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We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off These Soothing Mac & Cheese Videos

I’ve only recently become familiar with the concept of ASMR videos. Before that, my YouTube experience mostly consisted of Mark Morrison and sneaker lacing tutorials.

Also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR is essentially an experience that gives your body a sensation typically through a tandem of audio and visual stimulation — more commonly done via YouTube videos.

Here’s an example:

Not being one with a sweet tooth, cakes really don’t do it for me. However, I discovered something else equally effective.

Being lactose intolerant, I find the macaroni and cheese making process incredibly appealing. Though my body rejects dairy like a half-hearted prom proposal, my eyes and ears are drawn to the process of combining noodle to cheese and the sensation that comes from hearing them slow dance in a stainless steel gymnasium.

YouTube, however, can be a mixed bag when I’m searching for recipes. Some days, I don’t want to hear someone talking — just the soothing sounds of mac and cheese creation.

Below are some of the best mac and cheese recipes and interactions that feature limited to ZERO dialogue. All you pretty much hear is the tranquil soundtrack of macaroni and cheese coming to be.

God, look at all that cheese.

Soft whispers are cool too, just as long as you’re not shouting your recipe. Why is everybody shouting on the Internet these days?

Now, I can actually take or leave the eating parts of these videos. Seeing someone eat food that I can’t taste myself doesn’t appeal to me whether you’re male or female. Probably why I’ll never get into mukbang. Still, I can respect someone crushing an entire tray of macaroni and cheese for video content.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with Kraft Mac. A lifetime ago, before the intolerance kicked in, Kraft Mac and Cheese was a third of my college diet. How I miss it.

Next time you have a stressful day, I highly recommend looking up some ASMR videos of your favorite foods. Macaroni and cheese isn’t for everyone, but there are literally hundreds of other ASMR recipe videos on the Internet that will send tingles down your spine.

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Lucille’s Brisket Mac Melt Is A Magnificent Marvel Of Barbecue

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Since the art of barbecue has been around, smoked brisket and mac ‘n cheese have always existed in complete harmony. In homage of this perfect culinary marriage, Chris Ferrell, Executive Chef at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California, created a new Lucille’s BBQ Brisket Mac Melt Sandwich, a beautifully stacked masterpiece of barbecued goodness.

brisket mac melt

For barbecue fans, there might not be anything more delicious than this combination of soft and juicy, perfectly smoked brisket, paired with the smooth creaminess of velvety soft mac ‘n cheese.

This item features a few thick slices of Lucille’s perfectly smoked brisket, a steamy helping of melty, creamy mac ‘n cheese, strips of savory applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and crispy onion straws.

brisket mac melt

To top off this behemoth of brisket sandwiches, it’s drenched in Lucille’s famous BBQ sauce and served on two thick slices of crispy Texas toast. 

Think you can conquer this beastly creation of barbecue sandwiches? There’s only one way to find out—you better grab a napkin. 

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

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These Kids Eat 100 Years Of Instant Food [WATCH]

Instant foods have become a pillar in every day diets. When you’re running behind and can’t find the time to cook a meal, simply throwing something pre-made in the microwave can make all the world of difference for you and your family.

Bon Appetit created a new 100 year video showcasing the rich history behind instant foods dating all the way back to the 1920s. In the video, a panel of kids try a variety of quick and microwavable foods you don’t need to spend much time cooking up.

Notable dishes include popcorn, microwave dinners, astronaut foods, instant pancake mix, Hamburger Helper, and Velveeta cheese. Essentially all the food groups you need for a balanced on-the-go lifestyle.

Man, it really makes us feel old when these kids say they don’t recognize some of the foods they’re trying.

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Watch Kraft’s Charmingly Vulgar Mother’s Day Commercial

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and this year, Kraft is giving moms a little extra love. In honor of the National Holiday, the mac and cheese brand teamed up with swearing expert Melissa Mohr, Ph.D., in a hilarious commercial short: Swear Like a Mother.

The idea is that moms aren’t perfect, they’ll mess up just like everyone else because they’re human. This includes swearing like a sailor upon occasion. Statistically, 74 percent of moms have admitted to swearing in front of their own children.

Mohr is the author of Holy Sh*T: A Brief History of Swearing, a book on alternative swear words moms can use around their kids.

Check out the short in the video above. This officially serves as your first reminder to get your mom something for Mother’s Day.

Kraft is also developing adorable mac and cheese ear plugs for children, in case swearing alternatives cannot be found in the heat of the moment.

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You’ll Want To Lasso This Mac And Cheese Stuffed BRISKET BURRITO

When I think Texas-style BBQ, I think of hearty, tender brisket, awesome smoked sausages, and creamy mac and cheese on the side.

Turns out I don’t have to go Texas to get all three of those things at once. I can get them wrapped up and on-the-go in Huntington Park, CA, a Los Angeles suburb.

Instagram user GrubFiend pointed us to Ray’s BBQ and their monstrous Brisket Burrito. This bad boy comes loaded with everything you’d want in a Texas barbecue-inspired burrito. It starts with a mac-and-cheese base, barbecued beans, tender smoked brisket, and Jalapeno-cheddar sausage links that the owner, Rene “Ray” Ramirez, brings in from Texas. The whole thing then gets wrapped into a flour tortilla, creating a monstrous fusion masterpiece of barbecue and burritos, all-in-one.


While this may be a fusion item, it’s based on some of the most authentic Texas-style barbecue in the greater Los Angeles area. Rene “Ray” Ramirez, opened up Ray’s in 2014, and it’s quickly turned into one of the top places to get Texan brisket and baby back ribs in SoCal. It’s drawn comparisons to other famous BBQ places in the country, including Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, which is often considered to be one of barbecue’s gold standards.

Ray’s BBQ is already a pretty popular spot in Los Angeles, and is only open for a few hours a day Tuesday through Saturday. Their official hours are from 10-4, but they will close earlier if they sell out, presenting a unique challenge of trying to get your hands on some Ray’s brisket before it’s gone for the day.

If you go to Ray’s, grab one of these burritos to get the full Texas barbecue experience — all wrapped up in a hefty, handheld smorgasbord of flavor.

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This Food Truck Has SOFT SHELL CRAB Mac & Cheese Tots

What do the popular foods soft shell crab, macaroni and cheese, and tater tots have in common? The three sought-after menu items are all combined into one glorious dish brought to you by the Mess Hall Canteen food truck.

The gourmet food truck, primarily based in Orange County, serves a variety of dishes like loaded tots, mac and cheese bowls, and grilled cheese sandwiches. One behemoth of a menu item is the Panhard Crab Tots. It features two soft-shelled crabs, bacon, mac and cheese, cheese sauce, and masago aioli over a bed of tater tots.

Soft shell crab TATER Tot mac and cheese👄👅👮🏻 @messhallcanteen @yngandreckless @foodbeast

A photo posted by Elie (@bookofelie) on

Fellow Foodbeast and inventor of the Big Mac pizza, Elie Ayrouth, had the pleasure of trying them and had this to say:

It’s the most gnarly thing I’ve seen off of a truck. It looks like a party-sized tray of tater tots, then mac & cheese, bacon, more cheese sauce… it looks ridiculous before the crab is even on.

You can find the tots, along with a grip of other savory dishes at Mess Hall Canteen. You can keep track of the truck’s upcoming appearances on their website.

Be right back, gonna take an extended lunch break and track these bad boys down.

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Dude Makes A Hot Cheetos Waffle Cone And Stuffs It With Mac & Cheese


From Burger King’s Mac & Cheetos, to Tym Bussanich’s Hot Cheetos corn on the cob, it seems like the chips are more than just a snack you eat on your break at work.

Little by little, Cheetos are being used in innovative ways, and we can now add a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos waffle cone to that list of culinary frankenfoods.

Food blogger and waffle cone wizard Nick Chipman of Dude Foods put together this bright red cone and dumped mac & cheese inside of it.

He basically just blended a bag of Hot Cheetos, mixed it with an egg batter, spread it over a waffle maker, and rolled the results over a metal cone mold. He let the Cheetos waffle bake in the oven for 15 minutes and let it cool.

At that point you can probably stuff it with whatever you want, but mac & cheese sounds like a pretty solid option.

Peep the full recipe on Dude Foods and check out his quick Instagram video below, as this beautiful cone gets a spicy remix:

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Bruxie’s ‘BAMF’ Sandwich Is Stuffed With Mac & Cheese And Fried Chicken


Bruxie has been killing the waffle game for years with dishes such as waffle fried chicken sandwiches and fried chicken poutine. So it should come as no surprise that at this fall’s most anticipated food festival, Bruxie is coming strong with a BAMF sandwich.

That’s right, a Buffalo and Mac n’ Cheese Fried Chicken Sandwich is going to be featured at Oozefest in Santa Ana, California, and it looks as crazy as it sounds.

Bruxie is melting a cheddar and Swiss cheese blend on top of their signature waffle, and that’s just the start of this thing. After that cheese has filled the waffle’s orifices, they slap on some bacon mac & cheese inside. All that is just setting up the foundation for their fried chicken breast, which is topped with pepperoncinis and smothered in a buffalo cheese sauce.

That’s a lot of muthaf***ing cheese, and it’s perfect for the cheese lovers invading Oozefest this October 15 and 16.

VIP tickets are still available, which allow you to try this and many more cheesy foods in the all you can eat and drink section of the festival.