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We Turned Mac & Cheese Into CHILAQUILES and CHEESECAKE Recipes

In what has become a fun exercise of our kitchen creativity, Foodbeast personalities and friends have been cooking up themed recipes for the past weeks. Shelter at home has really left us with some prime time to think up some Foodbeast-worthy recipes such as Elote Ramen and Pancake Mix Funnel Cakes! In this next round of quarantine cooking, we’ve set our hearts on the warm, cheesy comfort food that is mac & cheese.

Tapping into our fond memories of what mac & cheese mean to us, we came up with a collection of recipes that are easy to make at home and mouthwatering. Pushing the culinary boundaries this week are Bacon-Wrapped, Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Pasilla Peppers, Macaroni Chilaquiles, Quarantine Casserole, and a Mac & Cheesecake. Sheesh, this week’s roster of recipes are definitely worthy homages to arguably one of the greatest comfort food dishes ever.

Check out the video above and stay tuned to what ingredient we’re focusing on in the next round up of recipes!

Grocery Now Trending Packaged Food

Costco Sells 23 Pound Buckets Of Mac & Cheese Because ‘Murrca

Costco is the go-to spot for getting everything in bulk, but this seems a little excessive.

Everybody’s favorite membership-only warehouse club sells 23 pounds of ooey-gooey  mac & cheese, with a giant, Home Depot-like bucket as its vessel.

While you can only get so many features out of a bucket of mac & cheese, the Costco site proudly boasts that it has a 20-year shelf life. That means that if you toss it in the garage, and find it 15 years later when you decide to finally move out of that horrid neighborhood where the dogs incessantly bark, and the creepy guy down the street always watches you pick up your mail, the mac will still be good for another five years after.

It’s also good to note that the pasta and cheese sauces are individually packaged to 180 servings, so they didn’t just dump bags of pasta in a huge 6-pound bucket. There’s a little class and sophistication involved here.

While it is out of stock at the moment, it’s only because people are barely finding out that it exists.

Soon enough, on that next re-stock, you can fork over $89.99, and get drastic amount of noods, 5 to 7 business days after you order.

h/t delish
Packaged Food Sweets What's New

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes Exist And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

I’m always down for a steamy bowl of comforting mac & cheese. Whether that flavor translates into an actual candy cane or not, though, is a total mystery to me.

Photo courtesy of Archie McPhee

Candy producer Archie McPhee has been spotted peddling these cheesy candy canes on their website. The product listing claims that these Yuletide treats taste like “instant mac & cheese,” so fans of Kraft dinners will probably recognize the flavor straight away.

A representative from the company claims that the flavoring used for the candy canes contains no dairy, so they’re not using actual cheese to bring these to life. Still, the thought of what’s normally sweet tasting savory is as intriguing as it is shocking. These are worth trying for the novelty itself, even if you vow to never touch one again upon first lick.

Archie McPhee is selling six-packs of the candy canes for $5.95 apiece. They’re available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the holiday season, and if they perform well, could come back for a second round next year, a company rep told Foodbeast.

Hit-Or-Miss Packaged Food

Pringles Just Made An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner In Chip Form

Photo by Isai Rocha/Foodbeast

Pringles isn’t scared to play around with new flavor concepts, and this year, they put together an entire Thanksgiving meal’s worth of flavors in one package.

With eight different familiar flavors, Pringles’ Thanksgiving Dinner consists of turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, mac & cheese, creamed corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Each pack comes with three of each flavor, and it’s even in a container that sort of looks like a baking pan, just to add to the home kitchen feel.

While they sent us a package and got us all excited for its release, it looks like they’re only testing the product, as of now, and won’t be available in retail stores this year.

Womp womp.

Still, in case they ever do release these all at once, or individually, we went ahead and tried them for you.

With so many flavors, they’re weren’t all hits, but there are a lot of good flavors in this dinner — just depends what you’re into.

Photo Courtesy of Pringles


There are the flavors that we generally thought were pretty good.


Let’s start with the main course. The turkey flavor actually has a near identical flavor. Well, at least a very gravy like taste, and we’re not mad. As the crew around the Foodbeast office tried it, the reviews were fairly positive. At least they didn’t mess up the main dish.

Creamed Corn

This one was our managing editor Reach Guinto’s favorite, and it had an interesting dynamic as it was savory, but also had a hint of sweetness to it. I personally liked it as well, but also think it might not be for everyone, as it’s not flavor comparable to anything before it, and might take some getting used to if it were a standalone. Plus points go to capturing the buttery flavor.


