and try to sneak one over on me. All of us food bloggers want at the end of the day is credit.

It’s interesting to note that someone on the corporate end of this knows exactly where Mac N’ Cheetos came from — and it wasn’t the product of analytics or surveys — it was taken, without permission. If Burger King was in the Vulgar Chef’s shoes and found out that Jack-In-The-Box started selling grilled hot dogs, a copyright lawsuit would already be filed, probably followed by a plethora of lame corporate subtweets from both companies.

Unfortunately, there’s not much the Vulgar Chef can do. His recipes are fair game, in an unfair, unleveled playing field. One thing is for sure, The Vulgar Chef’s recipes kick ass — and it becomes more and more evident each time they are stolen and redistributed on a corporate level.


It’s Time To Call Out The Chicago Cubs For Stealing This Food Blogger’s Recipe

The world of Internet food creations is a deliciously beautiful, creative, fucked up and incestuous cess pool of stolen ideas. Today, the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field and by association, Giordano’s (“Chicago’s Best Pizza”) have joined the ranks of those pillaging and raping online food creators.

Popular food blogger and food troll, The Vulgar Chef, created a recipe paying homage to the Chicago-style hot dog and the Chicago deep dish pizza and uploaded his to his YouTube account on June 12, 2016.

His creation was aptly titled the, “Chicago Dog Deep Dish Pizza.”

VULGAR_CHEF_TWEETTake a bit of this bread recipe, a dash of this photography angle, swap out one ingredient for another, and there you have it, something completely original.

Now, in celebration of National Hot Dog Month at Wrigley Field, Giordano’s Pizza and Vienna Beef claim to have collaborated on a near replica of the Vulgar Chef Chicago-Style hot dog deep dish pizza that is now being sold at Wrigley Field from July 15 to July 20.

Vienna Beef_Tweet

This is a very specific, outside-the-box food concept that just seems too unique to be coincidental. The Vulgar Chef addressed this on his blog.

“And now the Cubs want to run a train on ol’ KyKy because they haven’t won a World Series in about 300 years and are looking to pull out a fucking “W”. According to Eater Chicago, NBC Chicago, Sports Illustrated, ThePostGame, USA Today, AOL, and a handful of other cunts, this years main attraction at Wrigley Field – other than watching the train wreck that is the Cubs franchise – will be none other than a Deep Dish Chicago Dog Pizza….a recipe I dropped a month and a half ago.” — The Vulgar Chef

The Vulgar Chef’s version is made with a bed of cheese-fries, handmade pizza dough, topped with mustard, tomatoes, sport peppers, relish and pickles. He commented in the description box, “My apologies for the lack of onion and poppy seeds, but at least I have the neon relish and sport peppers.”

We reached out to Henson Consulting, Giordano’s public relations representation, to see if anyone would comment on the similarities between The Vulgar Chef’s Chicago Style and Wrigley Field’s new celebratory menu item.

The representative responding to our inquiry gave us the most boilerplate response you could ask for.


However, this isn’t the first instance of recipe plagiarism that the Vulgar Chef has experienced. Nope, not even the first time this year.

The Vulgar Chef’s version of Mac N’ Cheetos was something that Burger King broke the internet with a few weeks ago. The Vulgar Chef created Mac N’ Cheetos and uploaded his YouTube video on September 30, 2015. Burger King’s released their version nearly a year later, on June 27, 2016

In a world where Facebook was essentially created through a case of stolen intellectual property — at least the Winklevoss twins had a paper trail — there’s little people like the Vulgar Chef can do to protect themselves against multi-billion dollar companies stealing their original ideas for marginal gains.

Last year, the Houston Astros introduced a fried chicken and waffle cone, a concept that was first created in 2012 by another food blogger, Nick Chipman of Dude Foods. While the waffle chicken cone was not an exact replica, Chipman threw shade toward the Astros when he said, “…any chicken and waffle type dish needs to be served with syrup, not honey mustard.”

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that we can at least condemn Wrigley Field, The Cubs and by association Giordano’s Pizza to the bottom-feeding ranks of corporate analytic junkies. They join the likes of Burger King, who seem oblivious, or at least semi-allergic to Google searches, where they’d discover their ‘Amazingly creative and original way to bring in foodies,’ has already been created by someone else.

Maybe then, it isn’t ironic that the Vulgar Chef’s trademark is, “#EatLikeShit.”

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The Recipe For Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos Is Yours Now

A couple weeks ago, we found out that Burger King was serving a new macaroni and cheese cheetos snack stick. They called it the Mac N’ Cheetos.

While some places were initially testing it, the snack went viral and saw a national release last week.

If you’re not too keen on going out of your way to find a Burger King, you can actually make them at home. Hellthy Junk Food, the folks that figured out a way to make the McDonald’s breakfast menu at home, try their hand at recreating Burger King’s cheesy new menu item.

Check out the video for the complete list of ingredients and steps to create this glorious fast food dish. In the meantime, we’re gonna grab some groceries and give this a shot.

Eh, we might just hit up a Burger King.