The stuffing might be the best flavor of the bunch, and would definitely be a banger as a standalone flavor. A lot of eyes in the office lit up when trying the stuffing-flavored chip. It really did taste like stuffing which can really fuck with you mentally coming from a Pringle crisp.

Photo by Isai Rocha/Foodbeast



Pumpkin Pie

This one was hit-or-miss, but if you’re a fan of pumpkin everything, you’d probably enjoy it. The pumpkin flavor wasn’t too overwhelming, but it’s probably not a chip you’d keep reaching for. It’s just kind of good.

Mashed Potato

Rudy Cheney of our dev team put it best, as he said, “It tastes like a potato chip,” which makes sense, since it’s potato flavor. “It tastes like an unflavored Pringle.” This one wasn’t good or bad, it was just there.

Cranberry Sauce

“It screams fruity, but it doesn’t taste like cranberry,” said our resident food scientist Constantine Spyrou. There were hints of some kind of fruit, but for the most part, there wasn’t a lot of flavor to it.

Photo Courtesy of Pringles


Mac & Cheese

“Whoa, this one kind of smells like butt,” another classic quote from our own Rudy Cheney, and yeah, it wasn’t the best smelling or tasting of the bunch. It literally tasted like uncooked Kraft mac & cheese powder.

Green Bean Casserole

It tasted like they just dusted the chip with onion powder. If you were to take plain Pringles and add your own onion powder to it, it’d probably taste like this green bean casserole. It’s like a real green bean casserole in the sense that you look at it and say, “Why am I gonna eat veggies for thanksgiving?” Hard pass.

Cravings Hit-Or-Miss Now Trending

Dude Makes A Hot Cheetos Waffle Cone And Stuffs It With Mac & Cheese


From Burger King’s Mac & Cheetos, to Tym Bussanich’s Hot Cheetos corn on the cob, it seems like the chips are more than just a snack you eat on your break at work.

Little by little, Cheetos are being used in innovative ways, and we can now add a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos waffle cone to that list of culinary frankenfoods.

Food blogger and waffle cone wizard Nick Chipman of Dude Foods put together this bright red cone and dumped mac & cheese inside of it.

He basically just blended a bag of Hot Cheetos, mixed it with an egg batter, spread it over a waffle maker, and rolled the results over a metal cone mold. He let the Cheetos waffle bake in the oven for 15 minutes and let it cool.

At that point you can probably stuff it with whatever you want, but mac & cheese sounds like a pretty solid option.

Peep the full recipe on Dude Foods and check out his quick Instagram video below, as this beautiful cone gets a spicy remix:

A video posted by (@dudefoods) on


Disneyland’s Mac & Cheese Pizza Is Pure Magic


My Disneyland pass was about to expire, so I thought I’d take a stroll into the theme parks one last time. While killing time, waiting for the parade, I wandered into Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. That’s where I found Disney’s Mac & Cheese Pizza.


The Disney California Adventure pizzeria added a limited-time addition to the menu. The pizza isn’t entirely new, however, as fans were given a taste of it during the park’s 24-hour event.

The Mac & Cheese Pizza has a sun-dried tomato pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese and smoked gouda cheese. It’s then topped with pieces of bacon and macaroni made with American cheese.


If you’re interested, the pizzaa is more than likely available for the summer. You can buy a slice for $7.99, not including tax.

It’s actually pretty rich. So much cheese.

Fast Food

Mac & Cheese Is Being Tested At McDonald’s And I Can’t Contain Myself


If you’re a Mac & Cheese lover near Ohio, you might want to head to McDonald’s. Brand Eating reports that the fast food chain is now testing Mac & Cheese at a Cleveland location.

Customers can get the dish a la cart or as a Happy Meal. The cheesy noodles have been available at multiple fast food places over the years, and it looks like McDonald’s finally decided to go with it.

The individual serving of Mac & Cheese is going for $1.75.

If this makes a national release, you can expect customers to start throwing the cheesy noodles on their Big Macs or breakfast sandwiches. Heck, we’d love to do that right now if we had some Mac & Cheese.


This Genius Instagrammer Made A WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE BURGER


Instagram Dad Bod specialist Tym Bussanich, creator of the Cheese-stuffed Tater Tot, has just thrown a bunch of Mac & Cheese into a waffle iron and subsequently turned it into a WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE BURGER!

Here’s his process:

Waffled mac and cheese burger…. Enough said! #foodbeast

A video posted by Tym Bussanich (@tymbussanich) on



Here’s his process again, but with a throwback Rugrats theme soundtrack: